Ten amazing social laws, which will benefit you all your life after reading it all over again (suggested collection)

/August 2022


Law of error

everyone else is wrong, and that's your own fault.

after a man moved, he felt that the people next door hung dirty clothes out every time.

until my friend came to the door, I found that my window was dirty.

Don't always stare at others and reflect on yourself when you have time.

the world and life will be a little different.


the law of effect

weeping on the wound is the same as sprinkling salt on the wound.

teacher Bao Pengshan said: when people are in trouble, they must not ask for understanding, but for respect.

self-pity, telling people what happened to them will gradually become boring.

learn to forge ahead and climb out of adversity in order to win the applause and applause of others.


Law of jealousy

what people envy is not the prosperity of strangers, but the prosperity of people around them.

after Yue Yunpeng returned to his hometown, he was not as popular as he imagined.

people talk coldly, even cynically.

Jiang Xun said: jealousy is a kind of abnormal appreciation.

the closer you are to someone, the more obvious this is.


the law of square and circle

one cannot be too square or too round. One will hurt, the other will keep people away from you, so people should be oval.

A person who is too smooth to catch anyone will give the impression that he is unreliable.

over time, it will "roll" out of people's social circle.

people who are too square talk and do things bluntly, often do good deeds and offend people.

so you might as well make an ellipse.

there are rules and bottom lines, but they also know how not to prick people.


Law of saliva

when you are so red that people drool, there will be more saliva about you.

No one talks about who is behind, and who is not behind.

the more famous and outstanding he is, the more people will talk about it.

so when you make a little achievement, don't be complacent and be careful with your words and deeds.


Pie Law

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when pie falls on the same day, there is also a trap waiting for you.

Pie doesn't fall in the sky, and even if it does, it doesn't necessarily fall on your head.

A person should be sober up all his life.

if you think you are really lucky, you can buy lottery tickets.


Evaluation Law

Don't wonder what others think of you, think about what you think of them.

birds of a feather flock together.

if you have a poor opinion of a person, he probably doesn't like you either.

if you can't get along, it's good to be estranged.

behind the scenes, the style is obviously not high.


Apple Law

if there are good and bad apples, you should eat the good ones first and throw away the bad ones; if you eat the bad ones first, the good ones will go bad, and you will never eat the good ones. The same is true of life.

if you regret missing the moon, you are doomed to miss the sun.

if you cling to bad things, you are doomed to nothing good.

when people are alive, there is no time to recite words.

Let go decisively and move on. Good things are waiting for you.



No one is stupid, just don't say.

A lot of people just don't understand this.

take other people's silence as foolish, and accentuate others.

after a long time, the heart gets cold and the person breaks up.


the law of fear

A novice is afraid of a skilled hand, a skilled hand is afraid of a master, and a master is afraid of losing.

No matter how good a person is, there are times when he misses.

so don't worry about yourself.

as long as you do things carefully, you will be better than the master in some aspects!