The greatest self-discipline of adults: save face and win back.

/November 2022

as the saying goes, "A man's face is alive, and his skin is alive."

Life in the world cannot be without face.

however, if a person takes face too seriously, even ignores his own actual situation, and makes himself dragged down by face, then it is not a wise move.

face, for some people, is the icing on the cake;

but for some people, it is even worse. Only by putting aside face can we move forward lightly.

some people say, "the first thing the poor give up is image."

this is true.

because in the eyes of the poor, image is an encumbrance.

to maintain an image, it takes money and time, but for the poor, they are lack of material and exhausted, so how can they have the spare power to manage their image?

as the saying goes, "the granary knows the etiquette."

A person will consider something "advanced" only when the most basic needs are solved. For a person who is struggling on the line of survival, to let him take care of his own face is to "embarrass" him.

in real life, some people like to embarrass themselves.

they originally had no strength, but they claimed that they had such strength. As a result, in order to meet other people's unrealistic expectations of themselves, they were exhausted and finally overdrawn themselves, making themselves miserable.

this situation is the so-called "make your face swollen and make you fat."

Why bother?

is it worthwhile to pay such a price for the so-called "face"?

the more mature a person is, the more down-to-earth he knows how to keep his feet on the ground and will not make himself miserable in order to maintain that false face.

some people say, "when you lose face and make money, it means you are sensible."

if a person is unwilling and unwilling to always take care of his own face, then it will be difficult for him to seize the opportunity that is really suitable for him.

in this world, there are few opportunities. If because of face, fear and withdrawal, the hope of success will be even slimmer.

how can a person make himself rich when he is poor?

you need to make yourself poorer. What does


the poorer a person is, the more he needs to learn skills to make himself stronger. It costs money to learn skills. This will make his originally poor life even worse.

however, only by making himself "poorer and poorer" can he get the chance to counterattack.

similarly, for a person who has no face, how can he have face?

then you need to make yourself lose face even more.

if he struggles to maintain his poor face, in the end, it will be taken away by others;

on the contrary, if he takes the initiative to let go of this poor face, abandon it like his shoes, and focus on how to make himself strong, then when he becomes strong, his face will be taken back by him with interest.

face is the least valuable to those who are in trouble. Only by letting go of this fetter and striving forward, can we win back Li Zi, incidentally, and win back face.

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so face is only a by-product of Li Zi. With Li Zi, you will naturally have face.

without Li Zi, even if you struggle to maintain the so-called face, it will be like Kong Yiji's long gown, which will only increase the ridicule of people.

those who show off their wealth are not rich enough; those who show affection are not loving enough.

how can I see it?

if a person is really rich enough, will he still be recognized by others by showing off? Obviously not.

because he has enough recognition for himself, he will ignore the opinions of others.

in life, we will find that only those who are not rich enough will make it difficult for them to buy brand-name mobile phones for window dressing; truly rich people will not feel ashamed even if they use cheap mobile phones.

people who really love each other, they are busy with happiness, so how can they have time to invite the audience?

Yang Jiang said: "We were so looking forward to the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

Why should a person care too much about the so-called face? Only let oneself happy, happy, is real, others no matter how much praise, recognition, if they are not happy, what is the use?

living your own life is more important than anything else.