The advice of an old head teacher: do not bear hardships now, will be hard in the future

/October 2022

time flies so fast that, unwittingly, it has been nearly two months since the beginning of school.

however, many children are still in a sloppy state during the holidays, and some children even do not want to read and complain about their hard work.

but son, I want to tell you: "We know leisure only when we are tired, and sweet only when we are bitter."

study is tiring and hard, but it can make you meet a better self.


Reading is really hard, and it is the same all over the world

Children. We cannot deny that reading is really hard.

from the moment you go to school, you have to bear a lot and lose a lot of your own time.

24 hours a day, except for sleeping time, almost all the time is spent on study.

you may have eight or nine classes a day, two or three sets of test papers a day, and a lot of homework a day.

heavy study, you are almost out of breath, you feel that you can't hold on, so you complain and even want to give up.

but, dear child, I want to tell you:

Learning is definitely not smooth. If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight.

Learning is never a happy thing. If you want to get good grades, you have to study hard while others are watching TV and while others are playing with their mobile phones.

in the United States, none of the children in the library are busybodies, either reading books or doing their homework on a computer.

even waiting for the bus, they are reading books in their hands.

there is no knowledge or skill in the world that can be acquired effortlessly.

looking at the people around us, those who have made certain achievements have to go through hard work.

as a saying goes, "it takes ten years to turn a cold window into steel."

the growth of every talent is not inborn.

Learning is the same. Who didn't work hard all the way through the exam?

Children, who doesn't want to have a good time, do whatever they want.

but if you are happy now, you will regret it in the future.

the world is fair to anyone. How hard you are today, how unhappy you will be tomorrow!


the uselessness of academic qualifications

is the biggest scam in Chinese education

Children. Whenever parents and teachers ask you to study hard, you always say that reading is useless and ability is more important.

what's more, you will list some people who succeed without academic qualifications, for example:

Han Han dropped out of high school and is now a writer and a race car driver.

Bill Gates didn't graduate from college, didn't he become a world-famous entrepreneur?

is it really not important to have a degree?

some time ago, there was such a news:

A PhD in algorithms from Shanghai Jiaotong University, he resigned naked for three years, and his job application was rejected continuously on the grounds that his first degree was not 985211.

Educational background is not important, it is the most ridiculous lie!

one issue of "the orator" was a speech by Zhang Xuefeng, a famous tutor for the postgraduate entrance examination, when the host Lu Yu asked him, "do you really believe that the postgraduate entrance examination can change people's fate, or do you start to promote the postgraduate entrance examination for work reasons?"

Zhang Xuefeng's next words made many people ponder.

Zhang Xuefeng said: "almost all the top 500 companies in China, almost all the top 500 companies in the world, tell you that education is not important, but they will not go to Qiqihar University for recruitment!" What they say is a lie! "

an entrepreneur present questioned that the most important thing was not his education but his job, but Zhang Xuefeng left him speechless with one sentence.

"so you're not one of the top 500!"

an impassioned speech tells the actual situation in today's society.

Education must be the first threshold for you to apply for a job. If you can cross this threshold, education is no longer so important to you. But only if you have a chance to cross that threshold.

Education is like a ticket that determines what kind of transportation you take.


Reading is not the only way out

but it is the best chance for ordinary people to counterattack

in the TV series "Little Joy", the dialogue between Haiqing's mother and her son who does not study hard hurts a lot of people.

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my mother said painstakingly: "the college entrance examination is the most crucial battle in your life. If you win this battle, you will benefit from it all your life, but you will regret that you cannot win it all your life."

my son retorted, "it's not so evil. My life has just begun. How can it be a lifelong regret?"

Mom said anxiously, "We are a very ordinary family. My parents don't have any background or relationship, so they expect you to pass the college entrance examination. If you jump, you will change your life!"

the same world, the same parents, are desperate to get their children to study hard.

Why is every parent so obsessed with their children's learning?

not in return, but because they have experienced and understand the importance of reading, because they know that reading is the best way for ordinary people to counterattack and break through the solidified class.

for children with good family conditions, "achievement-based theory" may not be applicable, but for children from ordinary families, what can they do if they do not study hard?

without a prominent background, no one can pave a broad road for you, so you can only work hard on your own.

as Bai Yansong said, "if you don't read, what do you use to compete with others?" Wealth or wisdom? Experience or connections? Do you have all these? Can you beat the rich second generation without the college entrance examination? "

it is the college entrance examination that gives most people a chance to compete fairly.

everyone is equal in front of grades, which is an important part of changing the lives of children in many ordinary families.

as long as your grades are good enough, you will have the opportunity to go to a good university, gain more knowledge, have a good career, and live a better life.

son, you should remember: reading is one of your few opportunities to counterattack.


hard work is not hard, but life without hard work is bitter

the Northern Song Dynasty poet Lin Kui said: young without hard work, old will be hard; when young can serve old, old is better than ease.

some hardships in life are doomed to eat. If you don't study hard today, you will regret and suffer when you grow old.

when I was young, I wanted to be comfortable. If I didn't want to study hard, I had to put up with emptiness and "poverty" tomorrow.

in 2007, college entrance examination examinee Chen Shengzhang walked out of the examination room early without writing a word on his examination paper.

the reason is that I feel too tired and hard to study, and I think that reading is the only way to success.

but what about the result?

after the college entrance examination, Chen Shengzhang worked as a drug salesman, a salesman of an insurance company, and a planner for public welfare activities. I can't do every kind of work for a long time and change jobs frequently.

I wanted to look for a job in a regular company, but I was repeatedly rejected because of lack of education and skills. During the

period, he also started some small businesses, but they all ended in failure, so he had to work in a hotel and drive a car to pay his debts.

work starts at 7 o'clock in the morning and ends at 10:00 in the evening. I am on the road every day.

now he regrets that he should not have given up his studies in the first place.

when I was young, I always thought that reading was the most painful thing.

it was only later that I realized that life is really hard without hard work.

if you steal laziness in the first half of your life, you really need to pay it back in the second half of your life.

Dear children, when you are young, don't be afraid to bear hardships or lust for comfort, otherwise when you are old and want to work hard, you will find that time is running out and there is no chance.

you should know that the hardships of study and hard work are actually the essence of happiness in the future.

at the age when you are most able to fight and fight, it is necessary and inevitable to bear hardships.

while you are young, work hard while you are young, and don't be afraid of suffering!


your attitude towards learning

determines the height of your future life

on August 15, 2019, more than 3800 freshmen gathered in the gymnasium to attend the opening ceremony of undergraduates of Grade 2019 of Tsinghua University. officially opened a new university life.

among them, the most noteworthy one is Lin Wandong, an inspirational teenager in Yunnan.

in the 2019 National College entrance examination, Lin Wandong scored 713 in science and was admitted to the Automation Department of Tsinghua University through the self-improvement Program of Tsinghua University.

Lin Wandong was born in a small mountain village in Adu Township, Xuanwei City, Yunnan Province, which is a deep poverty-stricken area in China.

Lin Wandong has three sisters and brothers in his family. His father is unable to do heavy manual work because of illness, and the whole family's income depends on his mother carrying bricks and carrying sand on a construction site in Kunming.

in order to help his family lighten the burden, but also for his future tuition fees, after the college entrance examination, he went to the construction site to move bricks to make money.

he was overjoyed when he learned that he had scored 713 in the exam. In fact, as early as when he was in the first year of high school, he was determined to take the examination of Tsinghua University.

he once wrote in his diary: "only through continuous self-improvement can we have unlimited possibilities in the future."

in his study, he works harder than his classmates, goes to bed late and gets up early.

he never complains about hard study. He knows that only by studying hard can he have unlimited possibilities in his future life.

in fact, no matter what the situation is, poor or superior, as long as he works hard, he can stand at a higher starting point than other children.

as one sentence said: "there are still many ordinary people in this world, but why ordinary people can become extraordinary is due to their efforts."

there is no road in vain in life. The harder you work, the luckier you will be.

Dear child, I hope you understand: