The best state of a family: clean

/November 2022

Gu Cheng once said, "A man should live himself and be clean."

the best state of a family is that the room is clean, the relationship is pure and the life is simple.

there are no complicated relationships or quarrelling voices, and everyone lives the way they want them to be.


the room is clean, which is the best fengshui for the family

writer Bai Luomei said: "the diet is concise and to the point, life is simplified. All you ask for is the cleanest fullness in the world. "

the appearance of a family reflects the feng shui of the whole family.

the cleaner and tidy you are, the more you can keep good luck.

A messy family, it is hard for people to live, where is there any good fengshui?

remember the story of actress Liu Tao.

she has experienced the most difficult test, her husband is bankrupt, she is depressed, and she has two children to raise.

even in such a difficult day, Liu Tao does not forget to do the housework and keep the room clean.

socks, clothes and trousers are folded one by one and packed in bags.

drag the floor as soon as it gets dirty, even if you lose your hair, pick it up one by one.

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later, Liu Tao came back to participate in various programs. In Flowers and teenagers, everyone saw her tidying up ability.

and as a result, she became the national wife, got countless job opportunities, and her family gradually improved.

as the old saying goes, "Wealth does not enter the dirty door."

only by cleaning the room can we accept more blessings.

the state of the room can reflect the relationship of a family and a person's state of mind.

the more clean and tidy the person is, it means that the person is organized and clear-headed.

and the more dirty and messy it is, it reflects a state of confusion and neglect in managing the family.

Di Zi Gui says: "the room is clean, the wall is clean, several cases are clean, and the pen is correct."

even if you live in a shabby hut, you should live a clean life.

although the room is simple and shabby, it can also become simple and elegant because of your arrangement.


A clean relationship is the best accomplishment for a person.

I have heard such a saying: "A loner is character, and a clean relationship is self-cultivation."

I don't like to take part in the fun, I don't like to gossip, and I don't want to stir up trouble.

the relationship is clean, the circle is simple, and one or two close friends is enough to spend the rest of your life.

the writer Qian Zhongshu is famous for besieged Fortress and is loved by many people.

he is often invited to parties, but he refuses them one by one.

Qian Zhongshu is unsociable and has only a few friends.

spend the most time with your family and writing.

A fan wrote to Qian Zhongshu saying that he wanted to see him very much.

Qian Zhongshu replied, "you like eggs, so why do you have to see the hen who lays eggs?"

Montesquieu once wrote: "Beauty must be clean and innocent, especially in the heart."

in this complex world, the hardest thing for a person is to keep a clean and pure state.

sometimes, because of work and family, they are forced to get involved in some worldly experiences, entangled, physically and mentally exhausted.

then said to himself: it is better to be a loner than to please others for the sake of so-called face.

Life is originally simple, innocent and clean.

people have a clean spirit, and their demeanor comes by themselves.


simple life is the best way to live

Zhuge Liang wrote in the Book of commandments: "quiet to cultivate self-cultivation, frugality to cultivate virtue. If you are not indifferent, you cannot have a clear mind, and you cannot go far without serenity. "

return to life, crude food, simple and simple, is the best health.

Yan Hui was Confucius' favorite apprentice in the Spring and Autumn period.

he is talented and talented, but he can put up with the most humble life.

in a simple alley, Yanhui's daily grain is a basket of rice and a ladle of water.

others find it hard, but Yan Hui enjoys it.

later, Confucius praised Yan Hui: "with a cup of food and a ladle of drink, in the shabby alley, people can't bear to worry, and they can't change their joy." Hyun-Zai, Hui-ya! "

the life is simple and simple, there is no burden, but the heart is relaxed and independent, and the face is naturally beautiful.

and those celebrities who seem to be rich, if they are involved in lawsuits every day, do not get a moment of peace, and mental anxiety will make people more tolerant of aging.

Zhuangzi said: "simple, and the world can not compete with it for beauty."

the Avenue to Jane, three thousand prosperous, will eventually return to simplicity.