See you in July: we won't get old, we'll just get better.

/June 2022

just after the rainy season, the hot and dry wind blows, and in a twinkling of an eye, goodbye will be said in July.

the days of this year pass quickly in a trance, day after day, month after month.

A lot of things seem to have happened, including sadness, sadness, gratification and rejoicing.

it seems that nothing happened, and all the restlessness returned to calm after all.

cicadas, frogs, warm rain, Greater Heat's day.

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July, there are so many stories and thoughts, it's time to say goodbye and start a new beginning.

in the days to come, we won't get old, we'll just get better.


farewell calculation:

some people are not important at all, and some things are meaningless at all

Zhou Guoping said that we should have uncompetitive wisdom in life.

most of the time, we all live too hard, as if the whole world has treated ourselves badly.

envy hard, envy others with money, love, wisdom and ability.

worry hard, care about others get some benefits, oneself a little more unfair.

resentment, resentment that the "victimizer" has no conscience, resentment that he is incapable of being killed.

until later, when I fell over the somersault and hit the south wall, I found that what belongs to you can't hide, and what doesn't belong to you can't come after all.

in fact, life does not require much participation, nor does it need to be told to anyone, let alone too much comparison.

A person works hard quietly, without envy, impetuosity and care.

will eventually understand step by step along the way that some people are not important at all and some things are meaningless at all.

make life more and more comfortable, and it is enough to make yourself more and more comfortable.

as the saying goes:

August, all the good times should be reserved for the most present self.


bid farewell to laziness:

without a good destiny, it is normal for adults to cut through difficulties

like the line in Zootopia

No one has a good destiny, either everything goes well, or someone tells the truth. In the stormy life, the common people are the ordinary people who dare to ride the wind and waves.

occasionally some unhappiness is not an excuse for laziness, much less an excuse for depression.

A lot of hypocrisy are created for themselves. How can life give you a smile if you can't stand a little bit of frustration?

Don't choose "Ge You to lie down" when it's time to work hard, don't say "I can't" when you can change, and don't be a "pussy" when opportunities come.

Don't give up on yourself at any time. When you choose to start, all the powerless results have quietly changed.

be less lazy and less vulnerable, just as Yu Yicun admonished young people:

this summer's efforts will eventually bear fruit in winter.

August, fight for yourself and for the future.


bid farewell to negativity:

when you get on the boat of life, you have to be a happy pirate.

Social psychologist Festinger once made a famous judgment:

everyone is alive with all kinds of grievances. Some people magnify their grievances and they are less happy. If some people put their grievances down, they will be more happy.

Lemon with some water and coffee with some sugar is the truth of life, a little bitter, but the aftertaste is sweet, a little astringent, but effective to quench thirst.

A good life can only be achieved with a good state of mind. Put aside negative bad emotions in order to find a positive and good attitude. Only by dispersing the annoying negative energy can we usher in the enviable positive energy.

as Zhu Deyong said:

Don't be unhappy, be happy, we are living one day less in this world.

Don't worry about those who are unhappy. Life is not an illusion because of the shallow ditches, twists and turns, ups and downs.

less "small certainty" and more "small certainty".

now that I'm on the boat of life, I want to be a happy pirate.

August, give yourself some more happiness, relax and calm down.


Farewell and flattery:

to please others, it is far better to accept yourself

often hear some people sigh, the heart is too bitter.

think about it carefully, the pressure that life puts on people will only make people feel tired, not bitter. Suffering comes from pleasing others, but wronging yourself.

because I don't know how to refuse, I accept it.

because of enthusiasm and friendliness, I was cheated and made excuses for others.

because of sensitivity and inferiority, I am afraid that people around me will be unhappy.

but sometimes, ah, when it is time to fall out, and then the friendly goodwill has no measure, it is nourishing gratitude and hatred.

Yu Hua said:

look at the world with a flattering attitude, giving and receiving are never equal to each other.

straighten up, rein in excessive goodwill, look at the world in the most authentic way, and the world will give you the truest response.

in fact, it's no big deal to be liked or hated.

Life is not easy. It is not worth the loss to give up your own time for the happiness of others and your own sadness.

Don't enter the circle you can't get into, and don't make friends you can't make.

in this life, accepting oneself is the highest spiritual practice.

August, try to be the best of yourself, not humble, not flattered, not flattered.


bid farewell to being brave:

it's not heroic to stick it out to the end, don't be right.The body says sorry

since the beginning of this year, it has not been easy for many people.

due to the impact of the epidemic, the income of various industries has declined. Some people lost their jobs overnight, while others started a new career from zero.

some people start to get ready before 4 o'clock every morning in order to make money through the wind and rain.

some people work a few jobs alone in order not to let their families suffer, and when they are tired, they can only lean on the side of the road and take a nap.

some people stay up late and work overtime for several days in a row for fear that they will be left behind by the trend of the times.

maybe some things will grit their teeth and get through it.

but how many people delay their health in the process of overexert themselves?

people, you can be strong, but don't be strong.

it's not heroic to stick it out. Don't say sorry to your body.

when you get old, you will find that nothing is important in this world, everything will pass, only the body, once collapsed, you will never come back.

August, take good care of your health, may all the hardships you have suffered bear fruit, and may all the tiredness you have become feedback!


Yan Geling said:

Today, bid farewell to July, tomorrow, it will be a new August.

We don't know what the future will look like. What we can do well is to bid farewell to the past and focus on the present.

say goodbye to care, become calm, bid farewell to laziness, start to work hard, bid farewell to negativity, learn to be happy, bid farewell to flattery, accept yourself, bid farewell to overexert yourself, and take care of your body.

in this life, it is better to live a healthy life than to be rich. It is better to bemoan youth than to grow old wayward and wait for death. It is better to have leisure in busy time and entangle bad things. It is better to step back and admire others than to polish yourself.

the initiative to create a good life is always in your own hands. In August, may all the good things come as promised, and may all the bad things be saved.

May you have unexpected warmth and endless hope.

August, we came.