Stillness is the cure for everything.

/August 2022

Laozi said, "to return to the root is to be quiet, and to be quiet is to restore life."

to see yourself clearly, you need meditation; a good life needs rest.

quiet is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of strength.


static energy has few desires, and if you want less, you will be blessed

Laozi said, "who can be turbid to stop, quiet Xu Qing."

who can make turbid water clear? Only by calming down can we make it clear.

and a person, the heart is muddy, impetuous, often comes from greed.

Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, was a wise monarch in the first half of his life.

the prosperous age of the Kaiyuan Dynasty under his rule became the pinnacle of the Datang Dynasty.

when a person is middle-aged, he becomes extravagant and dotes on adultery.

he has a lust for women, he can no longer see human suffering, and his eyes are full of money and money.

as a result, the doors of the first hall of the Chongshen Palace Forbidden Garden have been opened, and the Tang Dynasty, in which all countries wear clothes and worship Mianliu, has in a twinkling of an eye become a tragic phenomenon of "Zhu Men stinks of wine and meat, and the road freezes to death."

in Historical Records, it is said: "if you want to make you crazy, profit will make you lose your wits."

the human heart is a pool of spring water, so don't be muddled by the desire for profit.

Zhuangzi also said: "the heart of a man is like a mirror, so he can beat things without being hurt."

only when the heart is at rest, like a mirror, can it reflect all external things without being hurt by them.

distractions can be calmed by calming qi, and distractions can be resolved by meditation.

those who are calm are the wisest, and those who are calm are the most blessed.


peace of mind can nourish the mind, and peace of mind means Huisheng

the University says: "knowing stops and then settling down, settling down and then being quiet, being quiet and then being able to worry."

know that the state of ambition should be achieved will be firm, firm ambition will be calm, calm and calm, calm and calm, and only when you have peace of mind will you think carefully.

people who are too busy will also be blind, like a boat in a huge wave, discerning the direction.

only by slowing down and calming down can you take control of your life.

Tao Yuanming is the grandson of Tao Kan, a general in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. He also wanted to inherit his grandfather's will to pacify the world.

he made Jiangzhou sacrificial wine, and the town army joined the army.

it's a pity that God didn't realize his ambition.

until he became the governor of Pengze County, he could no longer stand the servility of officialdom.

after eighty days in office, he resigned and went into seclusion.

when he calmed down, he realized that life is not only a way to care about the people when he has status, but also a choice to focus on himself when he is unknown.

History has never been short of generals who can fight well, but the literary world will always need this "pastoral" ancestor.

there is a kind of spiritual practice called: "the hibiscus opens in the morning and thanks late in the morning, Panasonic vegetarian diet and dewy sunflower do not touch meat and fishy."

Wisdom can extinguish troubles only when people are in stillness and their hearts are at peace.

there is a realm called "indifference to clear mind, serenity to distance."

only by being indifferent to the heart and living in peace can life go a long way.

if the heart is impetuous, the floating life is chaotic; if the heart is calm, the whole world is safe.

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Jingjing is the cure for everything, the self-cultivation of birth and the practice of China's entry into the WTO.