Put it down, let it go, let it go

/October 2022

the writer Sanmao has a good sentence, which is not enough to read: "Life is like tea, the first is bitter like life, the second is as sweet as love, and the third is as light as breeze."

bitter tea is strong, while sweet tea is delicious, but it is not as mellow as green tea with endless aftertaste.

Life is like tea, there are ups and downs, there are joys and sorrows, only to find on the way: as light as the breeze, is a more wonderful realm of life.

want to delete and simplify, do subtraction for life, but one word: put.



there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "the low earth becomes the sea, and the low man becomes king."

all things in the world originate from low, water flows low and converges into the sea, and it becomes a great thing to be a man and lower yourself.

the lower a person's posture, the higher the realm, because when you lower yourself, you are reaping.

on the other hand, if you are high above and do not know that there is someone outside the sky, then you will eventually stop.

I have read a story.

A young man traveled to the Famen Temple to confide to Master Shi Yuan, "I love painting, but I can't find a good teacher. Many people paint in vain and are not as good as me."

after listening to this, let the young man paint on the spot.

the young man readily agreed and asked, "what are you going to draw?"

the master said, "I like drinking tea most in my life. Please ask the donor to draw a teapot for me."

the young man finished painting quickly, and on the paper there was a teapot filling the teacup with water, which was vivid.

however, the master said: "wrong, we should draw the teacup on top of the teapot."

the young man was confused and said, "how can there be a teacup on top of a teapot?"

Master smiled and said, "now you want to fill your teacup, but you put the teacup higher than the teapot."

the young man meditated for a while, then came to his senses and left.

Wang Guozhen said: "people with a larger pattern tend to lower their posture."

A person's pattern becomes larger, there will be more awe and humility, and the posture will be lower and lower.

because only by lowering yourself can you recognize yourself, accept the world with a broader mind, and grow up.

when you have the wisdom to lower yourself, you will have the courage to move forward fearlessly, and life will naturally flourish.



Historical Records says: "the world is prosperous, and the world is bustling with people."

in the worldly world, too many people are bound by desire and driven by fame and fortune, so worry, anxiety and pain come one after another.

and the value of life lies not only in getting, but also in emptying.

emptying yourself is a short break in a busy life, a source of strength to regain a new life, and the best state in life.

Taiwanese writer Lin Ching-hsien once said in an interview that he likes to take a walk on weekdays and doesn't think about anything, allowing his mind to roam between heaven and earth.

walk down, the heart is like empty, the whole body and mind is at ease.

and he has a friend who writes novels who also likes to take a walk, but always conceives novels while walking.

I walked down for three or four hours, but I turned a blind eye to the scenery on the road and even bumped into a wire pole.

this friend still looks sad when he gets home, because the plot of the novel is not sorted out smoothly, but he becomes more and more anxious.

I have heard a saying: "take some time every day and let it go seriously."

people should know how to empty themselves and let their troubles go with the wind.

instead of thinking about it, it disturbs the mind, loses leisure, and loses its original mind.

in the days to come, empty yourself, get rid of the troubles of affairs, and experience the joys of life.


there is a sentence in the Book of the New Tang Dynasty: "there is nothing in the world."

in fact, most of the pain in life is that you have a hard time with yourself.

how many people refuse to accept their shortcomings and accept the trivialities of fate all their lives.

but in fact, only letting go of yourself and making peace with yourself is the best way to achieve life.

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Zhang Wenju, a hard pen calligrapher, has always wanted to be a writer since he was a child.

to this end, he has been writing continuously for ten years, writing 500 words a day.

Unfortunately, even though he worked hard to exercise self-discipline, the manuscript was never hired and did not respond.

finally, at the age of 29, a magazine he often contributed sent him a letter, and he was ecstatic.

but the letter did not say that his manuscript was hired, but praised that his pen handwriting is very good, and the writing is getting better and better.

the implication is that he is not fit to write and there is no need to write any more.

the word awakened the dreamer, and Zhang Wenju decisively gave up writing and became a famous hard-pen calligrapher.

fortunately, Zhang Wenju did not compete with himself, but accepted himself, let go of himself, and had a different outlook.

Life is full of scenery, sometimes feel exhausted, then try to let yourself go, maybe the next corner is willow and flowers.

as Zeng Guofan said, "if we do not welcome the future, we will not be mixed at that time, and we will not fall in love in the past."

entanglement and haggling will only waste time; only if you let yourself go can you be light and light.

in the second half of life, you can live happily by letting yourself go.