The best state of life: hiding

/October 2022

"the moon in the middle of winter is called Changyue."

November is a full month, when everything begins to cultivate and generate interest, save energy, and wait for the accumulated strength of the coming year.

it is exactly: "Spring grows in summer, autumn harvest and winter storage."

exquisite midwinter, Yang qi is hidden, comply with winter qi, pay attention to keep warm, is the way to hide and keep warm.

apart from the instinctive "hiding" of the body, through the words of winter hiding, you can also hide the "heart", hide the "body", hide "qi", know how to pause and rest, and constantly store energy for the body.

work silently in a corner invisible to others, hide yourself in the long, cold winter, just keep your head down and work hard, and when you have enough strength, you will be able to seize the opportunity to shine.


hide the "heart": take care of the mind, guard against arrogance and rashness

Mr. Shan Yinjin, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, wrote in "the combination of sayings": "more meditation to collect the heart, few wine color to clear the heart, and lust to nourish the heart." Watch the ancient motto with a sense of vigilance, and understand the truth with a clear heart. "

the so-called context is created by the mind, and a person's heart determines what his life looks like.

know how to be receptive, not conceited at high places, not impatient at low places, good at hiding "heart", and appropriate to cultivate "heart", which is the top wisdom in life.

once saw such a story:

there was a nimble tramp who shaved his hair and became a little monk in a temple.

the abbot is very kind to him. He always teaches him something, and he learns quickly.

it didn't take long for me to practice calligraphy and recite scriptures.

but it was also at this time that the abbot found that the little monk became more and more complacent and impetuous.

one day, the abbot gave an unopened pot of nocturnal incense to the young monk and asked him to pay attention to the state of nocturnal incense when he was on duty at night.

at dawn the next day, the little monk couldn't wait to find the abbot: "that potted flower is so wonderful. It blooms at night, but it converges again in the morning."

the abbot smiled and asked, "did it bother you when it was open?"

the little monk didn't know, so he even said that the flowers were very quiet.

at this time, the abbot looked at the little monk thoughtfully and said, "I thought it would show off when it blossoms!"

only then did the little monk understand the abbot's intention, blushed and admitted his mistake.

in the Book of changes, modesty is the most auspicious hexagram.

because a person who knows how to be modest is blessed to grow up better.

at all times and all over the world, wise people all know how to hide their "hearts", treat others humbly, and be neither arrogant nor impetuous.

such as the famous ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, in the face of admiration, he would always say, "the only thing I know is my own ignorance."

Life paths are crisscross, and it is always your own state of mind that determines the direction of the road ahead.

A really smart person knows how to hide his "heart", stay away from pride and impetuosity, and let his life embrace success.


hide "body": keep a low profile, conform to the season

Life is often divided into two by us, learning to add in the first half of life and subtraction in the second half of life.

in this addition and subtraction, it is finally found that the body is the most important.

thinker Montaigne also said: "Health is the fairest and most precious gift that nature can prepare for us."

pay attention to health so that life can exert more energy.

just like the famous historical geographer Hou Renzhi.

known as "living Beijing", he not only made outstanding contributions in the field of history and geography and won many awards, but also a person who is good at keeping good health.

Hou Renzhi pays attention to three aspects of health care:

pay attention to diet

Hou Renzhi rarely eats and drinks too much, let alone drink too much alcohol, which often appears at the dinner table, such as vegetables, miscellaneous grains, bean products and so on.

eat less and eat less, control your diet, make room for your stomach and "pack light".

pay attention to exercise

Hou Renzhi loves sports very much, such as long-distance running, swimming, mountain climbing and hiking.

when he was in his eighties, he went on a field trip to the northwest with his teachers and students.

pay attention to emotion

Hou Renzhi's character is very good, very open-minded, will not care about everything.

the so-called heart-nourishing is also health-preserving, and having a good state of mind is the best way to be kind to yourself.

therefore, when Hou Renzhi lived to the age of 102, he was able to make more contributions and become a "centenarian" respected by everyone.

in fact, it is not very difficult to pay attention to physical health, such as not having enough to eat, not drinking too much, not too tired, and complying with the season.

as said in "Su Qian Si Qi Tiao Shen Lun": "Winter March, this is called closing Tibet." When the water is icy, there is no disturbance to the sun. If you lie early and get up late, you must wait for the sun. "

the years are growing, and the weather is getting cooler. In November, the best way to keep healthy is to "hide". As the saying goes, "if you don't hide essence in winter, you will get sick and warm in spring."

go to bed early and get up late, sleep for eight hours; keep warm, don't let the cold into the body; don't stay in a cold place for too long, drink ginger water and make black tea before going out to keep the body warm.

in this way, life is based on health before you can have true happiness.


hide "Qi": pause properly and precipitate yourself

scholar Zhu Guangqian said: "everything that takes time to precipitate is worth waiting for patiently."

if the water wants to be clear, it needs to pause and precipitate itself; if the flower wants to bloom, it needs to pause urgently and precipitate time.

the same is true of people. If you want to go further, you must learn to pause properly, think about your original mind, and adjust your direction.

is like a fable told by Bai Yansong:

A group of people were on their way when suddenly one person stopped.

the people on the side were very strange and asked, "Why don't you go?"

the person who stopped smiled and said, "if you walk too fast, the soul lags behind. I'll wait for it."

Life is like a journey, some people just rush on the road, but forget to look up to see the scenery on the way, forget to reach for the hand of their family, and even forget the destination at the beginning of their departure at the fork of choice.

so stop appropriately and give your soul some time to think.

Don't let yourself work hard to find the wrong direction and add remorse to your life.

stop properly, give a tick to the rhythm of your life, relax and rest for a while before you can move forward better.

as Dai Sheng, a scholar of the Western Han Dynasty, said: "Zhang er is not relaxed, Wen Wu Fu Neng is also; one relaxation is the way of Wen Wu."

Rattus norvegicus living in the deserts of West Africa knows this well.

because their stomachs are very small, they can only hold a small amount of water at a time, so they need to keep running to find new water sources.

because the surface temperature of the desert is very high, and the belly of the rat is still rubbing against the surface of the desert when running, so when the rat runs for 150 kilometers in a row, it will stop and use the four-legged way to dissipate heat to its belly and "cheer" for its body.

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with such a strong ability to find water, Rattus norvegicus can survive well in the boundless desert.

be the same in your life. Don't worry that pauses will make you lag behind, and don't worry about opportunities that pause may cause you to miss.

instead of hurrying on the road and exhausting yourself, it's better to rest and straighten up, strengthen your goals, adjust your direction, and travel light, so that the pace is light and fast.

the so-called sharpening knife does not mistakenly cut firewood, pause properly and precipitate oneself, this is a kind of pattern.

know how to hide the "acute feelings", slow down the pace, retain calmly, and let them always accompany their lives.


all the hiding is for the purpose of accumulating richly and abruptly rising abruptly

Chen Jiru, a litterateur of the Ming Dynasty, said in the secrecy of the small window: "hiding ingenuity is clumsy, using obscurity but bright, combining clarity in turbidity, and bending for extension."

all wise people know how to hide, hide their edge, hide their arrogance, hide their urgency.

Let modesty restrain your heart, let you adapt to take care of your health, and then press the pause button appropriately to precipitate yourself.

"hiding" seems to be a step behind, but it is actually the foundation of all things.

only with a solid foundation can we rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

like bamboo, it grows three centimeters in four years, but increases at a rate of thirty centimeters in the fifth year.

however, without the underground roots of the previous four years, there would be no rapid growth in the fifth year!

this is the wisdom of hiding!

Ghost Guzi said, "the way of saints lies in hiding and hiding."

No matter where you go in your life, it is easier to be stable and far away if you know how to hide it.

because all harvesting and hiding is for brighter and faster growth in the future.

hide your "heart", be not impatient, not arrogant, be humble, and make your life easier;

hide your "body", take care of your body, conform to the season, keep healthy, and make happiness more lasting;

hide your "qi", don't worry, pause properly, precipitate yourself, and make life more leisurely.

the gift of life is hidden in your day-to-day efforts, and all the luck that seems to fall from the sky is just the result of accumulated strength.