Temperament is a person's best facade.

/October 2022

people often use "plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum" to describe modest gentlemen, kind and beautiful girls, not because of their gorgeous appearance and fragrance, but because of their unique temperament.

the twelve women of Jinling in A Dream of Red Mansions are all unique generations, but Cao Xueqin only gives Miaoyu the word "temperament", and even the beautiful and refined sister Lin has become a layman in front of her.

temperament is the charm of a person from the inside out. Maybe it can't make you amaze the world at first glance, but it can definitely make people think about you.

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Fang Hua's face will grow old eventually, only when you pay attention to your temperament. Temperament is the best facade of a person.


temperament is the appearance of years

white hair wear flowers do not smile, years never defeat beauty.

the stars and rivers flow, heaven and earth are leisurely, time is far away, what is left is temperament.

Zheng Nien, the eldest lady of Downton Abbey in China, was a famous socialite in the period of the Republic of China. Her bright and gorgeous temperament does not come from the illustrious family, but from the baptism of years.

at the age of 51, she was arrested and jailed on suspicion of treason.

because of this trumped-up charge, she was in prison with her hands behind her back for more than ten days, and the handcuffs were embedded in the flesh, abrading her skin, suppurating and bleeding.

the delivery man looked at her pitifully and advised her to be soft, but she refused. She was afraid that once she begged for mercy, she would unconsciously imply to herself, "I can't do it."


, she applied for water and cream to keep her body clean, deliberately debated with the guards to keep her head clear, and whispered Tang poems to keep her soul calm.

six and a half years in prison, instead of giving up, she completed her self-redemption and danced in the years.

some people say that the true temperament lies not in the skin, but in the soul.

it is the influence of the years that makes the soul have a different charm, and can always maintain an upward posture in the love of time, free from any branches.

this charm is the temperament that cannot be erased, and it is the appearance refined by the years.


temperament is the coat of culture

there are four religions in ancient times, poetry, book, etiquette and music are the core of Chinese traditional culture.

Liang Dingfen, a scholar in the late Qing Dynasty, once said: "Poetry and books are handed down to the world, etiquette and music enlighten talents." Wei in Jincheng even wrote "the family of etiquette and music and the opening of poetry and books" as a family motto into the family rules.

through the ages, sages have attached great importance to the edification of culture, because it can not only cultivate a person's heritage, but also improve a person's temperament.

Lin Qingxia, who has been seen for many years, unexpectedly joined the literary world to talk about her life. When she returned to the screen, even though her beauty was late, her charm became more and more meaningful, and her whole body was full of strong literary and artistic flavor. All this is inseparable from her more than 20 years of study.

there are books everywhere in her living room, study, bedroom, and even bathrooms and mirrors. Reading has become an indispensable part of her life.

Today she is still wandering in the sea of books. In spite of the ruthlessness of time, she saw only the years on her face, not sad clouds, and showed calmness between her eyebrows and eyes.

Books are like a clear spring infiltrating the soul, moistening things silently and gurgling incessantly, sharpening people's thinking and scouring people's speech, making their eyes softer, more broad-minded, and thinking higher.

people who do not read books, even if they are beautifully dressed on the outside, their hearts are empty and desolate, and they will eventually be overshadowed by the close-up of time.

and those who read books have a thicker soul, passing through the trivialities of the world, and their temperament is full of ink fragrance, which is the coat given by culture.


temperament is the silhouette of life

Lin Qingxuan wrote in the make-up of Life: "the third-rate makeup is the makeup of the face, the second-rate makeup is the make-up of the spirit, and the first-rate makeup is the makeup of life."

A person's most unforgettable beauty must come from the splendor of life.

"born in Beijing, grew up in Shanghai, studied in Peking University and worked in Dunhuang." This is the simplest summary of Fan Jinshi's 81-year-old life.

behind this simple, she has been in the desert Gobi for more than 50 years, persevering and giving in the face of wind and sand all over the sky and boundless darkness after sunset.

since she was a child, she loved history, and she knew that archaeology was field work, and sleeping in the open was a common occurrence, but Fan Jinshi was "not afraid of anything," because she always had a Dunhuang dream in her heart.

in order to realize her dream, she gave up the stability of Beijing and Shanghai, temporarily parted from her lover in Wuhan, and went alone to the deep desert, where the yellow sand washed her face.

later, she married her lover, and the husband and wife were reunited, but unexpectedly, it changed from three years to five years, then to ten years, and finally became a long way off.

Fan Jinshi stayed in Dunhuang from her head full of green hair to her eighties, and devoted her whole life to the world of the Buddha in the Mogao Grottoes.

she once said affectionately, "if I were asked to leave a message when I died, I would leave this: I have done my best for Dunhuang."

the beauty of mountains and rivers is nothing but bright life; the flow of the sun and the moon can not hide the deep feelings with no regrets.

when a person dedicates her whole life to her beloved cause, which connects the five thousand years of stars, her beauty has surpassed any gesture in the world, reflecting the singing of the earth and the echo of time and space.

this beauty is extraordinary temperament. It is not afraid of fleeting time, not afraid of wind and frost, is the silhouette of the casting of life.

A philosopher once said, "Beauty only pleases the eyes, but the elegance of temperament fascinates the mind."

temperament is the appearance of the heart, the portrait of the soul, and the best facade of a person.

it will not be eroded by time.But because of the weight of life, it will last forever.