Please tell your children how important it is to marry a nice family.

/September 2022

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writer Ben Jonson once said: language can best expose a person, as long as you speak, I can understand you.

tell the truth about how people get along with each other: language is the fastest way to get closer.

and the way you speak in front of your family is exactly what a person really looks like.

as the old saying goes: when you get married, you must look at your family's means.

the so-called family circumstances, in addition to being a perfect match, the way families speak is also an indispensable condition.

how important is it to marry a family who can talk well?


less complaining is the greatest filial piety to parents

there is a saying that

if a person makes his parents sad, no matter how illustrious his status is, no matter how famous he is, he is a despicable person.

as people grow old, they will become sluggish day by day, their memory will become worse, and they will become more and more humble to their children.

when you don't understand new things, if you want to ask your children for advice, all you get is: "I've said it so many times, why can't you?"

when you care about your child's health, you can only care silently, otherwise you can always hear a complaint: "it's all your incompetence, and that's why I'm so tired!"

parents dare not speak, a greeting is a mistake, and a message is an interruption.

this is a true portrayal of most families.

Children do not speak patiently to their parents, and their parents become silent.

in the TV series "Happy Family", there is such a scene:

my son wants to sever ties with his family after getting married. He feels that his family has not helped at all all the way, and only depends on his own efforts from beginning to end.

in the unit, many people are obviously not as good as him, but they stand in a higher position than him because of their family background, and his mental imbalance is increasing day by day.

so he accused his father of being a noodle seller and not helping his career at all.

even my father's usual concern about "are you hungry" has turned into useless nagging.

he counted his father's "sins" bit by bit, like stabbing his father in the heart.

when the father heard this, he could not hide his guilt. He blamed himself and felt that he had hurt his son.

the old man, who worked hard all his life, bowed to his son and said, "Sorry, I can't do anything. I can't do anything."

every time I see this clip, I feel sad.

the greatest sadness of being a man is to make parents careful and let them live according to the face of their children in their old age.

Confucius said: color is difficult.

being kind to your parents is the hardest thing in the world.

and be kind to your parents, talk to them well, be more patient and complain less, is the best filial piety.

the attitude towards parents is the most real character of a person.

if you look at a person's character, you can tell from the way he speaks to his parents.

people who are grateful know where their roots are and can always find their way home.


more communication is the best way to be considerate to your lover

Why are there so many misunderstandings between people?

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Fu Seoul has a point to the point:

"because I am used to your sharpness, but ignore your tenderness, get used to your overexert, but ignore your fragility."

throughout our lives, we don't really understand a person, even if we care so much in our hearts. "

at all, not communicating is the quickest way to end a relationship.

this is true of friendship, and so is marriage.

what I want to say is deep in my heart, the problems to be solved are ignored, there are more and more misunderstandings, and the estrangement is getting deeper and deeper.

some time ago, there was a very popular post on the Internet, and many people said that they felt the same way.

she and her husband have been married for five years. From sharing work chores at the beginning of marriage to having nothing to say after an ordinary period, conflicts have accumulated more and more.

she was reluctant to buy expensive clothes herself, so she scrimped and bought her husband an overcoat. As a result, her husband was not happy when he saw it. Every word blamed her for her lavish spending.

the family owes a lot of money to buy a house, and both husband and wife have a lot of pressure on their lives, but they never tell each other that they keep it in their hearts.

she wanted to take an extra part-time job to earn more money to support her family, but her husband reprimanded, "the money you earn is useless."