The 10 crooked reasons that you must know in your life are very reasonable.

/February 2022


you can't wake someone who pretends to sleep, just like you can't move someone who doesn't love you.

A person who pretends to work hard, you can't motivate him because you can't get him interested from the bottom of his heart.

A person who doesn't love you is indifferent to you, no matter how much you give.

the real change is the inner awakening, and the true love is the connection from the heart.

Don't try to change others, the only thing you can change is yourself; don't go on without a response, what you should do is to love yourself.

cover the heart that is not hot, let it go decisively, and let the sand flow away if you can't hold it.

Life is limited, please waste your time on something more worthwhile.


you can cry and hate, but you can't be strong, because there are still a group of people waiting to see your jokes.

vulnerability does not have to be exposed to others, because your pain cannot be felt by others.

if you show the pain to others, the wound may be sprinkled with salt to make you look even more pathetic.

Don't be weak, no one will be brave for you if you are not strong; don't throw in the towel, the opponent won't want you to win.

learn to be strong, get up when you fall, and don't wait for others to step on it and pass it.

the more difficult it is, the more you have to grit your teeth and get over it.

get through it, and your strength will be unstoppable and out of reach.


what you call an unfair fate, but laziness makes you incompetent.

some people complain about bad luck, lament that life is too difficult and give in to fate before they try.

but refuses to admit that the unsatisfactory factor is due to laziness.

too lazy to think, too lazy to do, too lazy to grow.

finally, regret for missing yesterday and sadness for missing today.

in fact, complaining is just an excuse to escape and will only generate negative energy.

instead of complaining about fate, it is better to observe and introspect.

cause and effect means that your present is paying for your past actions and laying the groundwork for future outcomes.

Destiny favors those who are prepared, and sometimes there is a chance to turn around when there is action.


you can't take care of everyone's feelings, you'll just make yourself uncomfortable.

No matter what you do, there will always be people who appreciate it and people who hate it.

when you gave him your favorite candy, you thought he would be full of joy, but he said he liked sour.

in order to cater to others, you have tasted all your grievances.

you don't have to embarrass yourself, even if the sun doesn't make everyone like it. Some people say it's warm, others say it's dazzling.

so you don't have to satisfy everyone, just be the most comfortable and favorite yourself.

sometimes, you might as well be selfish and make yourself happy more than anything else.


you think you are good, but the circle is too small.

in the eyes of frogs in the well, the sky is as big as the wellhead; in the eyes of grasshoppers after autumn, there are only three seasons in a year.

the environment limits people's horizons, thinking that what they see is the world.

the circle determines people's thinking, in what kind of circle, there is what kind of cognition.

I don't know, there are people outside people, there are days outside the sky.

take yourself so seriously that you may be nothing in the eyes of others.

never underestimate anyone, maybe he will take you to the top and make you fail.

being modest and keeping a low profile is the real big pattern.


it is better to be hard on yourself than to say cruel things to others.

in life, the more empty people are, the more they want to gain the upper hand in momentum, so as to find a sense of existence.

the stronger it is, the more people stay away.

and those who are rich in heart have an affinity, which makes people feel down-to-earth and sense of security.

even if modest, it is powerful.

they never crush others with momentum, but conquer others by strength.

one can only bluff without ability. A hundred cruel words are not worth one action.

constantly practice wisdom, improve knowledge, have a strong aura, people will be convinced.


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Life is nothing more than laughing at others and making them laugh.

No one's life can be perfect, and no one's life is always calm.

if you can't think about everything, that's what it's all about.

it is impossible for a person to be indifferent to what others think, but he does not have to live to show it to others.

some idle people just want to take other people's jokes and add some seasoning to their own troubles.

Don't take everything too seriously. If you can't control other people's mouths, keep your own heart.

laugh for a while when you think it's funny, and laugh later if you don't think it's funny.

learn to laugh, and the world is full of laughter and songs.