The finest feng shui (must be read in this life)

/August 2022

there is an old saying: "one life, two games, three fengshui."

everyone has three places of good fengshui.

if you get well, you can make people's luck prosper; if you destroy it, you may have a bad life.

these three fengshui, not in money and wealth, not in career status, nor in fame and power, but in one's virtue and character.

cultivate a kind heart, keep an affectionate mouth, do things with virtue, conduct with character, is a person's best feng shui.


people's first fengshui: heart

the book "Fan Si Xun" says: "all Futian, do not leave the square inch."

by "square inch" here, I mean the heart of a person.

when you have a good heart, good luck comes naturally; when your heart is wide, your troubles will be gone; when you have peace of mind, you can stay blessed.

this is the truth of the saying that things change with the heart, and the environment is created by the mind.

A person's mind changes virtue, virtue changes aura, gas field changes fengshui, fengshui changes qi luck, and qi luck determines fate.

it can be seen that if you want to have a smooth life, the most important thing is your heart.

there was such a story.

there were two outstanding painters in the Qing Dynasty, one was Jin Dongxin, the other was Wang Zheng.

apart from his superb painting skills, Jin Dongxin is also modest and generous, so he is deeply respected by the world.

in this regard, Wang Zheng has always been jealous and resentful, so he aims at Jin Dongxin all the time.

at a party, after three rounds of wine, someone proposed to write a poem on the theme of willow catkins.

Wang Zheng wanted to take the lead and blurted out, "Feilai willow catkins are red."

people with some common sense know that willow catkins are clearly white, but how can they be red?

when everyone looked sarcastic, Jin Dongxin applauded and added the words "the setting sun shines back to Peach Blossom Ferry".

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everyone found that the catkins naturally turned red under the setting sun.

so, one sentence solved Wang Zheng's embarrassment.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "treat people with tolerance and accept all things in your heart. Only then can you have grace for a long time."

Life is an ashram, and life is spiritual practice. Only by practicing tolerance can we tolerate the bitterness of all things, ease of annoyance, and make life go smoothly.

on the contrary, narrow-minded people, selfish calculation, have to haggle with others, always think of themselves first, the road under their feet will naturally become narrower and narrower.

in life, the body is not as good as peace of mind, the width of the house is not as wide as the width of the heart.

relax your heart in everything, life will be broad, and only if you relax your heart in everything, you will live to be a hundred years old.


people's second fengshui: mouth

as the saying goes, good fortune comes in from the mouth, evil comes out from the mouth.

if a person does not have a good tongue, he often utters evil words and wild words, which is naturally annoying and dissipates.

just like Wen Tingyun, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, he was brilliant all his life, but he tried it all the time and suffered all his life.

this has a lot to do with his outspoken and nonsense.

he used to work in the library of Prime Minister Linghu. On one occasion, Linghu asked Wen Tingyun about the source of an allusion. Wen Tingyun explained that it came from Zhuangzi.

who knows, Wen Tingyun immediately sneered:

words are full of belittling and dislike.

Linghu was naturally unhappy when he heard this, so he gradually alienated Wen Tingyun.

there is a saying in Shangshu: "it is good to prosper only by mouth."

A person who always speaks too quickly will stumble sooner or later.

only by improving oral morality, speaking comfortably, doing things satisfactorily, and not saying what should not be said, can we form a good relationship and do things with the help of dignitaries.

I have seen such a story.

A black taxi driver picked up a white mother and son, and the child asked his mother, "Why is my uncle's skin different from ours?"

Mother smiled and replied, "because God wanted the world to be colorful, he created people of different colors."

when they arrive at their destination, black drivers are determined not to charge.

he said: "when I was a child, I asked my mother the same question, but my mother said we were black and destined to be inferior. If she had changed your answer, I might be another me today. "

the so-called good words are warm in three winters and mean words hurt people in June.

speaking well can not only please yourself, but also warm others.

in this way, you are accumulating blessings for yourself.

therefore, keep an affectionate mouth, do not expose other people's short words, do not speak evil words, naturally carry virtues, accumulate virtues and accumulate blessings.


people's third fengshui: behavior

people's life, good luck will come.

as the old saying goes, "to be kind to others, although the blessing has not come, the misfortune is far away."

if a person always does good deeds and has a good heart in everything, he is bound to get the same kind-hearted return from others.

there used to be a barber shop where the owner was gentle and polite on weekdays.

one day, a dishevelled beggar came in. The shopkeeper still welcomed him politely without the slightest disgust, and took care of his hair and gave him his own hand-cooked bread.

when he checked out, the beggar said, "I don't have any money now, but I have a lottery ticket I bought a few days ago. If I win, I'll give you half."

the shopkeeper smiled but said nothing and silently let the beggar go.

at this time, the employee wondered, isn't this an obvious touch? Why did you let him go?

who knows, after a few days, that lottery ticket really won the grand prize of 150000 dollars.

and the shopkeeper also received the largest haircut fee in his life-$75000.

No one would have thought that an inadvertent act of kindness should achieve such good luck.

there is a saying in Daojing: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

kindness is not a transaction, but a reincarnation.

all the kindness you give will come back to you one day.

as the saying goes, those who come out of love love to return, and those who come and go are blessed.

most of the time, enviable good luck is actually rewarded by an inadvertent good deed.

therefore, the source of blessing is to have good thoughts in one's life.

only by correcting one's own behavior, doing more good deeds and keeping more good thoughts, can Fukuda blossom brightly and last forever.

I like the saying that

A man's life is determined by heaven, and fate is made by himself.

whether life is going well or not depends on you.

good fortune comes from a good heart, good words bring good luck, and virtue wins a good marriage.

therefore, in the second half of life, keep these three treasures, and the blessings that should come will come naturally.