The attitude towards parents determines the fate of a family.

/August 2022

there is a saying in the Book of filial piety: "the nature of heaven and earth, people are precious; people's journey is not greater than filial piety."

the ancients believed that filial piety was the most important among all kinds of human behavior.

the attitude towards parents is the most real character of a person, and it also determines the fate of a family.

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those who are unfilial are sad all their lives; those who are filial are happy all their lives.


parents are the originals of our lives

as the saying goes, "parents are originals, children are photocopies."

there are always children. Blame parents and there are always parents. Use this to reflect on yourself.

parents, the originals of our lives, give us the right to experience joys and sorrows, and let us participate in the human spring, summer, autumn and winter.

parents are like flowers, when they bear fruit, the flowers die. They no longer think about how to make themselves gorgeous and begin to expect us to bloom.

parents, like roots, are deeply rooted in the ground.

give us what they think is the best with sacrifice, patience and fulfillment day after day.

so, of course, we put the foundation built by our parents' sweat under our feet.

but always forget to look back and give them a hand.

as children, they always think about the days to come; as parents, they are always afraid that people will be cool.

most of their fear is not the fear of death, but the worry that we are unhappy.

parents are not secure at the last moment of their lives without the company of their children.

and this will also be the regret of a child's life.

Bi Shumin said: "parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only the way back."

born human, don't wait for your parents to go to grow up overnight and regret for life.

"distant filial piety, filial piety to eternity; near filial piety, filial piety at that time", filial piety to parents, is an urgent matter.


it is better to forgive than to blame

what parents give to their children has been bought with all their strength.

Chen Hongmou said, "all parents love their sons."

but there are always people who blame their parents for giving too little, complain that their parents are incompetent, fail to train them into adults, and do not give them a rich material foundation.

when they face the helplessness of life, they always resent their parents and never look for reasons in themselves.

they are used to blaming all the misfortunes they face on their original families, and they are always bitter about their parents' mistakes.

over time, they become people who are good at passing the buck, always remembering others' mistakes and forgetting other people's kindness.

"No one is perfect". As children, it is better to blame their parents than to forgive and complain that they are not as grateful as they are.

the Dharma says, "parents are the first Fukuda in the world."

only when people are grateful and kind to their parents can they get preferential treatment from heaven.

perhaps Zilu, whose family was poor in his early years, had a hundred miles of rice to serve his parents, which led to the later great blessing of learning from Confucius and becoming a doctor in Weipuyi.

people who are good to their parents have a steady stream of blessings and blessings.


filial piety  filial piety    filial piety  03  filial piety  filial piety  03  filial piety is the best family treasure.

inherit the family through filial piety, and the family will last forever.

the greatest blessing of a family is that the whole family is filial and grateful.

families with gratitude can think of each other's benefits in the face of quarrels, and the conflicts are naturally not resolved.

A grateful family, in the face of setbacks, the family is contented and grateful, naturally will not be full of grievances, affecting the family luck.

A grateful family can unite in the face of adversity and will naturally be able to withstand all the storms in the world and prosper.

Mencius said, 'filial piety to your parents can relieve your worries. "

filial piety can solve all the problems in the world.

to treat parents with filial piety is to be kind to themselves, to influence their children, to run a family, and to live a good life.


Mencius'"the gentleman has three pleasures" put both parents in the first place.

parents are still alive, which is the happiest thing in the world.

every child is a debt owed by his parents in a previous life, otherwise how could his parents be so kind in this life.

would like to change roles in the next life in order to pay off the debts of this life.