Real life begins at the age of fifty (depth)

/June 2022

40 without confusion, 50 and know destiny.

when you are thirty, you are not in the mood of fifty; when you are seventy, you are not in the mood of fifty.

50 years old, the age of knowing destiny is also the best time of life.

sometimes you can't live for yourself until you are fifty years old.


50 years old, can let go of a lot of

30-year-old you, you belong to marriage.

when you get married, you want your family to be prosperous, busy with work, busy running around, and never dare to slack off.

when you are forty years old, you belong to old people and children.

in this age group, when our parents are older, we will accompany us whenever we have time; our children are in a rebellious period, and we will talk whenever we have free time.

for fear of missing the parents' old age, for fear of losing the moment of their children's growth, they never dare to slack off.

only when the child is old, the character is fixed, the mind is formed, and our studies are successful, can we relax a little bit.

only by 50, when the job is stable and there is a certain material foundation, can you relax your tense heart and stop working so hard.

50 years old, it is not so much that you can let go of a lot, but that your life has accumulated to a certain extent. Their past efforts, began to have a return, their own hard work, but also turned into a fruitful result.

at the age of 50, you are more mature than 30, more free and easy than 40, younger than 60, and more energetic than 70.

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50 is the real beginning of your life!



at the age of 50, he has seen through the warmth of the hearts of the people, but he has lost it and let it go.

at the age of 50, we don't argue with people who don't care, and we don't waste time for people who aren't worth it. At this time, what we really want to be with are our parents and our best friends.

at the age of 50, when you reach the peak of your career, you are more mature and open-minded, live a low-key and attractive life;

at the age of 50, you live an ordinary and ordinary life, more leisurely, simple and regular.

50 years old, no matter what our life is like, we should get rid of our troubles, let ourselves open-minded, we should care less, let ourselves live optimistically!


Children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. At the age of 50, don't worry about it. Parents are too fragmented. At the age of 50, don't get into trouble. Spend more time doing what you like to do, drink tea, keep fit and make yourself more comfortable.

Life is not easy. No matter what age you are, you should learn to cherish your time, not to waste time for people who are not worth it, not to worry about things that are not worth it, so that you can live a more thorough life and make your life fuller.