The difference between self-discipline and non-self-discipline is a whole life.

/August 2022

you've had that kind of time when you envy others.

envy others with elegant faces and temperament; envy others with clear goals in life and full of strength; envy others to have the courage to live independently.

it seems easy for us to envy other people's lives, but we have been making excuses for our laziness. We are too busy at work, have no time to exercise, and have no time to improve.

but in the final analysis, everyone's success is not accidental, behind all excellence is ascetic-like self-discipline.

those excellent people always try to restrain themselves in all aspects, and then open the gap in life.


the most practical self-discipline: saving money

in this era of material desires and not enough credit cards, I especially admire one kind of people:

they work hard to make money while trying to save money and keep it in their own hands as much as possible.

realize the initial accumulation of wealth through one's own efforts, persistence and planning.

there is a crazy saving group on Douban, and the theme of this group is the ultimate saving.

some people post their vegetable shopping list of 200 yuan a month in Beijing;

some people record their daily expenses through accounting forms, and over the past three years, bank cards, provident funds and funds have saved 300000;

some people have worked hard while working part-time as a sideline, step by step, together with a down payment to buy a house of their own.

in fact, most of them are not really poor, but they still give up material comforts and live the life they want through their persistence and active savings.

I have read such a sentence:

A deposit may not allow you to achieve wealth freedom, let alone help you to the top of your life.

but when an accident comes, it's hard to save your life without savings.

there are not so many overnight rich and speculative ways in this world. In some ways, saving money is the most practical self-discipline.

you have the ability to resist risk as much as you have. The more you save, the higher your ability to resist risk.

so, don't spend on impulse, and save as much money as possible if you can.

it may be difficult at first, but if you stick to it, you will find that it's good to spend money, but it's better to save!


the most beautiful self-discipline: exercise

as everyone knows, those good-looking people have countless insistence behind them, and all the looks you envy have to be carved by self-discipline.

many people's impression of actor Li Ruotong still stays in the white veil, cold and dustless aunt in the Sculpture Warriors.

some time ago, she posted a picture of herself wearing a school uniform on Weibo, with a peach blossom face and a light figure.

it's hard to imagine that she is 54 years old, but her figure and skin are the same.

and all this is inseparable from her fitness habits day after day for more than a decade.

in addition to clocking in at the gym every week, she often shares her aerobics at home on her social account.

there is no denying that the process of keeping exercising is painful.

the figure you want, the state you want, most of the time is not impossible, but not done.

jogging, squatting, cycling. After spending a lot of time and energy, there seems to be no change except for the sweating and sore muscles.

but when you persevere, you will find that the whole world is gentle to you, and time will give you the answer.

it's easy to be lazy, but it's cool to stick to it.


it's kind of special to meet a stranger on a plane before.

the reason why I noticed her was that she was the only one with a book in her hand among the people who chased the drama and slept around.

bow your head, be serious, become a world in the hustle and bustle, and seek a moment of peace.

I have to say, such a woman is really fascinating.

it is said that the soul of a woman who likes reading has its own fragrance.

47-year-old Dong Qing, every word and deed, frown and smile, is the elegance of poetry and books.

51-year-old Liu Ruoying has never given up her communication with the world. Reading and writing are her way of dialogue with the world, fulfilling and comfortable.

they are gentle and calm, firm and confident. Under the baptism of the years, those accumulated thinking and self-confidence have become a warm beam of light on their way of life.

in fact, reading is not only the accumulation of knowledge, but also the temperament and wisdom scattered from the inside out.

in this life, we will encounter a lot of troubles and sufferings, or mediocre and bleak.

maybe reading won't help you solve your current problems right away. After a long time, you can always gain a little more knowledge and knowledge, nourish your heart bit by bit, and develop a calm and calm state of mind.

even if you live a simple life, you can't hide the elegance and charm of reading.


the healthiest self-discipline: going to bed early

Chinese Sleep during the epidemic of COVID-19 released by the China Sleep Research Association in 2020According to the white paper, 80% of people have the habit of staying up late, and 16% of people go to bed late almost every day.

staying up late has become the norm for modern people.

but the result of lack of sleep is that you have to pay for your health.

my friend Xiaomei was in a particularly bad mood for a period of time. She worked hard in the company every day, stayed up late to watch the drama in retaliation when she got home, and would never stop until midnight.

but sleeping late will inevitably lead to fatigue and out of control, not only palpitations, mental malaise, the most serious one is almost invisible to the right eye.

and finally, the doctor's advice to her was: put down her phone and go to bed early.

really don't underestimate your sleep every night. There are so many benefits of going to bed early.

adequate sleep can not only relieve the fatigue of the day's work, relax the body and mind, but also improve the body's immunity and have the fullest mood and state.

it is not too much to say that it is the most cost-effective self-discipline. If you choose to go to bed early, you will gain health.

it's like a question on Zhihu: how have you changed if you insist on going to bed early every day?

below there is a high praise answer: less dark circles under the eyes, more time, every day have time to have a good breakfast, although the heart is lonely, but physical and mental health.

going to bed early seems like a trivial matter, but health is a major event in a lifetime.


the safest self-discipline: independence

when it comes to "independence", everyone's first reaction may be economic independence, but what I want to say is that this is not all.

when Ma Yili was a guest at the Roundtable, she said this:

many years ago, I met such a customer while running business. She was very beautiful and her income was not low. But I always feel very tired every time I see her.

later learned from other people that her husband not only had no house or car, but also relied on her to support him, but also had an unclear relationship with other women outside.

if other people would have jumped out of this fire pit, but she seems to have been tricked, psychologically extremely dependent on this man.

obviously I have the ability to support myself, but I still feel that I have no support and sustenance without my husband. I would rather deceive myself than climb out of the abyss.

in the final analysis, in any relationship, economic independence is important, but spiritual independence is more important.

Women's dignity and sense of security can only be given to themselves, and at no time can they give up their self-cultivation.

A mentally independent woman can make the free choice behind her financial independence and does not have to compromise in marriage for someone to support herself.

A mentally independent woman does not rely on external evaluation, has her own way of thinking and values, and will not follow others.

A spiritually independent woman has a strong self-awareness, does not rely on the love of others, and can build happiness on her own.

such a woman, who is not attached to others, has control over her life at all times and lives a romantic and wonderful life.


in the final analysis, life is a multiple choice question.

if you choose to indulge and enjoy the satisfaction and comfort of the moment, you have to bear the weight of life.

if you want to get better, you must choose continuous efforts and persistence to achieve your wishes.

in life, there is no road taken in vain, and every step taken counts.

so, please don't pretend to work hard. Instead of admiring other people's lives, you should start with these kinds of self-discipline and change yourself.

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how self-disciplined you are, life is as good as it is.