Signs that a person is getting better and better: self-cultivation, self-cultivation, self-cultivation

/November 2022

there is an intriguing saying in the Mid-levels Collection: "the mill of life is so heavy that you think it crushes you, but in fact it teaches you delicacy and helps you present the details of your life so that you don't spend your life too rough."

it is true that the people you meet are all here to ferry you, and all the things you have experienced are here to help you.

if you look at life carefully, you will find that all good luck is often traceable.

look at those who are moving towards a better life step by step, they all have these three characteristics. How many do you have?


Heart training: don't say hard words, don't do soft things

during this period, I watched the TV series "do you know?" Do you know? ".

in the whole play, my favorite role is Sheng Minglan, played by Zhao Liying.

in this life, it can be said that he has played bad cards on his own and played the level of Wang Fang.

in the Sheng family, Minglan is the most undisputed, and even everyone thinks that she is a soft persimmon to be bullied.

but it was only when something happened that she knew that she was not incompetent, but disdained to argue.

she reads poetry books carefully, but she never boasts. The occasional remarks amazed the students who had been teaching for many years.

she looked weak, but she was able to win the first place in the equestrian field, which amazed all the men present.

the most impressive thing is the poisoning.

after learning that her grandmother had been poisoned, Minglan changed her gentle appearance and rushed into Shengfu with a big belly.

she not only called in officers and soldiers to surround the yard, but also refused to give anyone a chance to tip off. Also skillfully used tricks to force people who could be poisoned to tell the truth.

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at the last minute, Minglan was even more decisive, saying bluntly that she would take Aunt Zhenmaokang outside to kill.

there is a wonderful saying: "A full bottle does not sound, but half a bottle clangs."

in fact, there are many people like Sheng Minglan around us.

they hide the universe, but they don't show the truth, and they can always cut through the mess when it's time to do it.

the more knowledgeable people are, the more calm they will be. They must speak with substance and do things convincingly.

self-discipline in prosperity and self-improvement in downfall is the real master of life.

in the years to come, may you have the heart of a Bodhisattva without losing your iron and bloody hand.


cultivation: the material is very simple and the mind is free.

once read a philosophical saying: "every piece of wood can become a Buddha, as long as the redundant part is removed."

Life passes for a moment, fame and wealth cannot be retained at all. Only a full spiritual world can bring people the ultimate enjoyment.

few people know that Chen Daoming was a person who was very strict with materials when he first started out.

when he starred in the Last Emperor, he became popular all over the country, and people became impetuous.

Chen Daoming soon fell into a time of indulgence in money, clothing, food, housing and transportation are all high-end goods.

it was not until he visited the scholar Qian Zhongshu three times that his mind changed greatly.

he said:

"do you know what is the only thing that rings in Mr. Qian's house?"

"No VCR, no TV, no phone, the only thing ringing is the medicine pot. You can smell the smell of books in Qian's home, feel quiet, and see it calmly and truly. "

at that moment, Chen Daoming realized that he had lived so pitifully. Paying too much attention to material comforts made him pay a great spiritual price.

after returning from Qian's hometown, he was determined to extricate himself from his fame.

he put off the meaningless dinner, just practice calligraphy at home, read books, and play the piano for a while when he is in the mood.

people, the simpler it is, the more advanced it is.

facts have proved that Chen Daoming's choice is not wrong, in his later characters, there is a sense of elegance of Yushu facing the wind.

for this reason, Qian Zhongshu specially wrote him a letter praising his performance as very vivid.

the best appearance of a person is never to wear gold and silver, but to quietly eat a bowl of earthly fireworks and taste the ups and downs of life in the hustle and bustle of cars and horses.

when people are alive, they don't have to pursue too many external things. Keeping a clean body is the best way to live.


self-cultivation: proper appearance, self-discipline and self-love

has always been admired by such people: they can not change their true colors before great hardships, and do not forget to dress properly during the ups and downs.

as Russell said, "A person's face is the appearance of a person's value." It hides your self-disciplined life, as well as the life you are pursuing. "

during the Cultural Revolution, the writer Muxin was locked up in a cold and dirty air-raid shelter.

after he was imprisoned, his three meals a day were full of hard steamed buns covered with flies and a few moldy pickles.

the food is not good, the housing is even worse.

the wooden heart can only lean against the cold and damp wall every day, and the dirty water keeps flowing under its feet.

fate was unfair to him, but he didn't feel sorry for himself.

he didn't give up his hobby, drawing black and white keys on crumpled white paper, often squatting in the corner, playing the piano silently.

he never forgets to love life and insists on writing down more than a thousand words every day. Although forced by the management of the prison, he can only write words the size of rice grains, but every word is so neat.

at that time, it was difficult to live, let alone be treated as a prisoner.Arrest him.

but on the day he was released from prison, Mu Xin gave a loud slap in the face to all who despised him.

his waist is straight without a trace of stoop. Although the trousers are shabby, you can see the neat seams on them.

even the shoes on his feet were wiped clean by him, and he looked as if he had never suffered any damage.

Life will never develop the way we want it to.

the most important thing is to live with dignity, whether it is through rapid winds and showers, or bright willows and flowers.

the more difficult times you are, the more you have to maintain your precise daily routine, self-discipline and self-love.


Bi Shumin said: "time will wash away the effect of cosmetic surgery, just like the snow pile gradually melts when it meets the spring sun. Only the beauty of the heart can nourish a long-lasting feast for the eyes."

the reason why a person gets better and better must be because he

persists in his true heart, is firm and gentle,  is simple and kind-hearted, has inner fragrance, and  refuses to believe, and there is light in his heart.

May you be happy for the rest of your life and be kind to yourself in the torrent of time.