Practice oneself in the years

/August 2022

Human beauty lies in the heart, and spiritual practice lies in itself. Fame, reputation and dignity come from one's virtue and from real talent and learning.

A person has many joys and tribulations throughout his life. if he wants to be an accomplished, accomplished and outstanding person, he must practice himself well and strive to improve himself.

in the face of anyone, anything, any environment, do not afford to worry, this is called seeing through. You know, there is no permanence, no permanence. When you are in good times, be calm; when you are in adversity, you have to survive.

you must know your own importance. When you put yourself at the bottom, you are actually at the top; when you put yourself at the top, you are actually at the bottom.

A person's self-cultivation is reflected in his words and deeds and every move.

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everyone should practice a compassionate and kind heart, because compassion and kindness can eliminate the sufferings of others and bring happiness to people.

We should understand that in this world, fools worry and suffer for themselves; wise men are others, so they are happy and happy.

Life is like the wind, drifting away and never coming back. So we should grasp every step we take. When the flowers are full of flowers, you will swagger and smile; when the thorns stand in the way, you should also break through tenaciously and not retreat.

A person, if the heart has the mood of spring and flowers blooming, how can it hurt the sad mood of spring and autumn? If there is an indifferent and comfortable elegance, how can there be the sadness of the evening drum and the morning bell? Life is just like autumn to summer, winter to spring approaching, this is the alternation of cold and warm, the cycle of the four seasons, what else is so sad?

always have a normal mind, let nature take its course, follow everything, no resentment, no pressure, no negativity, no shape, no delight in things, no sorrow in yourself.

when a person is in great joy and sorrow, learn to be calm, otherwise, it is easy to regret what you have done under excitement. There is an old saying worth tasting: "in prosperity, no characters; in anger, no answers." Because "words in good times often break promises; words in anger often lose body."

Peace is the most precious thing in everything, big things become small, little things go without a trace. A man's self-cultivation is called courage, and gentleness is the most useful.

less greed, a little more understanding, the pain in the heart always heals gradually without knowing it, learn to ignore, the state of mind can be peaceful; learn to let go, the spirit will be relaxed. Ignore and let go, not cowardice, but wisdom.

when some people encounter difficulties on the journey of life, they often forget that the taste of life is sour, sweet, bitter, salty and astringent, and the color of life is red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. When you are pessimistic, disappointed or frustrated, you must understand that when you stand on the bridge looking at the scenery, the people watching the scenery are also upstairs looking at you.

Let nature take its course; when things happen, you must be calm; when you are happy, you must be calm; when you are down, you should learn to be calm; when you are in trouble, you should be calm; when you have vicissitudes, you can be calm.

if people want to be truly happy, they must contain and eliminate the desire for excessive greed. If you are thirsty, it is best to have water; if you are tired, it is best to have a bed; if you fail, it is best to succeed; if you are miserable, happiness is best. If you are lonely, it is best to have love; if you are trapped, freedom is best.

Yu Qiuyu said well: "Life is a tree blooming, either quiet or warm, or lonely or bright."

on weekdays, strengthen self-cultivation, strive for self-cultivation, have a sunny state of mind, really virtuous and talented, your life will be as beautiful as a tree!