The best fortune teller in the world, read it five times.

/June 2022

the road is at your feet, and the world is in your heart.

in modern society, there are still many people who are willing to tell fortune and believe in the result of fortune telling. what they ask for is nothing but hope and peace of mind.

but everything in the world has a rule, and as long as you find this fixed law, then the trajectory of life is not difficult to calculate.

as the saying goes, "three minutes of destiny, seven percent of man."

fortune-telling is effective because people are cooperating, and the rules are fixed, but people's mentality and behavior will change.

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so the most powerful fortune-teller in the world is not fate, but man himself.


the most powerful fortune-teller in the world is cause and effect

everything in the world is cause and effect.

people often say: there is a god in the first three feet, man is doing it, and heaven is watching.

in fact, the so-called "gods" and "days" are cause and effect.

good causes produce good results, while evil causes produce evil consequences. No one can change what kind of results will be produced by any cause.

as the writer Ant Blossom said:

the pain you have suffered and the sweat you have shed will eventually become the road under your feet, and the kindness you give and the love you release will become the happiness of your life.

everyone talks about the bitterness of the world, but they don't know how much happiness they can enjoy as much as they can.

as long as you move forward with good intentions, the world will not treat you badly. This is the most effective fortune teller.


the most magical disaster relief in the world

do not live.

it is inevitable that there will be some disasters in one's life, which are tests from heaven.

and this disaster is not inevitable. If you want to achieve real disaster relief and blessing, there is only one most effective way, that is, introspection and reform.

it is said in

that it is too long to be near, but it should be changed to expensive. "

all disasters do not happen out of thin air. Problems in human beings are the spark that causes disasters.

perhaps in peacetime, these shortcomings are not worth mentioning, but a single spark can start a prairie fire, and any inconspicuous fault may lead to disasters that are difficult to resolve.

so, if you want to really eliminate disasters, the first thing is to have insight into your own weaknesses, that is, introspection.

then try to get rid of their own problems, that is, to correct, so as to put an end to the root causes of disasters.


the most effective life extension call in the world can only be done with awe


to be a man, you must have some fear in your heart before you can be cautious and make a choice.

A fearless person tends to do whatever he wants, unscrupulous, for a long time, squandering his own blessings and health, so it is naturally difficult to live a long life.

everyone's destination is death, but before death, living well and living brilliantly is the best way to realize the meaning of life.

Life is precious and life is determined, but we can realize the infinite value of life in a limited life. In this way, we can achieve the best continuation of life.

therefore, in this life, people must have a heart of awe, do not trample on life at will, and strive to be a sunny person, a person who respects life, respects life, loves life, and works hard to live.

Don't do what you shouldn't do. Rest assured that the thunder pool will not be crossed. Only in this way can you protect yourself in awe for the rest of your life.


the most effective beauty in the world is called Happy

A person's life is nothing but a state of mind.

many people have asked a question: "what is happiness?"

ask different people, happiness has different definitions, but in fact, happiness is a kind of emotion, a kind of state of mind, is a kind of joy, happy emotion.

the Buddha says that things change with the heart, the environment is created by the mind, and all troubles are born in the heart.

in this world, unpleasant things are common, and people who don't like them are also common, but as long as the state of mind is good enough, these will not become troubles in life.

your wrinkles are due to frowning, your aging is because you don't smile, and your weakness for age is due to your old state of mind.

the mentality is young, people will be young, and the best way to make the mentality young is to be happy, optimistic about the world, and treat gains and losses according to fate. In this way, your appearance will naturally become better and better.


the cheapest happiness in the world is called peace of mind

happiness is the easiest happiness to get.

when people are alive, the most important thing is to cultivate the mind. Only when the heart is good, everything will gradually change for the better.

and this spiritual cultivation, to put it simply, is a kind of self-redemption.

people with peace of mind can get the simplest happiness only if they are open and aboveboard, live up to the sky, bow to the earth, live purely and live innocently.

I have read a sentence by Qian Zhongshu:

the world is floating and sinking, with too much impermanence, and the only security is that there is nothing to worry about.

the place of peace of mind is home.

so, in this life, it is good to have peace of mind, to be calm, to be relieved, to do your part, and to have a clear conscience, you will naturally taste the taste of happiness.


the most effective god in the world is called

, it is difficult for others to understand their own joys and sorrows.

the six Zutan Sutra says, "Saints seek the heart but not the Buddha, and fools seek the Buddha but not the heart."

in this life, it is easy to find Buddha, but it is not easy to be sincere, but difficult to ask yourself.

the road is done by yourself, even though it is hard.Eat by yourself, as long as you recognize yourself and are willing to believe in yourself, everyone has the possibility of turning against heaven and changing your life.

when you recognize yourself, your life will be on the right track of success.

there is a saying in Farewell my Concubine: "Man, you have to be self-made."

this is true. Relying on mountains and mountains will fall, and relying on water and water will flow, no one can rely on anyone, but themselves are the strongest backers.

to ask God, to ask the Buddha, to ask to the end, is to beg oneself.

so in this cruel world, only by making yourself the best person in life, grasping the opportunities and creating happiness by yourself, can life be always smooth and carefree.


the safest way to get rich in the world is abstinence

everything goes too far.

"after drinking wine until slightly drunk, good flowers bloom in half-bloom", everything in the world has its own "degree".

within the degree, effort is meaningful, on the contrary, beyond this degree, all efforts will be counterproductive, why bother to do so.

Laozi said, "those who are addicted to deep desire have shallow natural resources."

from ancient times to the present, none of the great achievements has been excessive, greedy for money and power.

the Buddha said, one thought of heaven, one thought of hell.

once a person is entangled with desire and swallowed by the devil in his heart, he will walk away from the evil road and it will be difficult to turn back.

Wang Yangming said: "to reduce one point of human desire is to regain a point of justice." How light it is, how easy it is! "

"greed, anger, slow suspicion" is our human nature, but if we let it develop without control, the best self will only be farther and farther away from you.

excessive pursuit of fame and fortune will end up in vain. Only by controlling desire and knowing how to be contented can we reap a happy life.

it is said that man is not as good as heaven.

but in fact, the one who is really reliable enough is the one who struggles desperately in the world and never gives up.

success is a game for the brave, because they believe that man will prevail over nature, while the weak cannot afford it, because they believe in being shallow.

fortune-telling is not the trend of life but peace of mind, and this peace of mind can not be calculated, and it is impossible to wait for it. Only through one's own efforts can we get a bright future.

so, don't be persistent, it's yours you can't escape, and you can't keep it if it's not yours. If you try, just follow the fate.

Please, with a warm and strong heart, go your own way, cross your own bridge, see your own scenery, love the one you should love, and believe that everything is the best arrangement.

in this case, it is sufficient.