The 8 life characteristics of middle-aged women, more than 4 of them, prove that you are doing well.

/November 2022

"it is most impossible to stay in the world, Zhu Yan says the flowers in the mirror and the trees."

the years come so fast that they have reached middle age in the twinkling of an eye.

from a person to a home, middle-aged women lose their youthful ignorance and have more certainty peculiar to middle-age.

some people say: "Women are beautiful at 18 because they are young and beautiful at 40 because they live a beautiful life."

looking closely, we find that middle-aged women who are really doing well often share some common characteristics.

Today, Uncle Fan summed up the following eight characteristics of life, more than four of them, proving that you are also living a good life in middle age.


can make money, have the ability to support the bottom

in life, it can be said that it is impossible to move without money.

will make money, which is not only the guarantee of life, but also the greatest strength of a woman.

Women must not lose their ability to make money when they reach middle age.

A story about Sister Li was told in the TV series "meritorious deeds".

after marriage, Sister Li has been "cooped up" at home and hardly goes out the door except to go out to see a doctor.

because she has no financial strength, her husband bosses her around like a "servant".

Sister Li was annoyed, but there was nothing she could do about it.

later, with the support of her neighbors, Sister Li left the house and began to work.

when her daily income can support household expenses, her husband's attitude is improving day by day, and life is getting better and better.

"if a woman has money, she will not be idle around."

Women who have the ability to make money, no matter how much they earn, will exude a kind of calm and leisure power.

this confidence from the bottom of my heart is the greatest strength in life.


the ability to make love in a marriage

build a happy family and have the ability to make love.

in marriage, a woman with love and a woman without love lead two completely different lives.

when we enter into marriage, we do not lack the object of love, but we must have the responsibility of love.

consciously "make love" instead of worrying about trifles.

discuss big things, forgive small things, and the relationship will become stronger and stronger.

A writer put it well: "at a certain point, you will naturally understand that your lover is the last harbor."

the person next to us is the one who will accompany us for the rest of our lives. You are my support and I am your comfort.

only by working with your heart can you keep your love for each other.

when there is love in the heart, there is light in the eyes.

when women reach middle age, they have the ability to love, understand and know how to love, so that they can grasp the initiative of happiness and reap a high-quality marriage.


cultivate temperament and live a higher sense of life

Life is fair to everyone.

all the gains in life need to be fought for by yourself.

when women reach middle age, they need not be afraid of the ruthlessness of time, nor do they have to sigh for the passage of time.

neither humble nor arrogant, living an advanced sense from the inside to the outside is the greatest nourishment to yourself.

actress Carina Lau once made a remark in an interview, which touched her very much.

she said: "A 20-year-old woman is energetic and beautiful; a 30-year-old woman has a story in her eyes and is beautiful; a 50-year-old woman, like me, has light in her eyes and is still beautiful."

at every age, you are the right person.

to cultivate your temperament and live your own pride is the best response to the present.

can cultivate some small hobbies, practice and enrich leisure time;

can also capture the small luck in life and look for the beauty in the bottom of my heart.

when you are used to feeding your soul with positive things, life will become more elegant and peaceful.


manage high-quality small circles

there is a circle law popular on the Internet: the average of the five friends you most often come into contact with is who you are now.

when we were young, we were infatuated with the hustle and bustle of the outside world and thought it was a hot life.

the more you grow up, the more you find that happiness doesn't need much excitement, just a stable, high-quality coterie.

writer Yang Jiang shared her experience of studying in France in "the three of us".

at that time, in addition to her husband Qian Zhongshu, Yang Jiang often contacted only a couple of friends.

however, in this small circle, everyone can discuss scholarship without scruples, talk for a long time, and be very happy.

your circle is the environment where you grew up.

at a certain age, you don't have to think about maintaining a relationship.

choose whoever you are comfortable with.

manage a high-quality small circle, have a chat and heart-to-heart talk in your spare time, and reap another kind of happiness that fits each other.


value-added reading, never give up growth

writer Bi Shumin once said: "I like reading women, books are not omnipotent, but will make women ever-changing."

there seems to be a big gap between people, but in fact, it is often a small accumulation day after day that widens the gap.

when people reach middle age, all kinds of pressure suddenly come.

you can not succeed, but you have to grow.

and reading value-added is the simplest and most effective way of growth.

poet Yu Xiuhua, an ordinary rural woman.

the first half of her life was unfortunate, because of physical reasons, mobility difficulties, and experienced an unhappy marriage.

but the environment trapped her body, but it didn't bind her.Live in her soul.

Yu Xiuhua chose to immerse himself in the world in the book and slowly opened his horizons.

she began to write poems to express herself, and won the Peasant Literature Award for the collection Moonlight on the left hand.

knowledge will be internalized into an ability.

one more knowledge gives you more confidence to deal with the unknown.

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the beauty of a woman will fade away with the passage of time, but the grace shaped by knowledge and the wisdom hidden in the mind will last a lifetime.


get rid of internal friction and establish inner order

"out of control and anxiety are key words that every middle-aged woman can't avoid."

A sentence seen on the Internet is a good interpretation of the state of middle-aged women caught in internal friction.

there are old and young days, career, family, marriage and other pressure, it is easy to make them feel confused.

but people's energy is limited. When you think too much, you do less.

once you lose your balance, there is only unease in front of you.

Sister Xianglin in "hometown" and Tian Yulan in "Little willing" are all trapped in their own world and continue to consume until they can't get rid of them.

Women with internal friction dwell on the past and worry about the future, but do not live in the present.

thinking over and over is never the solution to the problem.

the best state of life is to settle down and establish a positive inner order.


maintain self-discipline and carry out physical management

I see a question on Zhihu: "Why do I always feel so tired when I am only in my early forties?"

there is a heart-wrenching answer: "when people fall short of their ability to reach middle age, they usually start with the body."

to middle age, the body is the most important premise.