The concept of friends of middle-aged people: gather and disperse at will.

/October 2022

Buddhists often say, "mortals fear fruit, Bodhisattvas fear cause."

Evil karma makes bad karma, and good karma has good results. No one can avoid the reincarnation of cause and effect.

Today's sufferings are all due to my own choices of yesterday.

Life is a reincarnation, and everything you give to others will eventually come back to yourself!


hurting others, the ultimate harm is oneself

the Buddha said in the 42 Sutra: "look up to the sky and spit not to the sky, but fall to the face."

No matter who you are hurting, you are actually hurting yourself. Even if you don't feel it now, one day it will come back.

there is such a story in

there is such a story in the Book of metaphor:

so someone told him a harmful mantra: "the Pidra mantra can kill people to death, but once you use it, you will die first."

the fool was overjoyed when he heard this: "Please teach me!" I'm willing to die first as long as I can hurt him! "

sure enough, the fool killed himself first with the spell.

in ancient Hindi, Vedra means "dead ghost". Chanting this mantra can bring the dead back to life, but living corpses often kill the mantra person first.

the Avengers in the story only want to harm others, and hate blinds them, so they do whatever it takes. Unexpectedly, retribution finally fell on his own head.

there is a saying in "Tai Shang": "the husband's heart begins with evil. Although evil is not done, the evil god has followed."

when you are alive, you should be in awe at all times. The evil deeds you have done can be hidden from everyone, but not from God.

all thoughts are evil, that is, bad karma is being created. Even if the bad retribution has not arrived, the bad result has been planted, and sooner or later there will be great disaster.

being a man and hurting others will definitely hurt yourself in the end.

if you are filled with resentment, you will be imprisoned by resentment. The heart is full of joy, life can be full of happy events!

there is reincarnation in the way of heaven, and retribution is never pleasant.

A person who holds a grudge will not end well. Only by being generous can we plant good cause, reap good karma, and fortune will come.


be kind to others, cultivate your own virtue

youdao is: "doing good is like grass in a spring garden. It grows without seeing it, but increases with each passing day."

being kind to others, even if there is no return, has unwittingly increased the fortune.

in the Tang Dynasty, there was a man who was about to become a county magistrate in the south of the Yangtze River.

before taking office, a fortune-teller asked him, "your life is coming to an end, and it will end in July next year. Why do you still have to go to such a distant place to become an official?"

he replied, "I still have a daughter who is unmarried, so I have to save some dowry for him."

after taking office, the county magistrate bought a maid and asked about her family background, only to know that the maid's father was an old friend who had suffered this disaster because of the invaders and rebellion.

the county magistrate sighed and sighed what had happened to the maid, so he gave all the accumulated dowry to the maid and promised a kind family.

when the county magistrate returned to his hometown after ten years in office, the fortune-teller was startled when he was reunited with him: "you are at the end of your life, so how come there is nothing wrong?"

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when he learned that he had married his maid, the fortune-teller suddenly realized: "it seems that your happiness is unlimited."

sure enough, the county magistrate not only lives a long life, but also his family is harmonious and prosperous, and his children and grandchildren are blessed.

to be kind to others is to accumulate virtue. The more kind-hearted people are, the greater the blessings are.

as the old saying goes, "Wealth has destiny, life and death depend on heaven."

but this day is not in heaven and earth, but in the hearts of the people. If the heart is kind, Yin virtue will be full, and it will naturally break through the fate of the five elements.

be rewarded with a good heart and be kind to the light of life. To be good to others is to be good to yourself.

the more you think you have for yourself, the more you give to yourself.

Blessed people do not just want to accumulate blessings for themselves, but try their best to help others.

somehow, everything is fixed. If you are kind to everything, you will be treated by everything!


how do you treat others

in the end, it must be rewarded on you

as the saying goes, "even if a hundred thousand robberies do not kill your homework, when karma encounters, you will suffer the consequences."

if you do evil and do good, even if the retribution does not appear, it will never die.

there is such a story in the history books:

in the past, a young man went out to do business and found a woman crying bitterly by the river.

asked that she sold the last hen in her family and wanted to buy firewood and rice, only to get fake silver taels. Worried that he would either be killed by her husband or starve to death, it would be better to throw in the water early.

after hearing this, the young man told her, "I can tell whether the money is real or not. Show it to me."

so he picked up the silver and looked around. While the woman was not paying attention, he took out a real coin from her and said, "you read it wrong. this is real money. Don't worry about it."

the woman was skeptical, but seeing that the money had really bought firewood and rice, she left happily.

the young man moved on, but caught up with the chaos of the war and fired arrows in all directions. Suddenly, an arrow hit him in the left chest and fell down.

who knew that he only had a slight pain in his chest. Only by touching it with his hand did he find that the arrow happened to be shot on the fake money and saved his life.

there has never been good or bad fortune or misfortune for no reason. Behind everything, there is cause and effect.

to be evil with others is to be unhappy with retribution; to be kind to others is to plant Futian widely.

the earth is round, give your kindness to others, and God will give you blessings.

this is what Buddhists often call "karma incredible". Everything has a cycle of cause and effect, and how you treat others will eventually be rewarded on you.

Buddhist sutras tell us: "Blessing is done by yourself, and pain is found by yourself."

people may not be rich or intelligent, but they can't lose or lose happiness.

grow Fukuda well, practice your mind and practice, just be kind, because everything will come back to you!

Please be kind at any time. God will not treat you badly!