The best family education: father is a role model, mother is a mirror

/June 2022

writer Shen Yeyan said:

Family education is the first school for children. This education accompanies a person's life and has a profound impact on a child's character, temper and temperament.

in a healthy family, neither father nor mother can be absent, and in a loving family, both fatherly and maternal love should be given.

in China, the best family education: father is a role model, mother is a mirror.


the father is a role model and determines the direction of the child

Liu Xuan, the son of the famous writer Liu Yong, once wrote proudly in the article:

he recalled that his family was poor when he was a child. It was the hard-working and strong father who propped up a home for them to protect themselves from the wind and rain.

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from the host of the quiz show to the best-selling author, Liu Yong has had setbacks and hardships along the way, but he has not been discouraged and given up.

in his father Liu Yong, Liu Xuan learned a truth:

firm optimism is a precious quality of men, and perseverance is the key to success.

becoming a person like his father is the strength of Liu Xuan's growth.

on Father's Day, someone asked Liu Xuan, "what influence does father have on you?" He replied:

there are thousands of ways to educate, and teaching by deeds and deeds is the most reliable shortcut.

by observing the various behaviors of the father and his daily contact with the father, the child will form self-cognition and then imitate, thus affecting the child's own gender cognition, intelligence cultivation and character improvement.

A qualified father does not need to have much money and ability, but to let his career grow with his children. when he becomes a role model in the eyes of his children, why worry that he will be desperate to embark on a detour in life.

only if the father takes the lead and leads the way, can the child's future have a direction.


Mother is the mirror, reflecting the temperature of the family

if the father plays the role of navigator in the family, then the mother is the emotional regulator in the family.

Hu Shi wrote in my Mother

when he was a child, Hu Shi's family was in decline. Every year, a large group of debt collectors came to the house, each with a lantern, sitting in the hall and refusing to go.

Hu Shi's eldest brother had already gone out, while his mother was not impatient, neither self-pity nor angry drinking, but walked in and out on her own, cooking New year's Eve dinner, thanking Kitchen God, lucky money, and so on, without a trace of resentment on her face.

it was only in the middle of the night that my mother went out through the back door, invited a neighbor to come to the house, gave each debtor some money, and sent the debt collectors away with a pleasant face.

finally, Hu Shi wrote:

in a family, if someone loses his temper, it is like throwing a stone on a calm surface, sometimes a thin ripple, slowly spreading out, and sometimes it can set off a rough sea.

and the mother is the core of the family emotion, and the mother's emotion determines the temperature of the whole family.

A mother who is emotionally stable, does not lose her temper and complains, is the source of sense of security and temperature in her child's heart.


the best family education is for parents to be the best of themselves

We often hear the saying in life: "like father, like son, like mother, like daughter."

it is true that when we see a child's daily life, we can infer the state of a family, because parents are the mirror of the child, and the child is the shadow of the parent.

educating children means fighting for parents, not money and status, but parents' educational attitude, parents' demands on themselves and their children.

it's easy to make demands on children. You only need to open your mouth, but it's hard to ask for yourself. It takes self-discipline and perseverance.

but often only ask children, not their own parents, it is difficult to raise excellent children.

because preaching a thousand sentences is not as good as setting an example for one parent.

Xie an, the famous prime minister of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, once said a classic saying:

fathers have time to accompany their children, be responsible to their family, be considerate to their wives, and care for their children.

ask yourself first, and then ask the child to regulate his words and deeds, and calmly set the best example for the child with his actions.

mothers can be in a good mood and will not affect their emotions because of trifles, nor will they randomly pin all their expectations on their children for the rest of their lives.

No matter what happens, try to speak calmly instead of breaking out at the top of your voice.

this is the best education parents can give their children.

for children, the best education is not to hire a famous teacher or buy a school district house for their children, but to have a father who can set a good example for their children and a mother who is emotionally stable and does not lose her temper casually in front of her children.

such a happy and safe family is the hotbed for giving birth to excellent children.