Smile (deep good text)

/July 2022

there is a saying spread widely on the Internet:

it is true.

when you are alive, you live by that good state of mind.

A lot of times, smile and you will find that worry is nothing more than that.

as Samuel said:

worry about three thousand things and solve a thousand sorrows with a smile!


when life is at a loss, it is not as good as nine times out of ten to smile calmly.

the trivialities of firewood, rice, oil and salt, intriguing workplace, two-faced "friends" …...

every day in such a life, you will inevitably encounter things that make you suffer.

as a result, some people become depressed in haggling, their mental state is getting worse and worse, and anxiety and insomnia become the norm.

Mr. Yang Jiang said:

Life is not perfect, and sometimes it is a good thing to suffer a small loss.

if you care too much about gain and loss, you will get nothing in the end.

there was such an idiom story called "Yi Gong, King of Chu".

during the Spring and Autumn period, the king of Chu hunted and lost a precious bow. Everyone looked around, but found nothing.

the chief of the guards was so worried that he crept in return. Unexpectedly, the king of Chu smiled up to the sky, waved and said, "the king of Chu left the bow, and the people of Chu got it. There is no need to look for it!"

when Confucius heard this, he lamented that the mind of the King of Chu was not big enough: "if you leave it, you will get it." There is no need for Chu! "

come on, everyone admires Confucius for his open-mindedness.

the person who can smile calmly after suffering a loss is the real magnanimous person.

they know how to light a heart lamp for themselves. Since "it is a blessing to suffer losses", they are not afraid of being blessed by others. Just smile calmly and accept it gladly.

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as the saying goes, only when you have a big heart can you tolerate everything, and only optimism can you worry less.

only when people learn to be positive and optimistic and face life with an open-minded attitude can they be calm and comfortable.


when misunderstood, smile

the years are a long river, and everyone has to go through a lot of hardships before they finally reach the other side.

in this process, we face up to difficulties and the wind. No matter how much suffering we have, we can persevere. Only when we are misunderstood, we will feel heartache and grievance.

hard work is not recognized, can not be changed to understand, a piece of sincerity is not accepted, silently pay no result …...

No one can stand it for a long time.

but there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra:

when you do not regard grievances as grievances, grievances will not be wronged.

with a calm smile, big things can be reduced to trivial matters.

A long time ago, there was a Zen master who practiced alone in a cave for ten years.

after returning to the temple, I still go to the temple every night to meditate and recite the sutra.

one day, the merit box in front of the Buddha statue suddenly lost all his money, and the Zen master undoubtedly became the object of suspicion.

because nothing like this has ever happened before, and only the Zen master goes to the main hall every night.

as a result, the story of Zen master "stealing money" spread all over the temple.

but in the face of gossip, the Zen master just smiled calmly. He neither stood up to complain, nor did he show the slightest sense of grievance. Instead, as usual, he ate and meditated on time every day.

finally, seven days later, the abbot solved the mystery: the original merit money was not lost at all, but the abbot was testing the Zen master and wanted to know what kind of practice he had achieved during his ten years of living in the cave.

in life, what if you are aggrieved? the pattern is supported by grievances.

as the couplet in the temple said: when

is misunderstood, smile slightly, which is not only a pattern, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

when grievances come, you smile. I stand still and have no choice but to worry.


when something goes wrong, smile calmly

in this world, no one can go smoothly for a lifetime.

when things go wrong, the person who can be calm is the biggest winner in life.

they don't get angry or complain, but always take it easy with a strong heart.

as Weng Tonghe, an emperor of the late Qing Dynasty, said:

this is not only a kind of bearing, but also a kind of cultivation.

I remember that in 2018, in a poor village in Hebei Province, there was a girl named Wang Xinyi, whose family was poor from an early age.

when she talks about the injustice of fate in her composition "feeling Poverty", she doesn't feel sorry for herself, but thanks for the gift of life. It is poverty that makes her strong, and suffering makes her grow up.

in the end, such an optimistic child, who scored 707 in the college entrance examination, was admitted by the Chinese Department of Peking University and achieved a reversal in life while defeating life.

"it's a long journey, and I won't stop pursuing it."

in life, I believe that everything will pass. As long as you are optimistic, there is no mountain that cannot be exceeded.

if you can smile and face the storm, you don't care about winning or losing for a while.

therefore, learn to keep an open mind. Happiness is the most important thing in one's life.

the rest of your life is not long. Don't mess with yourself. Laugh everything away. Time will tell.