The best state of a family: warm clothes, delicious vegetables, light leisure books.

/November 2022

I have read such a sentence: "cloth clothes are warm, vegetables smell good, and reading tastes long."

Life is alive, food in cloth, cola for life.


cloth clothes warm the hearts of the people

to feed the family meal, to warm coarse cloth clothes.

when I came home for the Spring Festival, I found a gray sweater in the wardrobe. It was so old that the cuffs were worn out.

I said to my father, "Let me buy you a new sweater. It's too old. It's time to change."

the father replied, "No, you can still wear it." Besides, this is the sweater your mother knitted for me, and you can't buy it even if you have money. "

although the cloth is worn out, it can warm the heart.

there is a quilt at home, which is the size of a table.

according to my mother, this is a small quilt sewn by my grandmother when I was born, which is just enough to cover the whole body of the baby, also known as swaddling quilt.

after many years, this quilt is still in use. If it is cold in winter, put it on the chair or cover it on the heating table.

whenever I take it out, my mother will tell the story of this quilt again.

everyone has such an old object at home, which is the emotional sustenance of the previous generation.

sewing with your own hands, stitches and stitches are all friendship.

people often say that clothes are not as good as new. But in reality, an old dress is often the warmest.

We change seasons every year, lamenting that there are not enough clothes to wear, and throw away a lot of clothes, but only cherish some old clothes.

"the warmth of cloth clothes is a blessing, and the peace of the cottage is spring."

Zhuge Liang ploughs in Nanyang and calls himself "a cloth".

regardless of right and wrong, plough the fields and read, but cultivate the wisdom of great things. And Liu Bei also saw Zhuge Liang's talent from his cloth clothes.

clothes keep out the cold, keep your sleeves clean and feel at ease.

in fact, in the most ordinary life, you don't have to be rich in clothes and food, and you can live calmly in plain cloth.


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vegetable soup smells as good as ever

author Musuli wrote: "the night light is on in the alley, and the smell of food is floating in every house, which is the strongest time of day in the world."

one meal and one vegetable, one dish and one soup, two people in one room, three meals in four seasons.

some time ago, the company was not busy and could get off work at 6 o'clock every day, so everyone asked out for dinner.

only my colleague Xiaole refused the dinner and went home early.

We asked her, "Why are you back so early?"

she replied, "I'm going to go back to cooking, and my husband will come home early. We haven't had dinner together after work for a long time."

Xiaole is a quiet girl who likes to cook all kinds of delicious food.

for Xiaole, going to the kitchen, cooking a meal, sitting in front of the TV with his family, eating and gossiping is warmer than anything else.

the documentary A string of Life says: "without fireworks, life is a lonely journey."

if you have light in your heart, eat three meals slowly.

the tiredness of work, the sorrow of trifles, and the hardship of life are all cured by steaming food.

in spring, there is the freshness of Fried Eggs with Chopped Chinese Toon Leaves; in summer, it is the coolness of green plum wine with crayfish;

in autumn, you can taste the fat of crabs; in winter, it is the fragrance of roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

Life is full of flavor all the year round.

it's hard to be a man, so you'll be happier to be a foodie.


idle books

for a while, I felt like I had hit rock bottom, was confused, and was afraid that I would be decadent from then on.

so I forced myself to start reading and spend my spare time in libraries and bookstores.

novels, comics, essays, I read all kinds of idle books, and slowly opened a door for myself.

if you spend your time reading, you will have no time to worry about the future, let alone to talk about right and wrong.

Tao Yuanming said in the Biography of Mr. Wu Liu: "it is easy to read, but you don't need to understand it. Whenever you know something, you will gladly forget to eat."

books can change a person's temperament and destiny.

Lu Xun was originally studying in Japan, studying medicine.

however, seeing the backwardness of the people's thinking, he was both resentful and sad, so he decided to give up medicine and follow the literature.

when he returned to China, Lu Xun was not satisfied with the status quo, but persisted in writing and reading, criticized the disadvantages of the times, and put forward many viewpoints.

after long-term investment, Lu Xun's body gradually lost weight, and his wife advised him to take a rest.

Lu Xun smiled and said, "it's time for me to write articles facing the desk." Leaning against the chair and reading is when I have a rest. If it all stops, it won't be possible for me to do it. "

Reading is a good place to feel first, and the Tao has been preached when the snow is deep.

although there is no return for reading at the moment, over time, your thoughts and speech will be more profound than those of your peers.

the so-called, into an inch, there is a joy to enter an inch.

for the rest of my life, I will live with my heart, read books all the time, and make progress day by day.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen once said, "if you travel thousands of miles and read thousands of books, cloth can also be a prince."

A suit of cloth can warm the heart;

a bowl of vegetable soup is delicious;

a volume of idle books can lighten right and wrong.