The greatest good luck is hidden in your character.

/October 2022

appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects wisdom, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, but the most important thing is to end up with character.

character, is a person's brightest business card, is a person's best card. To be a man, character comes first and then comes second. Personality, such as gold, the higher the purity, the higher the grade, the higher the value.

be a man all his life, based on his character. Morality can make up for the defects of wisdom, but wisdom can never make up for the defects of morality. The two forces of man are the most attractive: one is the power of personality, the other is the power of spirit. Fame is a person's appearance, conduct is a person's connotation.

A good character always brings you surprises and good luck inadvertently. Where a person goes and how far he can go is determined by his character. How noble your character is, how lucky you are.

one day, a young man went to a big company for an interview. Suddenly, a plainly dressed old man hurriedly said: "I have found you, thank you so much!" Last time in the park, it was you who rescued my daughter who fell into the water from the lake! "

"Sir, you must be mistaken for someone else! I didn't save your daughter! " The young man said sincerely. "it's you, you can't be wrong!" Once again, the old man affirmed.

the young man explained again and again, "it's really not me!" I haven't been to the park you mentioned yet! " Hearing this, the old man let go of his hand and said in disappointment, "do I really admit my mistake?"

later, the young man received the job offer. One day, he met the old man again and asked with concern, "have you found your daughter's savior?" "not yet!" With that, the old man walked away in silence.

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the young man had a heavy heart and told his colleagues about it. Unexpectedly, the colleague smiled and said, "he is the total failure of our company. The story of his daughter falling into the water has been told many times. In fact, he doesn't have a daughter at all!"

"ah?" The young man was puzzled, and his colleague went on to say, "We always select talents through this matter." he said that people who pass the level of character are malleable talents! "

Young people understand: a good character is a bright future, a good character is the best fate, and a good character is the passport of life!

if you don't have a good character, you can't have a foothold in the world. Who would believe that a notorious person would want to get close to him? A man without virtue will only be spurned.

the quality of a character determines the trajectory of his life, the way out of his life, and his destiny all his life!

A good character is pleasant to get along with, nostalgic to leave, reassuring to do things, and comfortable to get things done; bad personalities are boring to get along with, people like to leave, people hate to act, and chilling to do.

be decent, clean and upright, and do things in a style, aboveboard, and clean. To weather the ups and downs of life, virtue is the foundation of life, and that is the way to do things. Those who are virtuous are highly valued, while those who are not virtuous are light.

be on pins and needles with people of poor conduct and spring breeze with people of good conduct. A person's personality charm is a kind of hidden wealth, even if you are in trouble, as long as you can constantly improve and practice in the predicament, your luck will gradually improve, because if you are virtuous and good as water, God will give you a good reward and dignitaries will give you support.

A good character will keep you happy, unlimited happiness and good luck!