The body knows best whether to live well or not.

/June 2022


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"if you only have the last ten years of your life, how are you going to spend it?"

this is a video theme seen some time ago, which tells the story of two kinds of lives that an old man may experience in the last stage of his life.

one kind of life is to lie in a hospital bed every day, get up trembling, travel in a wheelchair, can't do without nursing and medicine;

another kind of life is to get up early and exercise every day, play with grandchildren, snuggle up with your wife and enjoy the happiness of your family.

the most precious treasure in life is health. Good health is the greatest capital. Without health, there is nothing.

as Schopenhauer said, healthy beggars are happier than sick kings.

only when people are in good health can they have the ability to choose life and have the opportunity to feel the vitality and beauty of life.


how many people around you are unwittingly living a life of "making money first and then spending money to save lives"?

this way of consuming the body in exchange for money is really undesirable.

I have a friend, but in his early twenties, his working hours are irregular and he always works the night shift.

in just a few months, the whole person has become haggard, his face is dark and yellow, and his health is so bad that he is apt to cough and catch a cold.

in good health, everything in life is meaningful.

the wallet is empty and can be filled slowly; if the body is overdrawn, it can never be made up for.

the older you get, the more you understand how happy it is to be in good health.

when the weather changes, you will not be unable to walk because of knee rheumatism; when you travel, you will not miss the peak view because of weakness in your legs and feet.

people, only when they lose their health can they understand the importance of health.

the person who knows how to take care of his body is the biggest winner in life.


the body is the most worthwhile investment in one's life.

some people rely on their youth, stay up late, lead an irregular life, and eat unhealthily. When a pinch of hair falls down and the body becomes more and more uncomfortable, it is too late to regret it.

others, on the other hand, exercise diligently and keep running; control their diet and maintain a balanced diet; they are still physically strong even as they get older.

people who are in good health have more hope in life.

when you want to climb a mountain, you can climb when you want to climb a mountain, and you can dance when you want to dance; you can do whatever you want, which is the greatest achievement in life.

if you want to know whether a person is doing well, just look at his physical condition.

A healthy person has a ruddy complexion, a good state of mind, a good spirit and full of energy, which can bring happiness and sunshine to the people around him.

Life is precious. Please be kind to yourself and take care of your body.