The better a person is, the more he respects others.

/August 2022

I especially like the sentence:

I think other people respect me because I am good. Slowly I understand that others respect me because they are excellent.

I think so.

the more capable people are, the more they tend to respect others.

because they are broad-minded, broad-minded, not aggressive, let alone elevate themselves and belittle others.

respect, always mutual, when you know how to respect others, know how to think of others, heart to heart, your life will go more smoothly.


others respect you because others are excellent

between people, the most basic thing is respect.

without respect, there will be inequality and the relationship will not last.

in real life, the more excellent people know how to respect the meaning of the word.

No matter how high your position and ability is, you will not bully the weak, let alone belittle others.

No matter who the other person is, he will treat others in a peaceful manner, will not be arrogant and insolent, and know how to give respect and understanding to others.

such people are broad-minded and selfless, and are respected wherever they go.

those who interpret respect in place have a broad pattern and broad horizons. No matter who they work with, their prospects are bound to get better and better. No matter who they live with, they are comfortable and comfortable.

know how to leave room for others, do not laugh at other people's shortcomings, do not promote other people's privacy everywhere, do not embarrass others, and satisfy their own vanity.

know how to think of others, compare their hearts, consider other people's feelings, such a person, broad-minded, open-minded, worthy of the respect of others, his good character will be recognized.

A person without money is not the most terrible thing. The terrible thing is that he has no character, no bottom line, and no respect for others.

A person who knows how to respect others will be popular and gain more.

all men are created equal. No one is higher than others. Only when we learn to respect others and not belittle others will we bring good luck to ourselves.

respect is the most warm carrier, respect is the most comfortable and secure.

know how to respect others, do not bully others, and always maintain a humble and low-key attitude, the road will be wider and wider.

those who know how to respect others will shine in the future and make achievements in life.


respect for others is the top level of self-cultivation

Zhihu has been asked: what is top self-cultivation?

remember that a highly praised answer is: know how to respect others.

respect for others is also respect for yourself.

when you really respect others, you can be regarded as a cultured, moral and virtuous person.

respect can not be seen or touched, but it is everywhere, and it is deeply popular and respected.

there is such an allusion.

the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty, a rare Ming monarch in the history of our country, created the prosperous era of "Zhenguan Zhi Zhi" in the Tang Dynasty.

Li Shimin understands that it is very important for the country to prosper, maintain long-term peace and stability, and do a good job in the education of its children, and believes that teaching princes is "the most urgent thing today."

therefore, he chose teachers for his sons, all of whom were highly respected and knowledgeable.

moreover, children are repeatedly warned to respect their teachers.

once, Li Gang, the prince's teacher, was unable to walk because of a foot disease.

in feudal society, the harem was strict, except that the emperor and his concubines and children could sit in a sedan chair, other officials did not say to sit in a sedan chair, they were afraid to go in and out.

after knowing this, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty granted Li Gang a lecture in a sedan chair and ordered the crown prince to greet the teacher himself.

later, Emperor Taizong asked Wang Gui of Li Bu Shangshu to be the teacher of his fourth son, King Wei.

one day, he heard someone report that the king of Wei had no respect for his teacher.

Tang Taizong was so angry that he criticized his son in front of Wang Gui and said, "every time you see Wang Gui, just like you see me, you should respect and not relax at all."

from then on, when the king of Wei saw his teacher Wang Gui, he always greeted him respectfully and listened attentively.

because of the strict tutoring of Emperor Taizong, his sons have great respect for their teachers and never lose their manners.

Tang Taizong's godson's respect for his teacher has also been handed down by later generations.

only then do we know that those who know how to respect can always add style to their lives and win greater opportunities for themselves.

respect others, do not belittle others on the basis of power and position, such people get along like a spring breeze, comfortable and comfortable.

respect is not only a good gesture of dealing with others, but also a kind of top self-cultivation.

respect is the principle that each of us should practice all our lives, and we should stick to our hearts all our lives.


respect others

A person is respected

. Only by knowing how to respect others can he win the respect of others.

others will treat you in the same way as you do to others.

in life, if you are calculating and aggressive, you will only be annoying. If you look down on others, no one wants to come near you.

only when you look up, you can see who you really are, and only by respecting others can you win the respect of others.

once, Comrade Lenin went downstairs and in the narrow aisle of the stairs, he came across a female worker carrying a basin of water upstairs.

as soon as the girl saw that it was Lenin, she had to go back and make way for Lenin.

Lenin stopped her from saying, "you don't have to do this. You've already gone halfway with your things, but I'm empty-handed. Please go first!" "he putThe word "please" is very loud and cordial.

then he went downstairs by leaning against the wall and letting the girl go upstairs.

Lenin did not elevate himself because of his different identity, let alone despise her because of her humble status, but gave her respect.

in this world, everyone is equal, and everyone should be respected accordingly.

learn to respect others, others will respect you, learn to be warm to others, others will give you warmth. If you know how to leave room for others, he will give you dignity.

respecting others does not require you to sacrifice yourself to fulfill others, still less do you need to pander to others everywhere.

but hope that when we get along with others, we should be more considerate of others, not to haggle too much, understand the difficulties of others, it is not easy to understand others, not to belittle those who are inferior to ourselves, to be more sincere and understanding, and to get along with others in a restrained manner.

in this life, people will reap what they give. When you broadcast the seeds of respect, you will also reap the fruits of respect.

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remember, respect is always mutual, respect for others is also respect for yourself!