The best way to save your life

/October 2022

Seneca said, "Life is long if you can make good use of it."

for those who save their lives, there has never been a golden formula and a golden elixir for longevity.

but love yourself and enrich your body and mind.


Don't embarrass yourself

being alive is actually a process of "asking for trouble".

sometimes I am tired because of physical and mental exhaustion. Bitter, because want too much, only rely on a pair of hands can hold the limited, will be powerless.

We have to fight against fate and against ourselves.

those who love but do not get the pain is often on the bosom, people can not stop.

desire is like a gully, which cannot be filled, but when people run about it, the so-called enjoyment is a burden.

all sentient beings suffer, and they have no choice but to make their own way.

Mr. Qifei once said: "people in paranoia, nothing but dreams, two empty." If you look down on the gains and losses in the world, there will be no gains and losses in the world. "

when you look down from the 80th floor, it's all beautiful, but when you look down from the second floor, it's full of rubbish. If people don't take it easy, they will be vexed about trifles.

if you care too much and take it too seriously, you will be entangled in it, and you will be the one who suffers.

stop for endless money; take a rest for the endless sulk; forget about the endless grudges.

the Buddha said, "there are less things in the body, less bitterness, less calamity in the mouth, less calamity in the stomach, less illness in the heart, less sorrow in the heart."

keep mindfulness, don't get caught up in material desires and worries, and learn to let go;

people learn to hide before they become powerful; learn to be kind and have a beautiful chest;

surveys show that centenarians live longer not because they do not have high blood lipids and hypertension, but because they have a happy and balanced heart.

think about it, let it go, and then let it go; take a light view of everything and clear your mind.

there is a Zen saying clearly: "if you do not fight, you will not hurt your vitality; if you are not afraid, you will shine; if you are not angry, you will be happy; if you do not worry, your heart will be cool, neither humble nor arrogant; if you do not hold fast, you can be round; if you are not greedy, you will be rich and healthy."

Let this heart dominate.


healthy lifestyle

someone in Zhihu once asked: what is the best state for a person?

the highly praised answer is: eat well and sleep well. Because eating and sleeping is the spiritual practice of this life.

the late Night Canteen says: "Food is energy, healing and precious."

eat well, chew slowly, and love yourself.

and a good sleep is the cure for everything.

Pharmaceutical tonic is not as good as dietary tonic, and dietary tonic is not as good as sleeping tonic.

when people have a good rest, many discomfort will be cured without medicine, which is better than all health preservation.

when I stayed up late, someone reminded me that you didn't stay up late, it was your life!

later, I really realized that if I don't go to bed after 11:00 at night, all I have to do is painstaking efforts. A man's painstaking effort is his life, and once it is used up, all efforts will be invalidated.

eating is a repair, so is sleeping, and the body's self-healing system is far more powerful than you think.

one vegetable, one meal, seems ordinary, after food and clothing, we can go straight to the ideal.

there is a lot of pressure, you might as well put down your phone, there is always one body and soul on the way.

Yu Qiuyu said in a speech: "the state of a person's life is determined by many factors. In the final analysis, it is decided by time and space.

the dimension of time, there is little room for expansion, while the dimension of space can influence the quality of life.

experience tells me that ignorance, selfishness, indifference, paranoia, extremes, jealousy, exclusivity, arrogance, that is, most of the evils in the world, are formed by the narrowness of the mental space. "

therefore, we should often go out for a walk, let travel change the spatial dimension of our existence, and temporarily isolate the negative emotions in front of us until we come back.

if you have a wide field of vision, your heart will not be blocked.

only when you go out can you see the greatness of heaven and earth and the beauty of the world.

there are ten thousand possibilities in life, all at your feet.


people live to the extreme, it must be plain and simple

matter is to assist our life, but when all our belongings fill the whole living space, we begin to be burdened by it.

Minimalist Life mentions: "owning things is equivalent to spending energy on things, but we are rarely aware of this.

whether life is wonderful or not lies not in how many things you have, but in how much time you have to make yourself happy. "

all kinds of complicated relationships are even more troublesome.

when people reach a certain age, they might as well begin to simplify interpersonal relationships and learn to reject people and things that make us uncomfortable with each other.

Laozi once said: "five colors make people blind; five tones make people deaf; five tastes make people taste delicious."

colorful colors make people dazzled; noisy tones make people inaudible; rich food makes people unsavory; indulgent colors make people feel wild and crazy.

Life doesn't need to be complicated, but because of the breeze and the bright moon, there should be a choice between the two.

only by saving effort can you save worry; only by self-cultivation can you cultivate morality.

having no distractions is a kind of rest and recuperation. Don't regard everything as important and don't throw anything away.

Human life is very simple and transparent.

in Walden, Thoreau gave the answer: "remove all content that does not belong to life and simplify it to the most basic form."

just like Qian Zhongshu andTeacher Yang Jiang's home is like: "tranquil, very tranquil."

the only thing that rang in their home in those days was the medicine pot. When it came to the point, the medicine pot rang, and there was no video recorder or anything. But he is very romantic and knows life. "

Cai Gentan said: "in the tranquil wind and waves, you can see the truth of life; where the taste is light, you know the nature of the mind and body."

simple, naturally will not be in a hurry, silent, that is, leisurely and comfortable.

know the tranquil pleasures, so be happy.


lighten life with hobbies and learning

someone asked an old man, "you are always learning. What do you get in the end?"

the old man replied, "nothing."

ask again: "then what else are you learning to do?"

the old man smiled and replied, "I will tell you what learning has cost me: I have lost anger, entanglement, parochialism, fastidiousness and criticism, pessimism and depression, superficiality, shortsightedness and care, and all ignorance, interference and obstacles."

an authoritative psychological expert once said that cultivating one or two hobbies is the greatest contribution behind longevity.

have a hobby, people will be happy.

do what makes you happy, have fun and reduce stress.

with it, the mind has a place to rest.

several pots of succulent plants were raised on the windowsill of the neighbor, because they wanted to be colored and beautiful, the owner ignored the water supply and nourished the roots, and the growth was pitiful in the end.

people still need to grow roots in order to thrive in this life and embrace a better life.

Learning is the best mode of root maintenance.

the more you study, the more you will find that there is so much fun in the world and a lot of fun that you haven't noticed.

shallow delight is like a green dog, love is like a long wind.

this wind will blow away our shallow ignorance of yesterday.

whatever you learn becomes a character.


living today

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there is an old British Prime Minister George who has a habit of turning around every time he passes a door and shutting it gently.

my friend asked strangely, "is it necessary for you to close all these doors?"

"Oh, of course it is," George said with a smile. "I've been closing the door behind me all my life, and when you close the door, you leave the past behind."

because the past is gone, the best life is to live in the present.

everything starts now, mind together, implement immediately.

Life always rewards those who will cherish it.

2021 is not easy, this year too many difficulties let us understand: "people live in the world, the most expensive is the mind and body."

as a Weibo saying goes, no one knows how much time we have left. we have to live in the moment, enjoy it, and spend as much time as possible with our family and friends.

Life is short, too short to embrace the morning, already holding the dusk!