"the best fortune teller in the world."

/July 2022


the best fortune teller in the world is called cause and effect


the greatest fortune teller in the world is called cause and effect.

in this world, there is no pie in the sky, no sitting back and enjoying it.

if you want to take it, you must give it first, what you sow and what you harvest.

those who are kind-hearted sow goodness, illuminate others and warm themselves; vicious people treat others with evil, hurt others, and repay themselves.

so, as a man, don't think about who can give you what, what kind of heart, what kind of world!


the most rewarding growth in the world is called: losing

losing innocence, so we become mature;

loses love, so we become casual;

encounters failure, so we become strong.

in fact, now we are so tough, so open-minded, so responsible, are all the result of hardships and tempering along the way.

is adversity, let us have the spirit of not admitting defeat; is the loss, let us bear more and braver!

the road of life, every step is not in vain, every step is the precipitation of your life!


the best emotion in the world is called understanding

Life is tiring, we are very bitter.

We are not afraid of the tiredness of life, but we can swallow the bitterness of our hearts.

what often makes us sad, what makes us aggrieved is not the tribulations of life, but the negligence of others and their natural demands.

We need to be considerate, caring, and not cold; with company, things are not difficult; if we are concerned, we are not tired!

if there is a person who understands you, it is the greatest motivation for you to struggle. Having him by your side is the best time in life; having him in your heart is the greatest contentment in this life!


the easiest happiness in the world is contentment

everyone has a different life and has its own bitterness.

one person does not understand one person's suffering, one family does not know one family is difficult.

facing the constant thorns of life at the same time, why do some people always smile and make people feel relaxed?

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it's not how perfect his life is, but that he knows how to be content and cherish his blessings.

satisfied with what is in front of us, strive for what we want, do not envy what others have, and live every day with our heart, we will get closer and closer to happiness!


the most precious treasure in the world is called: health

people, all my life, what do you ask for, what do you want?

money and wealth are owned and lost; fame and status are gained and lost.

what are you looking for all your life? What is in the picture is the experience of life, the gathering and dispersion of fate, the gain and loss of life, and the bitterness of life.

We work hard for our families to live better; we work hard for our parents to enjoy their twilight years.

and the premise of all this is to have a healthy body.

when we are safe, our families are the most contented; if we are in good health, we are the happiest for the rest of our lives!