The best way to live the rest of your life is to develop these three habits.

/June 2022

half of my life has passed, recall the past, once ambitious pursuit of fame and fortune, but also wasted time.

with the passage of time, I gradually grow my mind and understand the essence of life.

for the rest of my life, develop the following three habits to make the second half of life calmer and happier.


the habit of breaking up

in this era of accelerated pace of life and cross-flow of material desires, everyone is pushed forward by a sea of people.

if you have miscellaneous thoughts, life will be noisy and noisy; if you have too many desires, you will be burdened with a heavy burden.

I have heard such a story.

the people of Yongzhou make a living by the water, and the villagers are good at swimming.

one day, there was a torrential rain, the river soared and the river bank burst.

villagers are crossing the Xiangshui River in small boats one after another.

do not want to sail halfway, the bottom of the boat leaks, seeing the rapid sinking of the ship, the people on board are swimming to escape.

one of them rowed as hard as he could, but still the slowest.

when the waves hit several times, the companion asked

he replied:

"I was wearing newly bought clothes, with a thousand copper coins wrapped around my waist, and treasured utensils on my back, which were so heavy that I lagged behind."

my companion hurriedly advised, "then why don't you throw these away?"

he didn't answer, but shook his head.

after a while, he had no strength and swam more slowly.

the companion who had landed shouted anxiously:

he still shook his head.

then a big wave came and he was submerged in the river.

the journey of life is the same.

too much to carry, too heavy a burden to move forward.

desire is too heavy, cutting is still messy.

as the ancients said, "forty doesn't have much desire."

in the second half of life, life should be simplified.

someone once ran into the master sculptor Rodin in the street and asked the question: "what is art?"

Rodin replied without hesitation: "subtract the excess."

Joshua Becker is a rich and handsome American.

in the eyes of the world, he is undoubtedly a veritable successful man, in charge of 150 stores, has a gentle wife, and can buy luxury cars and homes at a young age.

but this kind of life doesn't make him happy.

he will remember the holiday gift to his mother, but miss his mother's last face on her deathbed, so it is too late to repent.

he will buy luxury brands for his wife and children, but he does not give them the companionship they want most, so his wife and children complain that the family is full of conflicts.

he once thought that the purchase of high-end electronics and luxury cars would bring unexpected happiness to life.

the fact is that endless material desires upset the originally beautiful pace of life, and he began to think seriously about what he wanted and what he really needed.

so he quit his high-paying job and donated all the extra belongings in his family to charity.

in the end, 90% of the household belongings were cleaned up, leaving only 288 daily necessities.

he has plenty of time and energy to accompany his family, make an afternoon tea with his friends, and even take a walk-and-go trip.

throw away unnecessary things, let go of unnecessary desires, and life becomes simple and profound.

when he was young, his dream was to be a writer.

now I really pick up my pen and become a best-selling author.

what I thought was indispensable, think carefully about it, but in fact this is not the case.

one by one, there are not many chores and sundries left, and the field of vision will be broadened.

give up unnecessary things, put aside unnecessary distractions, put aside uncomfortable relationships, and arrange your life reasonably in order to enjoy a good life.


organize the habit of moments

Life is like a train, people come and go is normal in the process of moving forward.

relationships that are too easy to get are often difficult to maintain;

reluctantly integrating into inappropriate circles will only add to the annoyance.

in the entertainment industry with complex interpersonal relationships, Chen Daoming has always been a maverick.

when I go home after filming, I pull myself out and become an ordinary person.

there are only two or three friends who refuse to entertain at dinner.

grow flowers, recommend, play chess, draw, and live a happy life.

do not smile with others and are not keen on worldly sophistication. It seems to be cool and thin by nature, but it actually sticks to it.

writer Shao Wenjie once said:

"people can't have many friends.

the so-called friends all over the world is either a poetic exaggeration or a shallow conceit. "

Peng Lei, lead singer of the new trousers band, once appeared on the variety show "Strange Theory".

in the course of the program, Li Shi said she wanted to add Peng Lei's Wechat.

unexpectedly, Peng Lei replied that he had to delete one person before adding Li Birthday, because there were only 100 people left on his Wechat.

he is particularly cautious about inviting friends in the entertainment industry.

after going through dormancy and popularity, Peng Lei, a middle-aged man, knows more about how valuable a pure circle of friends is.

writer Su Qin said:

the really smart people all know how to subtract from their circle of friends.

for the rest of my life, I should give up, leave, please, please, and cling to it.


the habit of eating well and sleeping well

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the most important thing when people reach middle age?

the answer with the highest praise has only two words: health.

I think so.

Life is originally long, but I am most afraid of coming to an abrupt end when it is in full bloom.

Zweig said:

when I was young, I always thought that life was exuberant, so I sacrificed my health to pursue wealth, thinking that wealth would lead to happiness.

however, only after suffering from illness can we understand that health is the primary prerequisite for all happiness.

Last year, host Hua Shao talked about the reasons for his rapid weight gain in recent years.

because of busy work, often need to go out to socialize, diet is extremely irregular, work and rest are often disordered.

I often go from this place to the next place, and when I get home late at night, I get sleepy after eating a bowl of noodles.

the working state of high load, coupled with unhealthy living habits, lead to the rupture of lung tube.

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in the most serious case, two blood vessels burst at the same time, vomiting 500cc's blood.

Hua Shao was surprised by the achievements of overdrawing his life. He realized that all happiness is based on a healthy body.

so he gradually adjusted his work schedule, ate a light diet, resumed exercise, and finally adjusted his body to a healthy track.

Bai Yansong once interpreted the word "busy" in this way. "busy" is the composition of "heart" and "death". If you are busy, you will die.

No matter how healthy the body is, it cannot afford to be squandered unscrupulously.

only by paying attention to it in daily life can we achieve good health.

Wang Meng, a master of the literary world, is a veritable "foodie".

love all kinds of delicacies, prefer cooking, and are good at numerous dishes.

but he has his own concept of health, insisting on three meals a day, never overeating, and paying attention to seven percent fullness when eating.

keep swimming every week and walk 7000 steps a day.

it is because of years of persistence that we have a healthy body and a good state of mind.

Su Shi summed it up well:

in the second half of life, pay attention to diet and exercise.

eat well and sleep well.

not only for yourself, but also to stay with your family for a long time.


when you reach middle age, good habits will make you gain a lot, while bad habits will make you sink unconsciously.

from now on, try to put it down, learn to make it happen, and don't make meaningless things sad.

stay away from those meaningless moments and focus more on self-improvement.

put your body first and don't fight it with your life.

Middle age is not the peak of life, but a new starting point.

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