Small victory depends on diligence, medium victory depends on talent, and great victory depends on wisdom. What does total victory depend on?

/June 2022

what people pursue in this life is nothing more than the word "success".

the definition of success varies from person to person. Finding out what kind of success you want and then finding the right way to succeed is the most valuable success for you.

many people say that it is difficult to succeed.

but in fact, the difficulty is not success, but a little bit of effort and persistence on the way to success.

so, success is actually very simple, as long as you find the right way, pay a little more, beauty and light will come naturally.


A small victory depends on diligence

diligence is a necessity for one's success.

as the ancients said, "what you do is good at diligence and wastefulness, and what you do is done in thought, but it is destroyed by following."

diligence is not so much an act as an attitude.

success is not achieved overnight. With a diligent attitude and action, you have the key to success.

when Mr. Inamori founded Kyocera in 1959, there were already large and excellent enterprises in the Japanese industry.

there is no other way to catch up with and surpass them than to make an "effort" no less than anyone else.

Mr. Inamori and his team worked together from the very beginning, working hard day and night, although the work was fruitful, but soon the employees protested:

"can you bear such a high-intensity work physically? Can you stick to it for a long time? "

in response to this mood, Mr. Inaosheng said:

"beginners are late and jogging, and the gap between us and our competitors is bound to widen.

We don't know how long we can hold on, but at least we have to try to catch up and try to run the marathon at the speed of the 100-meter race. "

in this way, Mr. Inamori convinced the staff to gallop with all his strength, non-stop.

success and diligence are inseparable and inseparable.

never sigh why success never favors you, because you never know that when you are addicted to pleasure, someone is racing against the clock and working silently in their respective fields.

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diligence can make up for clumsiness.

in this world, there are always a few geniuses, and most of them are mortals who need and try their best to achieve a lifetime of stability.

so never give up diligence, because diligence is only the minimum standard on the road to success.


many netizens are lamenting: "if you don't have a little talent now, you can't do anything."

that's true. Success is a reward for a few people, and when you want to stand out, you have to have something different from other people.

after all, others will, you will, this is called ordinary; others will not, you will, this is called excellent.

so, whether it is forced to make a living or out of a dream, many skills do not weigh on you.

when it comes to Pan an, everyone knows his amazing face, but he doesn't know that Pan an's success depends on both internal and external training.

Pan an was born in a Confucian family, his grandfather was Anping Taishou, and his father was an Li. Pan an has been called a "strange child" since he was a child and has been a scholar since he was 17 years old.

when he was 20 years old, Emperor Sima Yan of the Jin Dynasty toured the four directions. At that time, the emperor loved to put on a show. Among the common people, he had to pick up a hoe to cultivate, sweat, bend over, and hoe, so that the whole world would praise him to show "the virtue of the son of Heaven."

when many literati saw this, they immediately picked up their pens to chase hot spots and sing praises, so hundreds of articles flew in like snowflakes. But there were so many beautiful articles in front of him, but the emperor took a fancy to Pan an's article.

A delicate but imposing "Ji Tian Fu", even the emperor gave him a compliment.

if you don't stand out, you can only be out.

because most of the time, only when you are full of talent can you cope with the difficulty of life, otherwise you can only struggle in the quagmire and be covered in mud.

everyone is talented, but it depends on how you use it.

if you regard talent as worthless, you can only get nothing, but if you can use your talent to fight for your place in the world, you will be successful.


Great victory depends on wisdom

Wisdom is the card of success.

there is a saying:

"success and failure, rich and poor, there is a magical power behind the seemingly simple gap, and that is wisdom."

in Chinese culture, people who are resourceful and resourceful are often regarded as the embodiment of "wisdom".

Zhuge Liang is such a person.

after Zhuge Liang came out of the mountain, Cao Jun chased and killed Liu Bei. Cao Jun pressed the border. Zhuge Liang crossed the river alone in distress and skillfully used the method of motivating Sun Quan to resist Cao, which led to a great victory in Chibi.

while Soochow was still celebrating his victory, Zhuge Liang decided on a strategy to win the greatest victory-- the four counties of Jingzhou.

less than a year after Zhuge Liang was acquired, Liu Bei rose from a desperate situation. After the age of 43, Zhuge Liang took control of the military and political power of Shu, which began the ten-year prosperity of the Shu Han Dynasty.

until the deathbed of Wuzhang at the age of 54, Zhuge Liang ordered everything one by one and made a strategy to retreat from the enemy.

what is wisdom?

to learn but to use is true learning; to know but to do is true knowledge; and to learn true knowledge is wisdom.

there is no turning back in life. Wise people, take a step forward and take into account the trend of three or four steps in the future, so they will not flinch for the sake of a little difficulty.

on the contrary, if you do not have a plan in advance and have no plan for what is about to happen, you will be blind.When it comes to doing things, it is easy to be at a loss when it is difficult, and of course you will miss out on success.

therefore, you need to use your head in everything. When you can discern the variety of the world, you can naturally move towards success calmly.


the complete victory depends on virtue

good virtue, which is the foundation for people to stand up.

as the old saying goes, "if morality is not correct, things will not flourish."

it can be said that a person's necessary condition for success is to have good virtue.

at the end of the Qing Dynasty, a businessman failed miserably in his business and was in urgent need of a large amount of cash flow.

he went to Hu Xueyan, the owner of Fukang Bank, and begged him to buy his own property at a low price.

after confirming that the situation is true, Hu Xueyan insisted on buying the other party's industry at the normal market price.

the businessman was surprised and delighted and asked Hu Xueyan, "Why don't you take advantage of nothing?" Hu Xueyan said with a smile:

the two have also become the most sincere partners, and the business is getting bigger and bigger.

as the saying goes, "be virtuous and carry things".

the height of virtue determines the realm of life, and the width of virtue determines the end of life.

want to become a more powerful person, want to be like a fish in water in life, virtue, is an essential helper.

otherwise, no matter how rich you are and no matter how high you are, you will eventually be defeated by virtue and be swallowed up with nothing.

success never comes without waiting. Just as:

therefore, success is not without shortcuts, its shortcut is called "unity of knowledge and action".

after all, only when you do it can you know what success really means.

May we all become people with inner, soul, depth and strong heart, and move forward unswervingly.