The best way to live: don't fight, don't compare, don't worry.

/October 2022

there is a hot topic on the Internet: "Why are people more unhappy as they get older?"

A highly praised answer made it clear: "because we want more things, we have a competitive attitude towards the world."

people always look at the mountain from one mountain to the other, keep up with the comparisons, pursue them, and make them physically and mentally exhausted.

to live happily, the most important thing is to say "no" to desire.


Don't worry

there is a poem in Journey to the West: "when will you stop fighting for fame and fortune?" It is not free to get up early and sleep late. "

strive for face, fame and wealth, flush and bleed.

in the end, if you can't fight for it, you beat your chest and kick your feet; if you fight for it, you'll never be happy again.

time is precious, time is like gold, what you ask for is happiness, what you live is happiness, why fight for it?

Xu Guanjie, the "god of song" in Hong Kong, ushered in the era of Cantonese pop songs and was regarded as a divine idol by a large number of fans and stars.

No one knows that he has been exhausted for 20 years in the singing industry.

Xu Guanjie doesn't like to compete for awards every year, but because of his identity, many people around him push him to fight.

coupled with all kinds of intrigue and infighting, Xu Guanjie couldn't help sighing.

therefore, in 1992, Xu Guanjie announced his retirement from the music industry.

at the honorable retirement dinner, he said goodbye to the singing world and the shackles of striving for fame and fortune with the song "Rapid Retreat".

after retirement, Xu Guanjie relaxed his mind and traveled around the world. The sky was high and the sea was wide, and he was at ease.

there is a good saying in Laozi: "the husband only does not fight, so there is no worry."

all people need is one room, two people, three meals and four seasons. If you ask too much, it becomes pain.

fighting and fighting, being pulled by desire like a puppet, there is no freedom in life.

jump out of the cage of struggle, you will find that people can still live so easily.

Let go of the struggle for fame and fortune and pat the dust on your heart. In fact, there is another way to live in life.


be content

Dan Greenberg said: "if you really want to live a miserable life, make a comparison with others."

people can't help comparing themselves with others. When compared, they feel inferior to others and feel depressed.

in fact, there is no absolute perfection in the world. Others have his colorful, you also have your nostrils fragrance.

what's more, your so-called "imperfect" may be the perfect life that others envy.

there is a little mouse who feels very small, has a special inferiority complex, and always envies the halo of others.

when it sees the sun shining on the earth, it praises the sun. The sun said, "as soon as the dark clouds came out, I was gone."

when the dark clouds cover the sun, the little mouse praises the greatness of the dark clouds. The dark cloud said, "as soon as the wind came, I lost my shadow."

the wind roared and the clouds disappeared, and the mouse praised the greatness of the wind. The gale said, "I'm not good. I can't even blow through the wall in front of me."

the mouse praised the wall as the greatest. The wall said, "you have the ability to stand on my head, you are greater than me!"

the mouse thoughtfully realized that the greatest person in the world is none other than himself.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "No one can deprive us of our self-esteem unless we give up."

the talent created by heaven and earth must have its usefulness. Everyone is a unique flower, blooming their own beauty.

others are as resolute as mountains, you are silent as water; others are as strong as the wind, you are as quick as thunder.

The beautiful and outstanding satin evening dresses is all you need. This selection are thoughtfully designed exclusively for you.

Don't envy the advantages of others, you are already the most perfect yourself.


Don't worry, I feel at ease

heard a saying: "Life is not bitter, but we think too much."

Bodhi has no tree, and the mirror is not Taiwan. However, worrying too much will cloud a clean life.

others respond to messages more slowly and feel uneasy; friends are a little cold and think it over.

the grievances of the past are wrapped around the heart like a viper, and the worries of the future linger in my mind all the time.

in fact, how can there be so many troubles? The so-called troubles are just out of my own mind.

once there was a man who was anxious about the upcoming game, so he went to consult a Zen master.

as soon as he sat down, he could not help complaining:

"I have never won a game before, because every time I am afraid, the more afraid I am, the more inaccurate I play. When I think of my past failures, I am too scared to eat and sleep. If I lose, my coach and my parents will be very disappointed. How should I face them?"

with that, he covered his face with his hands and looked worried.

the Zen master sipped his tea slowly and asked, "is the past still there?"

the man froze and said, "No longer."

the Zen master asked, "is it time for the future?"

if that person understands anything: "not yet."

the Zen master said, "Let bygones be bygones. Why bother?" The future hasn't come yet, so don't worry about it. What's going on now is over, so why bother? "

the man was immediately clear in his heart and laid down his big stone.

there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra: "you should observe the nature of the Dharma and create everything ideally."

worry too much, the mind is dusty, and the world is darkened by worry.

the lotus blossoms everywhere. If the heart is pure, everywhere in the world is pure land.


there is a classic line in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: "when you clench your hands, there is nothing in it; when you open itHands, the world is in your hands. "

the more you can't put it down, the less you get it. When you let go of everything, you don't want to be complacent.

the secret of fullness and happiness in life lies not in addition, but in subtraction.

give up unnecessary desires, three meals a day, all the year round, are human happiness.