Seven reverse thinking stories, which are very short, but have changed a lot of people.

/June 2022

A famous American psychologist said:

if you have a good mindset, you can find opportunities even in adversity;

you can easily miss opportunities even if you have a bad mentality.

what kind of state of mind you have, what kind of life you have.


two poor people each get a cow.

the first poor man found it troublesome to feed the cattle, so he sold the cow and changed it into a few sheep.

ate a sheep and waited for the rest to give birth to lambs, but the lambs were not born for a long time, and the poor were worried, so they sold the sheep and replaced them with chickens.

wanted the chickens to lay eggs, but the poor thought the money was too slow.

he swapped the chicken for wine, got very drunk and became even poorer.

the second poor man earnestly fed cattle, planted seeds in the field in spring, ploughed the fields with cattle diligently, and waited patiently.

after he had a bumper harvest in autumn and sold grain, he became richer than before. with capital, he bought another cow.

cycle over and over again, getting richer.


the reason for poverty is not the starting point, but the state of mind.

the stronger the person is, the less anxious he is. Impetuous state of mind, only haste makes waste.

many achievements in life need to wait patiently, don't rush for results, and don't make excuses for laziness and irresponsibility.

relax your mindset, face everything without impatience, and take steady actions one by one to get closer to the goal step by step.

having a good state of mind is the best capital.


A bear is injured. Every time he sees a companion, he will open the wound and let him see it.

the other person will always comfort it and go about his or her own business.

the bear's wound was torn open again and again, but could not be healed, and finally the wound was infected and died.

another bear was also hurt.

but it tightly covers the wound and is unwilling to show it to any companion.

as a result, the wound was infected and the bear died.

the second bear covering the wound sealed off the heart and cut off the world.

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the most difficult thing to grasp in being a person and doing things is the word "discretion".

can not do properly, enough is enough, not only make others tired, but also make themselves miserable.

the better realm is to give up as soon as possible.

keep a good state of mind and do things properly in order to have a better grasp of your life.


the little girl selling flowers gave a rose to the beggar by the side of the road when she closed the stall.

when the beggar came home, he planted the roses in a glass bottle.

how can a beautiful rose be inserted in such a dirty glass bottle?

so the beggar cleaned the glass bottle.

how can beautiful roses and clean glass bottles be in such a messy room?

so the beggar cleaned the room.

how can you stand so smelly in such a neat room?

so the beggar bathed himself and changed his clothes and took on a new look.

how can such a young and handsome self be a beggar?

so the beggar went out the next day and found a job for himself.

slowly, beggars became better and better in their careers, and finally made extraordinary achievements.


the beggar in the story originally had a negative mentality and fell into the life of failure.

but he was lucky to meet a rose, which became an opportunity for him to change his mind.

when we are willing to change our mindset, from self-abandonment to positive action, the whole world changes.

Life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile at you.

you cry to it, and it rewards you with sorrow.

everything will be all right if you have a good mindset.


the camel stepped on a small piece of glass in the desert.

because the soles of his feet were bitten, he kicked the glass angrily, resulting in a deep cut and blood.

Blood attracts vultures, camels run hurriedly, affect the wound, and shed more blood all the way.

I don't want to run into another cave of man-eating ants.

the cannibal ants smell the blood, pour out, the black pressure pounce on the camel, blink of an eye, leaving only a pile of bones.

before dying, the camel repented:


mood out of control, negative mentality, unexpectedly let the camel die in the desert.

A small piece of glass can be seen everywhere in life;

if you can't adjust your mentality, don't let it go, and let it go, a loss of control may lead to a series of "uncontrollable" events and end up in a state of failure.

in the "desert" of life, keep a good state of mind and patiently look for an oasis in order to survive and go out.

A good state of mind can improve our state of life and quality.


Socrates drew two circles, one big and the other small.

he said that the representatives inside the circle are known and the representatives outside the circle are unknown. The small circle represents the student's knowledge, and the big circle represents his own knowledge.

the larger the circle, the longer the perimeter, the wider the periphery, and the more unknown parts.

thus it can be seen that the more people know, the more ignorant they are.


in fact, it is not that the more people know, the more ignorant they are, but the more they learn, the more they understand that what they know is limited.

the more knowledgeable a person isThe more you can realize the breadth and depth of life.

there is no end to learning, and everyone should keep the mentality of learning at all times.

only by constantly learning and growing, can we see the highlights of life.


there are two people building a wall, and passers-by ask them:

"Don't you think it's hard to build a wall?"

the first person held out a callus and said with a depressed face:

the second person smiled honestly and said:

several years later, the first person is still building walls, and the second person has become a famous architect.


do the same thing, two people have a completely different state of mind.

the negative attitude puts the first person in "pain" every day. Work is his burden and a difficult task that he has to do to support his family.

the second person has a positive mentality. He is proud of what he does, and every drop of sweat he shed has meaning.

if you face life with a different mindset, the outcome will be different.

complaining about the current situation will only make people trapped in the same place and miss the high scenery.

keep a positive attitude and set higher goals and ideals, our life will eventually go further.


the ostrich is called the champion of long-distance running. it can run at a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can run a marathon that the human world champion can run in two hours in 40 minutes.

but as a bird, ostriches can't fly.


there are some things we can't decide, but we can change the result by changing our mindset.

just like an ostrich cannot fly, but it does not give up on itself, but continues to forge ahead with its own strengths and eventually become a long-distance running champion.

Life is good or bad, not on the outside, but on the inside.

face the test of life optimistically and aggressively, open up more possibilities, you will have a better life.


things change with the heart, and the state is created by the heart.

Life doesn't go well everywhere, but life never depends on mood, but on state of mind.

look at the four seasons in a good state of mind, with flowers in spring, moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter;

view celestial phenomena with a good state of mind, full moon is painting, lack of moon is poetry, each has its own amorous feelings.

with a good state of mind, we will have a better life.