Stop indulging, you'll get addicted!

/July 2022

Takeshi Kitano, a Japanese writer, once said:

I think so.

people, because they are full of desire, stay up late at night, jump the wildest Di, apply the most expensive mask, and play the most exciting games. The name is to avoid leaving regrets in life.

do not know that those who do not want to leave regrets in life leave regrets in life:

eat snacks all day and perforate their stomach;

play mobile games all night, resulting in blindness;

for thousands of yuan iPhone, sell kidneys to black nest sites;

online loan debt of more than 100,000 yuan, and eventually jump to suicide.

this is an "apocalyptic orgy" ruined by excessive consumption, mobile phone addiction and junk food.

in order to pursue the madness of the moment, but can not bear the consequences of indulgence, in the end, can only destroy themselves.


eat with life, eat with life

the daily "eating" is what we use to maintain life, while some people use life to "eat" before the horse.

A doctor on Weibo complained:

in the hospital, he met a special patient who ate 30 glutinous rice cakes in a row, resulting in intestinal blockage.

he plans to use this case to warn others not to overeat.

who knows, someone asked him, "what brand of glutinous rice cake is so delicious?"

I have to admit, it's like eating with your life.

what is more serious is that some people are flocking to it.

see a piece of news on the Internet: Kim se-eun, a 36-year-old woman in South Korea, is slim before marriage and weighs as much as 188 jin shortly after marriage.

her husband filed for divorce, and people around her disliked her.

her face was full of grievances: "Why am I trying so hard to lose weight, or is it like this?"

Let's see how she "tries to lose weight"?

self-made milk oats in the morning, eat three bowls in a row;

lie down and watch TV with nuts in hand;

go to work in the afternoon and eat nine eggs in a row;

have dinner with colleagues in the evening and eat chocolate at home.

when talking about losing weight and constantly eating snacks, losing weight has become an extravagant hope.

when losing weight becomes an extravagant hope, entertainment will prevail.

Coke has become "happy water", fried chicken has become "happy chicken", and milk tea has become "happy tea".

these people, shouting the supremacy of entertainment, are becoming more and more like "useless people". Aristotle said:

"A slave is a man whose desire prevails over reason."

I deeply agree that the desire that is out of control is like being trapped in a swamp, the deeper it is, the harder it is to escape, and finally become a slave to desire.


stay up the longest night, play the most exciting game

A joke is popular on the Internet:

this should be the most typical "late-night portrait" for "late-night parties".

everyone seems to know that staying up late hurts the body.

however, the reality is that

most people stay up late not for work.

but because of the addiction to playing mobile phones and games, in the end, I can't stop staying up the longest night.

Mr. Zhu in Hunan went blind due to playing mobile games;

the Indian guy played Battle Royale Games for 6 hours, which eventually led to sudden death.

28-year-old Xiao Wang in Chongqing quit his job "professionally" to play with his mobile phone and often stayed up until the wee hours of the morning.

he was nearly killed because of a sudden myocardial infarction.

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in many cases, staying up late is an indulgence of youth and a wanton waste of life.

Don't think that youth is supercilious capital;

No matter how abundant capital is, it will be used up without restraint.

every time you stay up late, your body will "put it on record"; every night you have stayed up, your body will return it pennilessly.

connive at staying up late and become addicted to staying up late. I won't say hello to you until my body breaks down.

the philosopher Schopenhauer said:

the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body!

when we lose our health, the so-called youth, beauty and wealth are all gone.

in this world, everything is negotiable, but life is not.


ability suffers from desire, and finally becomes a devil trade.



Don't think that this is just a network joke.

there was a survey: nearly 60% of Chinese young people under the age of 35 have no savings.

without savings, where does the exquisite life revealed by moments come from?

borrow from parents and friends and borrow money from the network platform.

I have a female college classmate who went to Beijing to pursue her dream after graduation.

after working for half a year, my monthly salary finally reached over 10,000.

I thought she could get enough food and clothing in Beijing.

who would have thought that after working for a year, he would be in debt of 30,000 yuan instead.

another year later, when she didn't buy a house or a car, her debt was as high as 110000 yuan.

all this stems from her uncontrollable desire:

the new mobile phone is more than 10,000 yuan, see the monthly payment of 300 yuan after installment, buy!

colleagues bought famous-brand bags and borrowed money to buy them.

use lipstick of 500 yuan eachApply a mask of 100 yuan each;


in the face of huge foreign debts, even if she was called a dog by her boss, she dared not say no.

there was a heart-wrenching news: a 21-year-old girl committed suicide by jumping off a building because she owed more than 100,000 yuan to the online loan platform.

when the father was sorting out his daughter's belongings, he realized that his daughter had only borrowed 3,000 yuan at first. Because cannot pay up, borrows from other network loan platform.

because of the high interest on these loans, she owed more and more, and finally gave up hope of life.

in this materialistic era, the whole world is calling you to spend. However, once you become heavily indebted and riddled with holes, no one will stand up and hold you accountable.

when one's desire is released from the "cage" of reason, it is not far from being forced into a desperate situation.

when a person's ability cannot match his inner desires, he can only trade with the devil.

although indulgence is human nature, overcoming nature is also a human instinct!

this has been true for thousands of years.

taking a closer look at today's society, too many people overindulge their desires, and those seemingly exquisite lives are just "exquisite" in the eyes of others.

Life is only between breathing, excessive indulgence, can only make themselves lose their way, and finally destroy themselves.

therefore, moderate control of their desires, so that life less decoration, more simple, life is more interesting.

finally share Zhou Guoping's words:

May people who are addicted to indulgence will no longer be kidnapped by desire, will no longer be buried with desire, give up vanity, return to restraint, and live their limited lives out of value and meaning.