The 10 family rules laid down by a mother for her father should be read by all fathers in moments.

/November 2022

A friend is a real winner in life.

she has not only a considerate, patient and hardworking husband, but also a sunny, enterprising and worry-free son.

once, I sighed with envy: "you really have a bumper harvest in your family and career. Can you teach me how you can master your husband and teach your children well?"

my friend smiled and said,

"do you know? A family education expert once said, 'behind a good child stands a good mother. Behind a good mother stands a good father.'

A good family education must be inseparable from a good family atmosphere and mother's good mood. And if you want to do these two things well, dad is the key.

so I laid down 10 rules for my father. It is these 10 family rules that make my father more and more reliable, I become happier and happier, and my children become better and better. "

Today, I would like to share these 10 rules with you. I hope we can all learn something from it.


the way to get off work is the way home

teacher Zhang Wenqiang, a family education expert, said: "Today, the biggest trouble in family education in China is that parents cannot live with their children. the second is that many parents cannot return to their homes in time after work."

most of the time, dad is the busiest one in the family.

I always think that the more time I devote to work and the more time I spend in socializing, the more I can improve the economic level of the family, and the more it will bring happiness to the family.

I don't know that the growth of a child is not due to the great teachings that his father tells him when he is free, nor how many toys his father bought for him and how much wealth his father left him, but how his father understands him carefully in his daily life. how to accompany him patiently.

some studies have shown that children who often have dinner with their parents can get better nutrition, higher academic performance, and less likely to smoke, drink, take drugs, fight, have early sex, etc.

so dads must remember that the way to get off work should be the way home.

the warmth and beauty of a family sitting together for dinner and chatting will nourish the child's soul and let the child grow up healthily and happily.


say ten thousand words "I love you"

is not as good as "Let me do it"

A marriage mentor once told such a case:

there was a couple who seldom quarreled.

the two of them are like a pair of tacit partners.

the wife is afraid of getting angry at helping the children with their homework, so the husband takes the initiative to take the job of helping the children with their homework.

after the wife finishes cooking, the husband will take the initiative to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen.

the wife's heart is always warm, because her husband's every word "Let me do it" shows her tolerance and understanding.

the husband's heart is always warm, because the smile on his wife's face gives him great affirmation and warmth.

the husband's "Let me do it" is really better than ten thousand "I love you".

because of consideration and sharing, it can cure all the anger and hypocrisy of the wife.


Dads should take their children to exercise more.

many dads in North American countries will bring their own children while exercising.

there are three reasons:

Dad is the best PE teacher for his children.

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Dad's strong body and full of vitality can make his children feel the charm of sports deeply.

according to a medical study, fathers taking their children for 12 minutes of exercise every day can improve their attention, self-control, reading comprehension and cognitive skills.

that is to say, children who perform better in physical exercise will also do better in their studies.

Father and child exercise together can strengthen the emotional communication and connection between parents and children.

as an educator said: you don't have to be a good father with the help of money, but through a football.

therefore, no matter how busy the work is, the father should take his children to exercise more.


when children are doing their homework and studying,

they can't play with their mobile phones.

We often see such pictures: the child is doing his homework at his desk and his father is sitting by playing with his mobile phone.

seems to be accompanying the child, but it is actually holding the child back.

every child has a heart that loves to play. When a father is playing with his mobile phone, it is not only easy to distract the child, but also to arouse his rebellious psychology: "Why can you play, I can't play."

it is said that the best education is to lead by example.

does not lead by example, no matter how strict discipline is only pale.

if parents want to control their children, they must first control themselves.


when children make mistakes

give them more love and care

some time ago, a 10-year-old boy in Shandong ran away from home.

when Dad found him, instead of criticizing him and beating him, he immediately took off his coat and put it on him.

Dad's warm-hearted move warms not only his children, but also countless netizens.

German educator Herbart said: "Children need love, especially when they are not worthy of love."

when the child makes a mistake, rough beating and scolding will not make the child realize his mistake, but will only let the child come to the conclusion that "the father does not love himself".

only by being tolerant and letting the child feel his father's love first can the child let down his guard, face up to his mistakes and listen to his father.The teaching of.

Love is more powerful than punishment.


my child is not my own

home is not a hotel

someone once said, "behind every broken mother, there is a dormant father."

most of the time, my mother's anger and madness are all because of my father's inaction.

the mother and the child have been tired all day, and the father is either out in style or GE you lies down as soon as he gets home.

the mother's professional throat of tutoring her child's writing is smoking and her head is swollen, while the father has a circle like "it doesn't hurt to stand up and talk": "talk well with your child."

Mom is so tired from doing housework all the year round that her wrists ache. Dad's biggest concern is not to take the broom from her mother, but to give her a box of plasters.

obviously it is a battlefield for two people, but my mother is always fighting alone.

obviously he has a husband, but he lives like a single mother.

there is a good saying: love is sharing the wind and rain and sharing the glory.

A happy marriage is not a matter of mother giving blindly and father enjoying the success, not being moved unilaterally, but going both ways.

the child is not owned by the mother alone, and the home is not a hotel.

Dad's participation and dedication is the best glue for a family and a marriage.


quarrel is fine, but not in front of the child

No matter how bad the quarrel is, no matter how bad the quarrel is, very often, in order to express our thoughts and grievances and determine each other's principles and boundaries, quarrels will inevitably occur.

however, you must not quarrel in front of the children.

moreover, no matter how bad the quarrel is, you are not allowed to dig up the past the next day.

because young children have a psychological trait of "the world is me-centered", they often blame themselves for their parents' quarrels and feel remorse and guilt about their inability to resolve their parents' conflicts.

more importantly, parents quarrel, will seriously damage the child's sense of security, the child will worry about family breakdown, will worry that they have nothing to rely on.

American psychologist Cummings said: "Children are very concerned about the emotional interaction between their parents."

when a husband and wife quarrel, it is always the child who gets hurt the most.

parents are full of love, so that their children can be fully nourished.