The five happiest sentences in the world unlock the hearts of countless people

/August 2022

"A person's most special weakness is that he always cares about what others think of him."

the reason why people are unhappy in life is mostly because they care too much about others and ignore themselves.

I feel frustrated and powerless because I don't get the expected return and feedback.

however, life is your own and there is no need to please anyone.

the only thing we need to do is to seize every opportunity to enjoy the beauty and gift of life and get an inch of joy.

educator Newman once said:

when we no longer let our hearts dry up, we will reach poetry and distance.

therefore, when you are unhappy, read the following five sentences more and keep your love for life. Years will never grow old!


behind every smile, there is a soul with clenched teeth

Life is not as usual, especially in the adult world, it is not easy to speak of.

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We are often in deep trouble, struggling, and there is no other way but to look around and despair.

most of the time, under the glamorous life, there are invisible hardships and hardships.

it is best described in one sentence:

however, life is all about sand and mud, flowers and thorns coexist.

behind every kind of life you envy, others fight back with clenched fists.

so don't envy other people's lives, instead of complaining, live your own life.

eat on time, sleep well, and walk to the willows and flowers.

Takeshi Kitano said:

Life is not easy, but we still have to keep working hard.

on the road to the future, only with a firm pace can we get a diamond heart and still hibiscus noodles every day in the future.


I have seen the world cool, but my heart is still warm

when Su Shi was down and out at the age of 63, Su Shi wrote the following poem:

Silence of a sick man on the east slope, White beard Xiao scattered with frost wind.

Children mistakenly like Zhu Yan, but they don't know it's wine red when they smile.

when people reach a certain age, they must learn to laugh at life.

stay away from the people and things that affect your mood, accept the gloom and glory of life calmly, and live simply and warmly.

as Roman Roland once said:

Life is originally a process of tempering and polishing, through fresh clothes and angry horses, through the vicissitudes of life, learning to reconcile with the years before we can be treated gently.

as the saying goes, the hearts of the people are getting warmer and the years are long.

inner joy and light, eternity is the background of happiness.

what you can't keep is not persistent, and what you can't get is not entangled. In the twinkling of an eye, calm and open-minded can be relieved, and inner clarity can be happy.

be a positive and warm person, live hard, love each other well, and believe that beauty will come slowly.


half of my life has passed, so it is better to learn to let go of

life and forget all the unpleasant smiles than to remember its sorrows.

the whole life is only 30,000 days, so why tie yourself up in nothingness and make yourself physically and mentally exhausted?

over time, you will find that some people, some things, some feelings, are not willing to let go, but take other people's mistakes to waste their own life, is the most unworthy thing.

only when you learn to let go and be calm about your gains and losses, can you make your life more brilliant without distractions.

if you can't take the road, change your direction; if you can't get it, don't think about it; if you don't get it, forget it.

in this way, we can live a good life.

I remember a poem that said:

half of my life is over. You can take it seriously, but you don't have to be too persistent.

after all, the past has dissipated, so don't let the pain take root in your heart before you can complete the rest of your life.

I hope that in the future, we can all become people who have the universe in their hearts and are at ease in their hearts.


A life that cannot be repeated, love yourself well

Life comes and goes, and the days to come may not be long. Please love yourself before you love others.

Don't always haggle over trifles, and don't be depressed about innocuous feelings.

living attentively and making yourself happy is the beginning of lifelong romance.

as Feng Zikai said:

"the world didn't choose you, you chose the world.

since there is nowhere to hide, it is better to be silly;

since there is nowhere to escape, it is better to rejoice;

since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate;

since there is no wish, it is better to be relieved. "

people do not live to please the world, but should choose a way they like and live happily.

when you are irritable, try to calm down and relax yourself; when you are depressed, you might as well chat to relieve your sadness; when you are in pain, cry and vent yourself.

only by loving yourself well can you grow and run toward hope forever.

Don't let yourself down if you can't start over.


parting is the norm in the world, and we can all make no exception.

some people say:

"later, it gradually became clear that farewell is a frequent occurrence, and we will continue to meet new people and say goodbye to some important people.

most of the time, there is no direct conflict, and it is not intentional, but looking back, we can see that we are already far away from each other. "

in life, there are always too many feelings and too much helplessness.What can I do.

however, it is normal to come and go, gather and disperse.

if you stick to your gains and losses, you will be ecstatic because of your gains, and you will be filled with remorse for your losses, and you will end up torturing yourself.

in fact, the world is gone and the situation has changed.

the only thing we can do is to walk along with the years, look down on life and death, let go of parting, cherish the present and embrace the present.

be your own ferryman, take your time in your life, and make unremitting efforts to yourself without forgetting your original ideals and aspirations.

as for others, some are the icing on the cake, while none is still glamorous.

in this way, it is the best time!