Please tell your children: when you get married, don't look for these three families.

/July 2022

some people say, "Marriage is not a matter for two people, but a matter for two families."

the degree of marital happiness of two people is directly proportional to the happiness index of two families.

people often say that "marriage depends on family circumstances" and "marriage is a perfect match". It seems to be feudal, but in fact it is true.

before marriage, through the partner's family situation, we can see the possible problems in life after marriage.

as a parent, please tell your children: never find the following three families to get married, or it will be too late.


Family discord and contradictions

as the saying goes, "every family has its own difficulties."

Today, many families have all kinds of problems, light or serious, slow or urgent.

the emergence of most problems, the first to affect is family harmony.

if a family has long-term poor communication, lack of understanding and understanding, discord will escalate into quarrels, or even domestic violence.

such a family, even if it has a lot of money, will break up because of discord and then go to ruin.

Children grow up in disharmonious families, and their personalities become distorted.

over time, they will have a rigid relationship with their parents and be indifferent to their brothers and sisters, resulting in indifference to their relatives.

when they grow up, they will treat the people around them in the same way.

Family environment and atmosphere determine one's way of life.

therefore, when you get married and find a partner, you must first see if the other person's family is harmonious.

as the saying goes, "everything is prosperous at home". Only when the family is in harmony can the family prosper.


indulge future generations, and children are unfilial

there was an article that went viral: the greatest sadness of a family is not poverty or quarrel, but the inability to raise a grateful child.

give all, but raise a white-eyed wolf, this is the biggest failure of parents.

parents dote on their children too much, which is tantamount to destroying their children's physical and mental health in an irrational way in the name of love.

over time, children become selfish and overbearing in taking for granted, and unreasonable in the habit of being held in the palm of their hands.

there is a saying that

whether children are filial or not is inseparable from the words and deeds of their parents.

in life, some parents always teach their children to be polite, but turn around and use foul language to others; some parents always teach their children to be filial and grateful, but look at their parents with a horizontal eyebrow.

parents whose words and deeds differ from each other's words and deeds have basically zero educational effect on their children.

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be sure to look at each other's family before you get married. If you find that each other's families are doting on their children and their offspring are unfilial, they must be carefully considered, otherwise there will be endless troubles.


lack of diligence and frugality, love of work

there is a saying in Zeng Guofan's letter:

since ancient times, countless families have been thrifty and defeated because of extravagance.

many families are rich for no more than three generations, all because future generations do not know how to keep their wealth and increase their wealth.

No matter how rich a family is, if there is no good education and correct family style, it will be difficult for future generations to understand that wealth is hard-won and will only be profligate.

over time, Jinshan and Yinshan can not satisfy the extravagant swallowing.

on the contrary, families with average financial conditions, but their parents are down-to-earth and diligent, can lead a good life.

Children will learn from each other, work hard and live a good life, and wealth will eventually accumulate little by little.

so, before you get married, you must go to each other's house to see the economic conditions, as well as your parents' ways of making money and keeping money.

is wealth free, still industrious and thrifty, or profligate and wasteful.

the family is generally well-off, but he works hard, still does not want to make progress and muddles along.

when you are in love, you can be affectionate and have enough to drink, but everything after marriage should be done well.

in the face of families who are not diligent and frugal, and love ease and hate work, they must be carefully considered.


as the saying goes, "not a family, not a door." When you get married, you should pay attention to the right match.

the right two people, two equal families, hand in hand, can reach the other side of happiness as quickly as possible.

the marriage of one generation is enough to determine the fate of three generations.

as a parent, you must take care of your child's marriage.