The heart is calm and the flower is fragrant, and the calm person is calm.

/August 2022

everyone wandering in the world is eager to live a quiet and leisurely life like a paradise, but a good wish is easy to think about, but difficult to do. Because we can not escape the shackles of life, can not get out of the shackles of fate, only a heart, after the wind and rain, experienced calmly and calmly.

practice first be careful, be careful that there are no waves on the ground, and all the waves are calm; the nature of nature will eventually develop, and you will see the fish and kites fly at the contact.

when a heart becomes calm and tranquil, looking at mountains is mountains, water is water, waves are not waves, but calm, and the good wishes in the heart, whether it is to be an eagle flying in the sky or a fish swimming all over the world, can be used as a driving force for life, engraved in my heart, and make unremitting efforts for it.

people's life, ups and downs, inevitable, when we walk through Pinghu misty rain, across the years and mountains and rivers, after the tribulations of the way beat away the edges of life, get rid of the flashy life, it becomes more and more clear that serenity and calmness is the most authentic state of a person's life, a most advanced form of life, and the most relaxed posture of the soul.

flowers bloom silently, flowers fall silent, and our self-cultivation and magnanimity are hidden in the silent serenity. In life, there are some things that do not need to be debated, and there is the most powerful answer in silence. There is no need to worry about some of the things we encounter, and our measure of being a human being is revealed in our silence. There is no need to argue about everything, because in quarrels and arguments, most of the losses are family affection and friendship.

take a step back and let your heart be calm. In serenity and calmness, it not only preserves friendship, but also enriches self-cultivation.

one should be silent and often think about one's own mistakes. Only in serenity can we reflect on ourselves, find out the shortcomings and deficiencies of life, and try our best to make up for and correct our own shortcomings and defects. And noisy and chaotic, can only make life in a state of desolation, like unattended weeds, disorganized, no sense of beauty and value to speak of.

Life is like a flower, the blossom and fall of the flower hides the favor and disgrace of life, the cloud volume Yunshu hides the calm and calm of life, being like a flower, when blooming, quietly blooming, sowing fragrance, in falling, fearless, free and easy.

Life is a cycle of reincarnation. Along the way, we are not only a person who watches the scenery, but also a person who creates the scenery. We reap a little bit of joy along the way, but also leave a lot of beauty. We do not have to put too much sadness and waves in our hearts, so that life becomes heavy vicissitudes and makes life bitter.

in serenity and calmness, we can appreciate the beauty of the world, witness the miracles of years, and feel the mysteries of life.

in serenity and calmness, we can study tirelessly, work diligently, and concentrate on the things we love.

in serenity and calmness, we can nurture our body and mind, cultivate our sentiments, and enrich our souls day by day;

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in serenity and calmness, we can abandon flashy, return to the truth, and make life more simple, lovely and energetic.

on the way of life, the wind and clouds are changing and the rain is unpredictable, but with a quiet and calm heart, the wind is not frightened and the rain is not afraid.

looking back on the bleak place, there is no wind, rain or sunshine. When we walk freely or soar freely across the river of life, like fish or birds, we will see peace in the waves, beauty in peace, and happiness in beauty.