The five most advanced ways to deal with accidents (incisive)

/July 2022

Zeng Guofan said: "for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern."

It is without a doubt that whimsical bridal fairy dress are fundamental requirement in all affairs. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

the size of a person's pattern is often reflected in his first reaction.

how to deal with problems best reflects the knowledge and accomplishment that this person has accumulated on weekdays.

therefore, people who are really capable not only know how to deal with the world, but also do not lose their standards in solving problems.

when they are in trouble, they are different from ordinary people's reaction, but will have these five characteristics, which are often convincing!


do things with a degree

have you ever had such an experience?

is busy all day long, but the busier it is, the more chaotic it becomes;

has obviously done its best, but things have backfired;

the problem that has just been dealt with is another mess.

things are not organized and the method is not appropriate, the busier and more messy you will be.

as the saying goes: everything in advance is established, and if not, it is wasted.

everything is sorted out before it is too late to act.

as the old saying goes,

action sometimes requires thunderbolt means to be carried out resolutely and decisively; sometimes it needs to follow the steps and work steadily in order to achieve final success.

the same is true for life, running aimlessly will only make you get lost.

only by not panicking and seriously thinking about useful solutions can things proceed in an orderly manner and achieve twice the result with half the effort and ease with half the effort.


adapt to changes

the only constant in life is that it is changing from time to time.

if you can't adapt to the change, you won't even say hello when the times abandon you.

only those who can keep learning and keep improving in the midst of change can keep going.

Luo Zhenyu, founder of logical thinking, once said:

those who adapt to change, the stronger they are!

for the irreversible environment, you don't have to think about conquering it, the best way is to change ourselves.

in the face of crisis, the faster you change your mindset, the more you will feel that life is infinitely possible and there is never only one ending.

is the so-called survival of the fittest, let oneself adjust to the best state, to adapt to the ever-changing environment, in order to achieve our ultimate goal.

therefore, life is non-stop, asking for change.


not afraid of the future

I have seen such a story.

there are two patients in the ward, both of whom are advanced cancer.

one of them was frightened all day for fear that his illness would get worse the next day;

while the other was talking and laughing, eating and drinking in the ward.

A month later, one person died and the other continued to talk and laugh.

in fact, the cancer cell spread of the dead one is not nearly as good as that of the living one.

he was scared to death by himself.

in this anxious era, many people are worried about the past yesterday and the unclear tomorrow every day.

but in fact, on the way of life, you never know what will happen until the next second.

No matter how many worries and worries, nothing can change anything.

what should come will always come. Instead of being anxious, enjoy the moment.

as the American poet Longfellow said,

"invest in the complicated and confusing future with a determined will not to worry or fear!"

it is also a skill to learn to resolve anxiety and not to be disturbed by the fear of the unknown.

the best state of life is not to regret the past, not to fear the future, and to live up to the present.


if you can afford to be a human being, you should not be able to afford it.

some obsession, like a sharp knife, the tighter the grip, the more painful the stab.

whether you are not reconciled or do not want to give up, in short, because of fear of failure, some people become too worried about gain and loss.

do not realize that life is like a game, you can lose, but you must not be defeated.

otherwise, once your legs are tied up by "fear of losing", you will never reach the winning destination.

I remember that at the 2018 graduation ceremony of the Chinese Department of Peking University, a teacher said in his speech:

maybe the first lesson in life, but also a lifetime lesson, is to learn to afford to lose. I wish you success. If you are not very successful or even lose, then you can afford to lose. "

Life is like a sail, drifting in the ups and downs of the sea, there is a tailwind, there is a headwind.

if you want to leave your own scenery, you should not only enjoy the trial and challenge, but also accept the failure and result.

everything in the past is a preface.

only by letting go of past failures and sufferings can life move on easily.


keep a normal mind

why is there pain when you are born a human being?

not because you have less, but because you care more.

worry about not having a good appearance; lose because you don't have a high income; worry about a bag without a famous brand.

but life is like this, flowers and mud and sand.

No matter what the situation, have a normal mind, do not worry, do not worry, do not panic, can live a stable and magnanimous life.

as the Buddhist sutra says, Chang Huai is calm and at ease.

No matter how windy and rainy the outside world is, if the heart remains motionless all the time, life will naturally be more comfortable and humiliating.

if you can let go of good things and bad things, you can see the scenery; yesterday and tomorrow, if you don't deliberately, it will be sunny.

A person will spend his whole lifeSee through the fame and fortune, see through the success or failure, and see through the gains and losses of the reputation, so that you can have the mood to watch the flowers blossom in front of the court.

lighten up and watch. May you and I let go in the years and grow up in practice.