Show the strength of weakness (profound)

/October 2022

in the moral Sutra, Shang Rong asked Laozi, "Why does a man lose all his teeth when he is old, but still have his tongue?"

Laozi replied, "the teeth have all fallen out because they are too strong, and the tongue knows when to show its weak side, so it can last longer."

in life, we are used to thinking that only the strong can gain the upper hand.

but in fact, those who know how to show weakness tend to go further.


showing weakness is not incompetence, but a kind of wisdom

I don't know. Have you ever met such a person:

you refuse to be soft when you've done something wrong, and you have to pretend to know what you don't know.

they like to be strong in everything they do, and never be outdone in front of others.

the result is often too brave to admit it, and hit a brick wall everywhere in reality.

people who are really strong know how to show weakness appropriately when something happens, and always leave a step and leeway for themselves.

during the period of the Republic of China, 26-year-old Shen Congwen was already the most eye-catching new star in the literary world.

once he was invited to give a lecture in the university, and many students came to fill the whole classroom.

as soon as Shen Congwen stepped onto the podium, he was frightened by the scene at that time. He stood on the stage for more than ten minutes, unable to say a word.

when he recovered, he had to lecture with his head down and copy the outline on the blackboard.

the course that I was going to give for an hour was finished in less than ten minutes.

the students below began to get a little restless, whispering in the audience.

at this time, Shen Congwen picked up a piece of chalk, turned and wrote a sentence on the blackboard: "Today is my first class. There are so many people that I am afraid."

looking at this sentence, the students stood up and responded with applause of understanding and encouragement.

Shen Congwen used the low profile of the weak to confess his shortcomings and nervousness, which not only got the students' understanding, but also resolved his embarrassment.

I have heard a saying: "the weak will only be regarded as a joke if they overexert themselves, while the strong will win the favor of others if they show weakness."

after all, no one is perfect, and everyone has their own side that they are not good at.

those who are weak in heart will always be competitive; those who have peace of mind will not be afraid of the eyes of others.

showing weakness is not only a means to retreat into progress, but also a soft strength, which can solve many problems invisibly.

Life is alive, but it is easy to break when it is too hard.

learning to show weakness is a great wisdom in dealing with the world.


showing weakness is not a pattern of admitting defeat, but a pattern

in a talk show, someone asked Liang Hongda, "Lao Liang, why are you always in public, saying that you have diabetes?"

Liang Hongda smiled and talked about his past experience.

he has many friends, all of whom are night owls. He often works dinners in the middle of the night and never gives up every time he doesn't drink until he vomits.

on the one hand, he doesn't want to join the wine board, on the other hand, he doesn't want to chill his friend's heart.

so he had to talk about his illness on his own initiative.

after knowing this situation, his friends not only stopped asking him for a drink, but advised him to give up drinking every time they met.

the friendship between them increased rather than decreased, and more importantly, his physical condition became better and better as a result.

in many cases, to behave in the world and show weakness appropriately is not to admit defeat, but for the sake of longer-term interests.

when we were young, we all learned the biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru.

after Lin Xiangru was made Shangqing because of his successful return to Zhao, Lian Po was very unconvinced and threatened to humiliate him.

when Lin Xiangru heard this, she shunned Lian Po everywhere.

others think that Lin Xiangru is afraid of Lianpo, but Lin Xiangru said, "the State of Qin dared not attack Zhao because of me and General Lian." If we conflict, it will be the State of Qin who will be the last to take advantage of it. The reason why I hid from General Lian was that the country was in a hurry and then a personal vendetta. "

Lian Po was ashamed when he heard this, so he pleaded guilty and became best friends with Lin Xiangru.

to give in at the right time is not to admit defeat, but to have a clear understanding.

what is the face of the individual in front of the interests of the country?

writer Wang Yuan once said: "raising eyebrows is a kind of ability, but lowering eyebrows is a kind of courage."

showing weakness is not weakness, but a sign that the strong hide their strength.

people who are really good never care about the eyes of others, do not care about temporary success or failure, and are not confined to the trifles in front of them.

they know that overexert wins for a while, showing weakness can win a lifetime.

learning to hide your edge is not only a realm, but also a pattern.


showing weakness is not cowardice, but a kind of self-cultivation

I have read a story.

there is a Jewish millionaire who has a very successful career and is envied by many people.

one of his competitors asked a reporter to interview him to get some gossip.

when the reporter arrived, the servant brought coffee, and the rich man took a sip and immediately shouted, "it's too hot!" The coffee cup rolled to the ground.

when the servant is ready, the rich man takes out another cigarette.

the reporter saw that he had his cigarette upside down and hastened to remind him.

hearing this, the millionaire hurriedly took the cigarette and knocked over the ashtray in a panic.

the ashtray fell to the ground and the floor was soiled.

the usually extravagant and arrogant rich man made a fool of himself several times in a row, which surprised the reporter.

in this situation, the interview was very difficult, so the reporter found an excuse to leave in a hurry.

shortly after walking out the door, the reporter suddenly realized:

it turns out that the millionaire may have known in advance why he came.

but the rich man did not abuse him, nor did he rudely throw him out.

on the contrary, in order not to embarrass him, he just pretended to be stupid so that he could leave on his own initiative.

in psychology, there is a "law of weakness": when people find that others have many shortcomings, they usually eliminate resistance and hostility, and have a sense of sympathy and intimacy towards him.

in many cases, deliberately showing that others are weak is not only a strategy to resolve the crisis, but also a broad-minded mind, but also the criterion of dealing with others.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, when Lin Daiyu first entered Jia's mansion, Mother Jia asked her if she had read a book.

she truthfully replied, "I have read the four Books."

later, after hearing Jia's mother say that the Jia sisters "only recognize a few words, not blind", she immediately reined in her edge.

when Baoyu asked her if she had ever studied, she replied, "I just know a few words."

it is this low-key that makes her deeply loved by the girls in the Grand View Garden.

people who are good at "showing weakness" will give more people a chance to show, and show respect to others.

people who learn to "show weakness" will not fight or rob, so that they can win the support and appreciation of more people.

as the saying goes, "if you take a step back, the world will be great."

in many cases, showing weakness is also for the sake of others.

between one advance and one retreat, one can better see a person's self-cultivation.

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Wang Yangming, a master of psychology, wrote "four tips for showing weakness" in Chen Yan's Shu of Border Affairs: "if you want to take it, you must stick to it." Whether they give up their cattle and horses and flee, or hide their sharpness in order to show weakness, or lie in ambush by pretending to be defeated, or make peace with the hidden army, they all tempt me to benefit. "

when you meet a strong opponent, never go head-to-head with others.

keep a low profile, hide your strength, do not compete with others, avoid its edge, in order to preserve yourself.

showing weakness is not only a good way to use troops, but also a way to behave in the world.

it is not wise to overexert oneself and show one's ability everywhere; to know how to be clumsy and hide sharp is the top wisdom.