The blessings of your life are hidden in your bowl.

/November 2022

Cai Lan once conveyed a simple concept of life:

Bowl of pure blessings, grateful for food and righteous sea of life, can he walk through this life leisurely.

in a sense, to eat is to bond with heaven and earth.

to choose how to eat is to choose how to live.


eat well and cultivate blessings

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto: "one porridge and one meal is not easy; half silk and half wisp, constant thoughts and material resources are difficult."

A meal, a vegetable, a branch and a leaf in life, and getting an inch is a blessing that you can get when you hit it, and you can't waste it at will.

cherish blessings, you can accumulate blessings; frugality, you can accumulate virtue.

writer Lin Qingxuan recalls his grandmother like this: old people never waste a grain of rice when they eat on weekdays, and even drink the leftover vegetable soup.

she not only cherishes the food herself, but also asks her children and grandchildren: there is not a single meal left in the bowl and not a grain of rice left in the pot.

Grandma lived until she was in her eighties, she was always healthy, and she couldn't breathe even if she lifted water from the well.

when grandma died, the last thing she said in bed was "live a long time, maybe it's because of Zhenfu."

then she left very peacefully, without the slightest pain.

perhaps it is precisely because the old people have returned to the warehouse with clothing, vegetables and grains all their life that they can get blessed rewards and have a good beginning and end.

cherish every grain of food, not only respect every work, but also cherish the gifts of nature and accumulate your own blessings.

as the old saying goes, "cherish blessings and blessings are always there and come along with fate."

those who are not profligate and know how to cherish will be accompanied by good fortune.

Zeng Guofan, with a distinguished title and high expectations, has always maintained the style of a poor scholar.

when he became governor of Liangjiang, someone entertained him and prepared a feast, but he only moved his chopsticks twice.

after dinner, he said, "I can't bear to eat my daughter. I can't bear to see it."

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his daily diet is also very simple, only one dish for years, even if there are guests, there will be one more course.

he also warned his descendants: "the food a man eats in a day is commensurate with the force he uses in the day."

because of his words and deeds, the incense of the Zeng family has flourished for hundreds of years, leaving the laudatory name of "none of the Zeng family is useless."

there is a saying in Zhu Zi's Family motto: "the diet is about and refined, and the more precious the garden vegetables are."

when a person's spiritual world is rich, no matter how tempting the outside world is, it cannot tempt a simple and simple heart.

as the saying goes: the fertile land covers an area of ten thousand hectares, the solar eclipse is no more than one liter, and the jade liquid can not be drunk for a lifetime.

in life, having a good meal is the beginning of cherishing blessings.


waste grain, damage blessings

there is a folk saying: a grain of rice, a thousand drops of sweat, grain sweat beads change.

every grain should not be wasted, even billionaires.

even if you have a lot of money, you will run out of money; even if you have ten thousand hectares of fertile land, you will run out of money.

people save a bite when they are full and fight only when they are hungry.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was a rich businessman named Zhang Yifang. His family had a vast expanse of farmland and lived a life full of food and clothing every day.

he hired hundreds of tenant farmers to grow crops for himself, and the tenants had to pay rent for him year after year.

over time, his harvest of grain piled up like a mountain, and he kept it in the barn when he couldn't finish it for a while.

someone advised him that it would be better to distribute so much food to the poor, otherwise it would be wasted, and this would be considered a blessing for himself.

but he didn't listen, and after a long time, the stored grain became moldy.

Zhang Yifang was in no hurry. He turned over the barn, poured out the moldy grain and fed the rest to the cattle.

some people say that he has committed iniquity, but he does not care, but he does not realize that "what is poured out is conscience, and what flows away is blessings."

six years later, when the dike of the Yellow River burst, Zhang Yifang's fertile land and wealth were destroyed and all were destroyed.

because of his character, no one gave him a helping hand, resulting in the family starving to death in the famine.

there is a saying in "A Tour to the West Lake": "if a man does not die, he will die at the end of his income. Cherish clothing and food. "

people's blessings are very meager, and if they don't cherish them, they will suffer a great deal of pain.

what God can't see most is that people waste food, and people who haven't really been hungry don't know how to cherish it.

when we eat all day long, we have lost our awe of food at some point.

Yuan Longping said in an interview: "whenever I see someone wasting food, I feel extremely sad."

A grain of rice and a bowl of rice seem tiny, but in fact, it is the painstaking efforts and sweat of countless people. They do not feel much when they are full, but they are too little when they are hungry.

not wasting food is not only a quality, but also a virtue and responsibility.


self-cultivation, starting from the dinner table

Chen Danqing said, "the so-called upbringing and good fortune are all small things."

eating, although it is a very common thing, you can see human nature in one meal and one vegetable.

as the saying goes: see the character at the dinner table, see the self-cultivation at the table. In the final analysis, eating is the best way to show one's upbringing and conduct.

A person's blessings often begin at the dinner table.

the dining table is like a mirror, which can not only see bosom friends, but also screen out general acquaintances.

eating is a small thing, but it hides a person's truest character.

it is easy to judge people at dinner, and you can see the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of human nature.

when Zeng Guofan suppressed the Taiping Army,A distant relative came here to show his grand plan.

personally said that he was born poor, but ambitious. Zeng Guofan saw that he was plainly dressed and sincerely worded, and promised to keep him for a few days.

after a period of time, Zeng Guofan ordered the kitchen to simply prepare a few small dishes and drank with him. The two men talked eloquently during the dinner, and Zeng Guofan was satisfied with him.

unexpectedly, this man made an inadvertent move that upset Zeng Guofan.

it turned out that during the meal, this man thought the military grain was vulgar and picked out all the chaff in the bowl. Zeng Guofan concluded that this man had a different heart, and it was difficult for him to take on a major task.

after dinner, Zeng Guofan sent someone to give him a piece of entanglement and dismiss him hastily.

in the final analysis, if you want to know a person's character, there is a real chapter on the table, because his virtue can be seen between a bowl of chopsticks.

people who can "eat well" can not only take care of themselves, but also know how to help others.

the way of life at the dinner table is also my moral accomplishment. Only by winning good popularity quietly can we make the road of life more and more smooth.

the years are like this, but one meal, one vegetable, one bowl of chopsticks.

firewood, rice, oil and salt, porridge, rice soup, constitute the dribs and drabs of life.

when you learn to eat well, you also learn to live a good life.

your bowl contains the blessings of your life.