The best practice in life: practice nature when something happens, and practice the mind when you meet people.

/August 2022

Wang Xiaobo said in the Golden Age: "Life is a slow hammering process."

in this series of hammering, some people continue to sink in self-giving up, and some lives sing loudly all the way.

Life is full of ups and downs, and although we are unable to mediate, we can choose which posture to welcome it.


in case of trouble

the so-called thin willow posture looks at autumn and falls; the quality of pines and cypresses is still luxuriant after frost.

the same is true of life.

only by sharpening the tenacity in the ups and downs of human feelings can we withstand the difficulties of the world.

only by precipitating calmness in the experience of the world can we have an insight into the solution.

Zeng Guofan also said that after some setbacks, he gained some experience.

when he took part in the scientific examination, he failed six times in a row, and he was criticized for writing poorly in public. Although he was also discouraged, he immediately adjusted his state of mind, summed up the questions, and won the seventh exam.

during the mourning for his father, Emperor Xianfeng took away the military power in disguise of filial piety, which almost discouraged him, but he immediately reflected on his headstrong use, and then became humble and peaceful.

there is a couplet in the book of Weng Tonghe, a division of the three emperors of the Qing Dynasty: "there is stillness in every major event, but there is no ancient sage in the present."

throughout Zeng Guofan's life, he did not have a state of being motionless at the beginning, but took setbacks as a grindstone, gradually cultivated a mind as calm as an abyss, and became a sage.

No one can lift life easily.

when we encounter many unexpected events, one way to give up is to give up, but the other way is to face the difficulties.

I have seen someone share their experience of facing difficulties on the Internet:

"whenever I encounter difficulties that I dare not look directly at, I close my eyes and imagine myself as an 80-year-old man. Regret the countless difficulties I have given up and escaped in my life.

I will say to myself, how nice it would be to be young again! Then I opened my eyes: bang! I'm young again. "

it is difficult for us to find plain sailing in our life, and it is normal for dangerous shoals to be everywhere.

instead of indulging in fear of pain, it is better to use it as a nutrient to constantly strengthen yourself.

Hu Shi said: "yesterday, all become self, do not think about, more sad, from now on, how to harvest, how to plant."

learn to treat each knife mountain and fire as a test of breaking a cocoon and turning a butterfly into a butterfly. You can get through one hurdle after another, and you have the consciousness to endure one pain after another.

at some point we will find that we can face all the challenges calmly.

No matter how many hurdles you set in life, you can travel steadily on this muddy road.


when you meet someone to cultivate your heart

Natsume Shushi once sighed: "if you give full play to your intelligence, you will show your edge; by virtue of your feelings, you will flow into the world; if you adhere to your own opinions, you will be restrained in many ways." It is difficult to live in the world. "

this is probably the treacherous part of interpersonal communication:

No matter how comprehensive you are at work, some people will pick bones in their eggs.

No matter how good you are in your life, there are people who don't like you.

there is a law of interpersonal relationship:

No matter what circle you are in, the probability of meeting annoying people is basically the same. Even if you run away from this, there will be new ones coming into your life.

since there is no way to avoid bad people, it is better to deal with them with an open mind.

Su Shi was persecuted by his good friend Zhang Dun and exiled to the plague-ridden south.

later, Zhang Dun was dismissed and Su Shi returned to Beijing without guilt. Zhangton's son wrote to plead for mercy all night for fear of Su Shi's revenge.

Su Shi wrote back: "but in the past, it was even more beneficial, only if it did not happen."

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means that let bygones be bygones and let bygones be bygones.

if you change it to someone else, you may take the opportunity to drop stones in the well.

but as Nietzsche said, "if you struggle with a dragon for too long, you will become a dragon; if you gaze at the abyss for too long, the abyss will return to gaze."

too much entanglement with bad people will only make you look disgusting.

there are countless visitors in one's life, some add glory and splendor, others smear slander.

if you meet someone who is not virtuous, it is regarded as spiritual practice, not annoyed by splashing words, not angry by evil deeds.

face bad people and bad things with the heart of a rock, even if he has a thousand tricks, he can't disturb his mood.


Master Hongyi was stranded in the Seven Pagoda Temple. Xia Xianzun, an old friend, came to visit and saw that when Master Hongyi had dinner, there was only a plate of pickles.

Xia Xianzun asked impatiently, "isn't this pickle too salty?"

"salty has a salty taste." Master Hongyi replied.

after dinner, Master Hongyi poured a glass of boiled water to drink.

Xia Xianzun asked again, "is there no tea?" How to drink this plain boiled water? "

Master Hongyi smiled and said, "although the boiled water is light, it also has a light taste."

after all, life is nothing more than a spiritual practice, which means that no matter what situation you are in, you can be comfortable with yourself.

it may be eating and drinking in a rough alley, but everything in the spiritual world is rich.

maybe everything you can see is desolate and dilapidated, but there is joy in your heart.

for most people, life is a torrent beyond control.

but sometimes what the world looks like depends on how we look at it.

in "residual sin", there is a passage with profound meaning:

"Let me ask you a question. Why do you think those children won't cry even if they fall after they enter the playground?"

because they don't have time to cry, they want it right away.Stand up and keep playing, right?

if you think of your life as this playground, you won't cry even if you fall. "

this is true. Life can be as small as a big human game, and life can be as big as an unbearable trek.

in a sense, it is in our hearts that we really decide the taste of the world, such as ups and downs.

Milan Kundera said in the betrayed will:

Let the noise be its own.

regardless of whether the expectation of life is hot, or the years are like songs, we have to understand that real life is not only asking for things outward, but also self-construction inward.

because although the heart is only square inch, it can fit into one world, one kind of life.

Zhu Deyong said: "there is nothing to be afraid of in this world. Anyway, we will only come once."

it is difficult for us to change the time, but we can change the mindset of life.

live a little more calmly, without fear of all kinds of difficulties and obstacles.

live boldly and not be cowardly discriminated against by other people's rumors.

one step at a time, one year old, one grows up.

just like uncut jade carved to the end, it can be seen that Zhuhua moistens the light.

at the end of life practice, simplicity and prosperity are of the same mind.