See a person's moment thoroughly

/June 2022

the world, people come and go, get along with others, the value lies in the heart.

but time is easy to change, the human heart is unpredictable, it is hard to avoid knowing people's faces but not their hearts, and it is often difficult to grasp feelings from the bottom of their hearts.

Human feelings are as thin as paper, and human hearts are colder than ice.

how many of the words I have said are false; how many people around me can treat each other sincerely.

sometimes it takes only a moment to see a person clearly.


if you are kind to him with all your heart, he may not be grateful to you; he takes it for granted that you give regardless of hard work.

seeing a person's moment clearly, it is hard to avoid disappointment and loneliness.

the man who drank yesterday may be a stranger now; the man who vows to keep your secret may betray you the next day.

see a person's moment, often the most helpless and sad.

words and deeds can be camouflaged, but the human heart is the most difficult to see. In the face of

interests, no matter how good their friendship is, they may not fall out ruthlessly.

in the face of tribulations, no matter how strong each other's feelings are, they may not break up at once.

not everyone can be together at first sight.

not all feelings. Sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity.

if you can't see through the hearts of the people, it's hard to avoid wasting your efforts.

only by seeing the hearts of the people clearly can we look down on everything.


time knows people, but it is difficult to know their hearts.

you always have to go through the hardships of life before you understand who really cares about you.

only after the baptism of time will you find out who is really with you.

No matter how superb the camouflage is, it cannot be maintained all the time; no matter how good the lie is, it will be exposed one day.

Don't give your heart easily, don't give others trust at will.

your heart must be left to those who really understand you, and your company must be left to those who are willing to stay with you for the rest of your life.

there is a long way to go in life. May you walk without remorse, firm and not lost.

May you still love life after seeing this imperfect world clearly;

May you still have sunshine after seeing through this complicated human heart;

May you manage your life with seven points of kindness and three points of vigilance.

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may there be less deception and more sincerity in this world.

Let each of us grasp the best life of our own.