Six habits to change one's life for the better

/August 2022


learn to save regularly

there is a saying: "it is easier to move from thrift to extravagance than from extravagance to frugality."

No matter how high a person's income is, he can't spend money indiscriminately. Because it will not only strengthen your sense of comparison, but also make your desire swell.

in fact, we don't really need much material.

learn to keep accounts every month, learn to be frugal, learn to list your expenses, or set aside a certain percentage of your salary and income each month to save regularly.

when you have money in your bag, you will have a bottom in your heart, and you will be able to deal with accidents and uncertainties more easily.


learn to be economically independent

the writer Maugham said in the shackles of Human Nature: "of course, people do not pursue wealth.

but they must have a life sufficient to maintain dignity, so that they can work without hindrance, be generous, cheerful, and independent."

A man is not as good as himself, no matter who he depends on.

only when you gain financial independence through your own efforts can you be regarded as a true adult.

it doesn't matter how much money you make. The important thing is that you can buy what you want, live what you like, and achieve it on your own.

you should always remember that only when you are financially independent can you have more choices and control more freedom in your life.


learn to go to bed early and get up early

Today, many people have irregular schedules.

can not wake up in the morning, can not sleep at night, a long time, there is a great harm to the body, but also bring a lot of trouble and inconvenience to their own life.

in fact, no matter how busy you are at work, you should not overwork and stay up late. No matter how uncomfortable I feel in my heart, I shouldn't hurt my body by not sleeping.

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Sanmao once said: "Today's things, do their best, no matter what the results are, should happily go to bed and sleep."

you will eventually understand that when you lose your health, you lose everything.

Don't bet on your body, and don't bet your body on it, because there is nothing in this world that is worth trading your body for.


keep exercising

many people are in the busy work and life.

either sit for a long time, stand for a long time, or be in tension and anxiety for a long time, which does great damage to the body.

there is a saying: "the best doctors of mankind are air, sunshine and exercise, which heal not only the body, but also the heart."

in fact, no matter how busy you are, you can spare some time every day to exercise.

you can get up early and run for half an hour, take a walk for half an hour after dinner, or go to the gym at night to do some targeted training.

slowly you will find that people who love exercise will not only get better and better, a lot of unhappy and tired, can also be dredged and released during exercise.


learn to control emotions

We all inevitably encounter a lot of bad things.

maybe it's not going well at work, unhappy in life, or emotionally bad.

sometimes we may not be able to control our emotions.

for some trivial things, you will lose your temper, make trouble, and even have conflicts and contradictions that could have been avoided with others.

when you calm down, you will find that many unimportant people don't have to worry about it, and many trivial things don't have to worry about.

there is a saying: "anger is a sign of incompetence."

the more likely a person's emotions are to get out of control, the more immature they are, and the less competent they are. Because losing your temper won't solve any problems, it will only create problems for you.

when a person controls his temper, he controls his whole life.


keep an optimistic attitude

people will always encounter a lot of hardships and difficulties in this life.

but if you are too persistent and too demanding, you will feel pain.

in many moments, what makes us unhappy is not the people and things we encounter, but your state of mind.

there is an old saying: "if there is something in mind, the world is small, and there is nothing in mind."

those who leave, instead of asking them to stay, they should let go freely and give themselves the opportunity and possibility to start anew.

when you do something wrong, instead of complaining, you should learn to reflect in time and not give yourself too much burden and regret.

Let bygones be bygones, and what will come will come.

keep a normal mind, don't pester it, don't worry too much, and take your time to live every day in the moment.