The best way to live: few!

/September 2022

as the name implies, "few" means less, light, and free!

few words, few words, knowing clearly, is a kind of mind;

thinking less, thinking less, weakening relations, is a kind of realm;

few desires, less struggle, self-cultivation and health, is a kind of calm!

scarcity is not regarding mediocrity as ordinary and valuable, but a kind of understanding of the state of the world, an understanding of human nature, and an analysis of oneself.

few, is to simplify the complex, is to be introverted, is quiet to be far away.


to lighten the burden of thought

there is a good saying:

there are often eight or nine bad things in life. Think more than one or two.

there are many things in people's life that are difficult for us to face, but we have to face them. At this time, what we have to do is not to make fantasies and create troubles, but to let ourselves accept it calmly and face it positively.

A lot of troubles are thought of, and if you don't think about it, there will be nothing after that.

Why mess with yourself?

worry, hurt your own body; wishful thinking, waste your own spirit; always worry, panic is your own heart.

some things, not because you think too much, it will not happen. You are really strong if you don't think too much, stop by the army, cover up the water and cover the earth, and face it with peace of mind.


speak with action

as the old saying goes:

the mountain does not contend for a high peak, and the water becomes a sea because it is good.

there are many things in a person's life, there is no need for us to argue with others about anything. The more thoughtless we are, the louder we are, and the more confident we are, the more we laugh.

there are some things, it is better to do what you say, and let others set their beak as what they do.

A gentleman will not change his ambition because of the existence of a villain, and a wise man will not refuse to move forward because of rumors.

sometimes, being quiet and improving yourself is actually more effective than fighting!

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as you become better and better, the deliberate slander will become a joke in the eyes of others.

to be a man, there is no need to boast, meditate on one's own mistakes, rise abruptly based on accumulated strength, and be serene.


with few desires, it is your wisdom to recognize yourself

to see others clearly, while to see yourself clearly is your ability!

when a person can really see himself, know introspection, constantly improve his potential, and constantly improve his weakness, then this person will certainly get better and better.

all people have desires, but not everyone can control and dominate desires.

and most people are dominated by desire.

when idleness is greater than diligence, people will become more and more slack; when jealousy is greater than enterprising heart, people will become more and more jealous!

people, do not be driven by desire, lust for comfort, refuse to work hard, and blindly envy what others have and complain!

people live not so much with heaven or with others as with themselves!

when you fight over your negative emotions, your character becomes more and more optimistic;

when you get through your dark years, your life becomes brighter and brighter;

when you constantly discipline yourself, life becomes more and more wonderful!