The circle you live in is what your future life will look like.

/June 2022

there is a saying in the third Policy of the warring States period:

Man is the product of environmental influence. A person who is with beggars every day is bound to be unpromising, and a person who often deals with entrepreneurs is likely to do business.

different circles affect different lives.

when we were young, our circle was a native family, and we had no choice or escape. When we grow up, the scope of the circle expands and we have the right to make our own choices.

whether friends, lovers, colleagues, classmates, clients, acquaintances, are the result of everyone's free choice.

to some extent, what kind of person you are, what kind of people you will attract, and what kind of circle you are close to, you will have what kind of future.


when you are with comfortable people, you are in good health

have you ever encountered such a situation in making friends:

some people are obviously quite close to you, but when they are alone, they always feel inexplicably embarrassed and it is difficult to communicate.

some people can always feel happy in a chat, even if they haven't known each other for long.

Zhou Guoping once said:

in the vast sea of people, it is not easy to meet people of the same kind who are comfortable with each other.

some people say that the most tiring thing to live is to deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationships.

We are often troubled by excessive enthusiasm, sometimes indifference, bewilderment, emotional excitement, some hypocritical patience, and some intrigue even pretend to ignore it. In fact, there is no need to let the heart so tired.

there is a saying in the Internal Classic of Huangdi: "anger injures the liver, joys and sorrows, the lungs, spleen, and kidney."

A relationship that is entangled in a messy relationship that is thankless and makes your mood rise and fall too much is not a good relationship.

writer Su Qin said:

"stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including friends, and stay away when you are tired."

those who can enter my heart will be treated as kings, and those who do not enter my heart will disdain to be perfunctory. "

in your own world, you are the absolute protagonist. You have the right to choose your friends and the initiative to choose your own circle, so there is no need to let uncomfortable people occupy most of your vision.

as the saying goes: those who know me say I am worried; those who do not know me say what I want.

being with people who are comfortable with each other is the best way to maintain good health.


to be with interesting people is to nourish the heart

Wilde once said: "there are too many beautiful faces and too few interesting souls in this world."

if you have an interesting friend, please cherish it.

Life is so tiring that not everyone can make you smile.

there is an old man named Huang Yongyu, a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. I have seen his 12 zodiac signs, which makes people laugh.

he drew mice and said, I'm ugly, my mother likes it.

he draws a mouse trap, which is said to be a mouse's fitness machine.

he paints carelessly, that is, the combination of a horse and a tiger becomes careless.

just looking at the painting, the interest comes in the face. People who live on humor are always envious.

this world is so complicated that too many people have less and less ability to be happy.

when I heard a joke, I stopped laughing and just yelled at the corners of my mouth. When I see an interesting thing, I no longer share it with others, but just laugh it off.

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Life, work, family, marriage. All kinds of pressures converge into one "small loss" after another, stealing our humor and happiness.

in this way, some people have compromised and hovered in the three-point line, their life is mundane and their hearts are clearly boring.

when you get along with such people, you will gradually become one of them, laughing too high, running out of positive energy, living boring and tired, laughing no matter how interesting it is, and playing with no matter how funny it is.

Mr. Zhu Guangqian said:

"I am not afraid of stupid people all my life, nor are I afraid of people who are too smart. I just feel bitter when I reluctantly talk to people who are not interesting.

you don't have to talk much to interesting people, but you can feel supreme if you just talk to each other silently and understand each other. "

have you found that interesting people can always live their lives out of flowers, and then in everyday life, they can see different "surprises"?

maybe it's an embarrassing thing in the trivialities of life, maybe it's a well-made dish, maybe it's a joke that makes you laugh.

they may not help you succeed in your career, but they can make you happy, they may not bring you many resources, but they can give you positive energy.

they have a love for life and the world, and it is this love that moistens the hearts of everyone around them.

being with interesting people is the best way to nourish your heart.


with smart people, there is a topic on


there is an answer: it may often be run over, but the whole feels very comfortable, and it is so good that it flies.

he will notice your emotions, and he can understand many words before you express them. He can answer most of the questions you can't, but a few won't. He can figure it out by himself.

before you know it, your IQ and EQ will gradually improve.

A really smart person always has a unique personality. They seem to be a little indifferent to people and things, but they can see a lot of truth more quickly than ordinary people.

they have a long-term vision, noFight for a little bit of right or wrong in the present, refuse meaningless quarrels, get used to dealing with disputes in a rational way, and take the initiative to put aside boring wine bureaus and dinners and spend time on things that are valuable and improve for the future.

compared with "getting used to life", they understand the nature of life better, refuse to muddle through, have a clear sense of purpose, and will persist in achieving what they want.

this is what most really smart people have in common.

Laozi said: walk with the wise, keep company with the superior.

if you stay with a smart person for a long time, your thinking habits and ways of doing things will gradually get closer to him.

even if you are not a smart person, try to get close to the smartest person around you. Just chat with him a few more times, see how he deals with unexpected problems, and ask him a few more questions.

compared with reading alone, getting close to good people and learning excellent traits is a relatively faster and more effective way of self-growth.

after all, being with smart people is the best way to nourish the brain.


your circle is what your future life will look like

as the saying goes, thrush sparrows have different voices and golden crows have different nests.

what kind of circle of friends, what kind of you, what kind of you, what kind of circle of friends you choose.

A person's circle is the invisible representative of his character, ability, IQ, family fortune, and conduct, as well as the basic appearance of his future life.

most of the time, what restricts your development is not your lack of effort and IQ, but the lack of choice of the circle around you.

the circle where the gap is too large, there is no need for strong integration. But people have the right and ability to get close to a better circle.

keep in good health with people who are comfortable with each other; with interesting people, keep your heart; with smart people, keep your brain.

spend the rest of your life with the right person.

for the rest of your life, choose the right circle, be with the right person, and grow up to be a better person.