The awakening of people in middle age (deep good article)

/October 2022

Middle age is a watershed in life.

when we were young, we were always looking outside, with more courage but not enough thought.

when we gradually enter middle age and experience the coldness and warmth of the world, our understanding of life becomes more thorough and our hearts become more mature.

at this time, we will gradually understand:

the most important thing in a person's life is to wake up.

only by seeing clearly the light and weight, the gains and losses in constant introspection, can we live a better life.


people don't understand until middle age that

is the best way to keep healthy

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when they are young, they always like to add to their circle of friends and are willing to meet more different people.

looking back after middle age, there are only a few that can stay in life.

then I realized that there was no need to invite too many people into life.

those people with different frequencies will eventually get lost in the crowd and get lost in the years.

only people with the same frequency can get along with each other without tiredness, stay with each other for a long time, and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

I agree with Sanmao's passage: "it's good to have one or two bosom friends, but there's really no need for too many." The joy of friends lies in the steadfast trust. "

entering middle age, it is a good thing to still have many people around you, but more importantly, you have one or two friends who share your frequency.

they understand your hesitation and read between the lines.

with this kind of friend, your soul will be relaxed.


people do not understand until middle age that

physical health is the greatest cost

in Zhihu, I saw someone ask such a question: "when people reach middle age, they stay up late to work overtime every day in order to pay their mortgage." One day I stood in front of the mirror and saw myself with a stiff neck and a hunched back. I began to wonder if everything I got at the expense of my health was worth it. "

one of the most popular answers is: "any money bought at the expense of health is not worth it in the long run." Because health is the greatest capital. "

people have been alive for decades, whether they are rich or destitute, they are all fleeting, and no matter how important the money is, they have to spend their lives.

when you find the red light in your body, the lighter one can be remedied and treated for a while. If it is heavy, there is no chance to recover it at all.

at that time, even if you could afford the most professional doctor, the best hospital and the most expensive medical expenses, it was in vain.

as the saying goes, "if you don't have time to rest, you must have time to get sick." What you overdraw to your health will eventually bite back on you. "

the second half of life, regular work and rest, combination of work and rest, not staying up late, less angry, more exercise.

keeping yourself healthy is the best explanation for life.


it is not until middle age that people realize that

family harmony is the greatest blessing

Wang Xiaobo once wrote in "loving you is like loving Life": "when people are young, they feel that there are people everywhere, and other people's business is your business. After middle age, they feel that there is nothing in the world but family members."

with the increase of age, the concept of "home" becomes more and more clear.

No matter how much money and high status a person is, he is not worth enviing if his family quarrels constantly.

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu once had a quarrel on a ship going abroad. Yang Jiang said that Qian Zhongshu had an accent, but Qian Zhongshu was not convinced, and the two men argued.

Yang Jiang invited an English-speaking Frenchman on the same boat to make a verdict. Although Yang Jiang was proved right, she found it boring and regretted hurting Qian Zhongshu.

there are always differences between families. If you have to fight for right or wrong, in the end, you will win the truth, but lose your feelings, and you will end up unhappy.

the little things are quiet, the life is warm; the big things are of one mind, and the days are on the run.

the warmth and laughter flowing at home are wealth that no amount of money can buy.


it is not until middle age that people realize that

separation is the best way to live for the rest of life

Life is a long journey.

if you have too much burden, you will be overwhelmed.

as the saying goes, the road is from simple to simple, and complexity is controlled by simplicity. Only by throwing away something can one dance lightly.

Liu Zongyuan once wrote an article called Zhuan Zhuan.

"stupid" is a kind of bug that is very good at carrying things. When crawling, no matter what they encounter, they will grab it and carry it on their back.

gradually, they carry more and more things and become heavier and heavier. He refused to take off some of the things on his back until he was tired to death.

many people are unhappy, that is, they do not control their desires and want everything, just like those who do not want anything.

there is a good saying in Caigen Tan: "Life is only burdened with words of desire, just like a horse like an ox. If you listen to others, if you read Qingming, you will have no desire."

when you reach middle age, you must learn to subtract from life.

when you begin to simplify your life and empty your inner burden, you can gain insight into the true meaning of happiness.


it is not until middle age that people realize that

reading is the best pastime

actually, middle-aged people are the most suitable for reading.

when I was young, I was often taught that "only by studying hard can we have a good future and a good job."

I read books that I don't like but must read.

in middle age, readBooks are not much utilitarian, but purer. At this time, simply read some of your favorite books, but also have the flavor of life.

in addition to living from nine to five and supporting your family, reading can also make you experience a different life.

as there is a saying in the Song of Ice and Fire: "Reading can experience a thousand kinds of life, and those who do not read can live only once."

Middle-aged people read books to guide the troubles in their lives and to "wipe their minds frequently so as not to cause dust".

when middle-aged people read books, they read a kind of interest, a kind of realm, and a kind of feelings. Not for fame and fortune, but for yourself.

for middle-aged people, reading is the best pastime.


people don't realize that

to please themselves is more important than anything else

when we are young, we often deviate from our original intentions and cater to the preferences of others in order to be so-called gregarious.

but no relationship is sustained by pleasing. The more accommodating you are, the easier it is to lose yourself. The more you please, the more fragile the relationship will be.

someone once asked Chen Guo, which is more important when you say that others like you or you like yourself?

she replied, "it's all important."

after thinking about it, she added: "but when you can't do both, it's more important that you like yourself."

half of my life has passed, and when I reach middle age, I finally find that what people are most likely to ignore is themselves, and what they need to please most is themselves.

he who pleases others is the king who pleases himself.

A person's greatest charm is not obtained by pleasing others, but by living himself.

in the second half of life, may we learn to live for ourselves, live as we like, and live as we want.

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