Real success is family happiness.

/July 2022

what is the best living condition of a person's life?

the writer Yi Shu has a sentence that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people:

it is true. More than half of life, gradually understand: no matter how much wealth can not be exchanged for a healthy body, no matter how big a house is not as good as having a complete family.

when you reach a certain age, you will lose your heart of fame and fortune, put aside flamboyance and family happiness, which is the greatest success.


the family style is good, and no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich

as the old saying goes, one or two can be known by looking at his family style.

the family style seems invisible, but it affects every child all the time. After being polished from generation to generation, it has become the most stable cornerstone of a family.

Mr. Cai Yuanpei mentioned in "the cultivation of the Chinese people":

the family style is positive, and parents teach the next generation by words and deeds, so that families can get rich even if they are poor.

A few days ago, there was an event on the Internet that was very hot.

A 2-year-old child broke a glass bottle while playing by a pond in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, and a piece of glass fell into the pool.

when the child's father learned of this, he immediately went barefoot into the pool to pick up broken glass. Although the pool was regularly cleaned, he was still worried that he would cut others.

the most important thing is that he wants to make his son understand through this small detail: when things happen, you should learn to take responsibility, and you can't let it go.

the so-called good family style is probably the power of such an example.

parents' words and deeds are in fact exerting a subtle influence on their children's values, character, and self-cultivation, just like a mirror, showing their most authentic appearance.

Guo Degang once talked about his educational philosophy in a program.

Today, at the age of 47, he is still well-behaved and respectful every time he sees his father, will not do anything frivolous, and will always remind himself not to cross Jiro's legs when he is sitting.

it is because of his teaching and demonstration that the same is true of his son Guo Qilin in the face of his elders, and these are the style of their family.

remember at the end of the program, Guo Degang said:

Family style is the foundation of family happiness.

A wealth of wealth is not as good as a good family style.

when the family is in good shape, good fortune will come.

only from generation to generation can we last forever.


the family is harmonious, and no matter how bitter it is, it will prosper

what measures the temperature of a home?

see a short and powerful answer: the relationship between husband and wife.

Do you want to bring out an elegant look in our dazzling naked dresses for bridesmaids? Immediately after buying, you get a peace of mind.

Cai Kangyong once mentioned a point in his book:

if the atmosphere at home is already extremely cold, the "deposit" in this emotional account between husband and wife must already be zero.

Family discord is often due to more blame than relief and more quarrels than hugs.

in the variety show "I am an orator", the speaker Kou Naixin told about his own experience.

once she and her husband quarreled over trifles and saw that she was going to "lose the battle." she immediately hit back at her husband's sore spot:

after she had said this, her husband was silent. After a while, he went to pack his bags and get ready to leave.

before going out, the husband said, "Nai Xin, you know, there are some things you can't say."

after that day, Kou Naixin reflected deeply on herself, and she suddenly found that

language is a sharp weapon to hurt people, even a kind of violence, and she may be a domestic violence.

as the saying goes, home is a place of love, not a place of reason.

sometimes, when you argue with your family, you think you have won the argument, but you actually lose everything.

on the contrary, those who are accompanied by the tolerance of their families often have infinite strength to resist difficulties and obstacles.

I can't help thinking of the drunk and crying man in the subway station, who collapsed in an instant in order to sign bills and drink with clients late into the night, in order to make a living.

but fortunately, his wife came in a hurry when she heard the news. even if her husband was embarrassed at the moment, she didn't blame him, but hugged him and said, "it's all right."

in the middle-aged world, how many grievances and patience, and how many difficulties that cannot be avoided, can only be cured by going home.

husband and wife understand each other, support each other, have a harmonious family, and there is always sweetness in the hard days.


A family member is safe, no matter how difficult it is.

writer Zhou Guoping said a very heartbreaking saying:

when he is over 40, the hardest thing is not to have good living conditions, but to have everything, but his parents are sick or dead, and they can no longer enjoy a good life.

"A son wants to raise but not wait" is never empty talk. You can understand it if you lose it once.

after watching an interview program, talking about the most unforgettable memories, actor Zhang Qiuge said frankly:

my father has cancer. Every time I have surgery, I leave him because of filming.

in the late stage, the father said, "son, can you stay for three days?" Don't leave tomorrow. "

at that time, I had to refuse my father's request because I had a work schedule.

I didn't expect my father to take out 3,000 yuan and say to me:

"son, I'll buy you for 1,000 yuan a day. Can you stay for three days?"

when we are young, we think that we can get everything if we get wealth;

when we are old, we finally know that family members are happy.

the health of parents is the greatest wealth of their children. Only when their parents are in good health can their children be carefree.

A person's greatest strength is that no matter how hard and tired he is outside, there is always a way back, and this road is the direction of home.

people's deepest experience in middle age, perhaps as the author said in the wind:

the true maturity is not to finally know how to cherish it after their parents have left, but to do their best in their limited life. Pay more attention to their physical condition, so that they are no longer lonely in their old age, do not leave themselves regret.

I often go home and take my parents for a walk and talk about what's going on. As long as they are all right, there is no end to happiness.


Moore has a saying full of philosophy:

A place with a house is not necessarily a home, but a family together is a complete home.

your partner, who has accompanied you through life, has experienced firewood, rice and salt together, from strands of hair to gray hair, still by your side.

the children who are most worried about in this life, watching him stumble countless times, from juvenile frivolity to maturity and stability, still care about him.

give your parents a lifetime of stability, so that you will always have the strength to move forward, from careful upbringing to silently waiting, still waiting for you to go home.

for the rest of my life, the happiest time is:

family members sit idle, the lights are amiable, the life is cooked slowly, and the years are deep.