The best feng shui in a family is the great pattern of father and the good quality of mother.

/June 2022

as the saying goes, "one life, two luck and three fengshui".

what is geomancy? "Wind" is atmosphere and field energy, and "water" is flow and change.

the ancients believed that good fengshui could make people's luck flourish.

therefore, many people attach great importance to fengshui, one scene and one thing at home, all the furnishings are exquisite, where to put what items, how to put, and so on, the intention is nothing more than to pray for good luck, good health, family happiness, and a developed career.

in fact, the real fengshui is not laid out, but cultivated.

it is not fengshui that nourishes people, but fengshui.

the best feng shui in a family is the father's pattern, which is a good quality of the mother.


the father is the mountain and decides the direction of the family

in the process of children's growth, fathers play a very important role in the psychological development and personality improvement of their children.

the ancients said, "like father, like son", "tiger father without dog son".

fatherly love is like a mountain, deep and introverted, and the growth of a child requires the father's strong hands and solid arms.

the role of father, for the family, is not only to earn money to support the family, but for children, the father is the inheritor of life values and an example to learn.

the father is noble, broad-minded and has a big pattern, which leaves his children with the best assets and determines that a family will not deviate from the normal direction.

when Fang Zhongyong was five years old, people pointed to things and asked him to write poems. He could write them immediately, and "there are viewers in both arts and science."

people in the county were surprised when they heard about it.

gradually someone invited his father to be a guest, or used money to buy his poems.

his father thought it was profitable, so he dragged him to see the people in the county every day and refused to let him study.

as a result, he was "lost" by the time he was about twenty years old.

looking back at Liang Qichao, the "strongest father" in modern history, in order to be more helpful to the growth of his children, he would rather save in other places and strongly support his children's overseas travel and study abroad to broaden their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Seven of the nine children have studied or worked overseas.

at the same time, Liang Qichao constantly warned his children to establish a correct concept of wealth and encourage them to become self-reliant and self-reliant, not only to talk about utility, but also to look down on fame and wealth.

finally created a family education legend that is difficult to replicate in modern times.

the pattern of the father is the starting point of the child.

if the father is short-sighted and cares about everything, it will be difficult for the child to become a broad-minded person.


the mother is light, which determines the temperature of the family

as the saying goes, "one generation has a good wife, three generations have good children."

A man can be "rich" for three generations if he can get a good wife. By "rich" here, I don't mean rich, but ideologically rich and morally rich.

whether future generations can become talents and virtuous people has a lot to do with the hostess's behavior and deeds and deeds.

after the child is born, the mother is the one who has the most contact with him. Her words and deeds directly affect the formation of the child's ideas.

whether a mother's values are correct, her conduct is dignified, and whether she teaches her children well has a direct impact on her child's life.

"three moves to choose neighbors", "broken machine to teach children", "Tao mother to teach children", "mother-in-law thorn words" …... Behind these historical stories, there is often a mother who is too ordinary to leave her name in history.

their eyebrows and eyes are gentle and their tone is calm, but they are quite independent-minded and strong-willed; they bear hardships and stand hard work, run their families diligently, but distinguish right from wrong and have a deep sense of righteousness.

it can be said that it is their words and deeds that have shaped the brilliant Chinese history, and it is their weak arms that hold up the unyielding backbone of the Chinese nation.

Hu Shi once commented on himself like this:

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Hu Shi recalled: "my mother was magnanimous and good-natured, and because she became a stepmother, she paid more attention to everything and tolerated everything." My mother was the kindest and gentlest, and never said a word that hurt people's feelings. "

the kindness of a mother does not mean unprincipled indulgence and indulgence of her children. She is strict and lenient to Hu Shi's education, tolerant and not indulgent.

this method not only protects children's self-esteem, but also makes Hu Shi have a sense of right and wrong and learn to take responsibility.

the good quality of the mother determines the temperament and temperature of a family, and is the greatest nutrient for the healthy growth of children.

it is a blessing for a child to have a mother of good quality.


the great pattern of father, the good quality of mother, and family harmony

Mencius says:

the way and attitude of parents get along with each other is the cornerstone of the family education environment.

A bad relationship between husband and wife will affect the child's character and make it extreme and extreme;

the inharmonious relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will affect the relationship between mother and son, and it will also make husband and wife quarrel frequently;

A bad relationship between father and son, mother and son will lead to rebellion and recklessness, and if they are not careful, they will go astray.

only in a harmonious family environment can we talk about our children's education and the starting point of their lives.

the premise of family harmony is that the father should have a big pattern and the mother should have good qualities.

if the father has a big pattern, he will respect his family, but it is not easy to take care of his wife, so he will not throw the anger he received outside on his family.

if mothers have good qualities, they will be strict with kindness, teach their children by words and deeds with good virtue, and lead their children to establish themselves, make up their minds, and be talented.

in this way, "father and son are in harmony, brothers are harmonious, husband and wife are in harmony, and the family is fat."

the great pattern of father and the good quality of mother are the best feng shui for a family.