Please tell your child: whatever makes you feel good will make you miserable in the end.

/November 2022

after the "double reduction", a series of changes have taken place in our educational environment, including successful slimming of homework, reduced pressure in exams and disappearance of make-up classes. The Family Education Promotion Act passed after

further clarifies the "double subtraction" entry law, which requires parents to make reasonable arrangements for their children's study and life and reduce their children's study pressure.

under such circumstances, some people use the "double reduction" policy as an umbrella and give themselves an excuse not to pay, while others take the opportunity of the "double reduction" policy to work hard quietly and then amaze everyone.

lying flat is not the end. Whoever achieves self-discipline will really understand the true meaning of the "double reduction" policy.


anything that makes you feel good

will eventually make you miserable

there is such a short story.

the poor asked God, "Why am I so poor and my life so mediocre?"

after hearing this, God put a box in front of the poor.

the poor ask, "what is this?"

Get ready to shop a fantastic reception dress for bride and display natural sense of beauty? Take a moment in this catalogue and realize you are lucky.

God said, "this box is full of your wasted days."

the poor man was surprised and said, "the days I wasted?"

God said, "Yes, the time you wasted, the years you wasted."... If you open them, they are all perfect. You haven't used them at all. "

Children, life is fair. There will always be a period of suffering, and there will always be a period of comfort.

it is hard to study and learn skills now, but these hardships are made sweet for the future.

on the contrary, it is good to dawdle now, to play games, and to sleep secretly in class, but all the laziness that has been stolen now will become a slap in the face in the future.

Human nature is gluttonous. Playing is certainly more interesting than boring study, and giving up happily is easier than perseverance.

but any choice comes at a price. If you choose to play when it's time to study, you will face a decline in your grades, and if you choose to indulge when you should work hard, you have to accept the impotence of the future.

the more troublesome you are in the early stages of life, the more lazy you are to learn, the more likely you are to miss the people and things that move you, and the most beautiful scenery in life.

so don't be paralyzed by the happiness in front of you. When you are a student, struggle should be your main theme.


Competition always exists

Education is used for stratification

some time ago, a group of photos went viral:

this is the canteen of Central China normal University. At 8:36 in the evening, the canteen is full of students, almost full, and few of them eat here. They all study here. I didn't know it was the library.

in sharp contrast is a short video shot at a vocational school.

on the podium, the teacher is lecturing, while under the podium, the students are lying down, either sleeping or playing with their mobile phones. At a glance, almost no one is really listening.

the photographers felt that they couldn't watch it any longer: "I feel like the teacher is talking to himself, very pitiful."

the environment is very important, as mentioned in the book "refinement":

"A young man entering a not-so-good university will unconsciously lower his own standards in order to adapt to this environment and reduce the conflict between himself and the environment, which may be fatal to their lives."

under the "double reduction", competition still exists, and we have to admit that education is used for stratification.

level 1: the senior high school entrance examination is diverted at 5:5, and children who do not work hard in primary and secondary schools miss senior high school directly;

the second level: the college entrance examination is stratified, and the people who come into contact with first-class universities and third-class universities are not the same, and the things they learn are not the same.

the high school entrance examination still exists, the university still has a threshold, and no one can escape the competition from the society.

"double reduction" lightens the burden of children and widens the gap between children. Self-disciplined children climb courageously, while undisciplined children are slipping into the abyss.

now there is a gap in scores, and then there is a gap in life.


indulgence can only be comfortable for a while

self-discipline can be free for a lifetime

Apple founder Steve Jobs said: "where does freedom come from?" Confidence comes from self-confidence, and confidence comes from self-discipline! "

Children, indulgence is never freedom. You can play with your phone if you want to play with your phone, watch TV if you want to watch TV, and sleep if you want to sleep in class. It seems to be carefree, but it is actually controlled by desire and inertia.

indulge yourself unscrupulously, and the freedom you get in this way will eventually collapse in reality.

there is no one who doesn't want to make progress, no one doesn't want to be better, but you can't control your idleness and your three-minute heat.

if you are a very self-disciplined person, you face all kinds of restrictions every day, there are all kinds of fixed procedures, you know what you should do all the time, and you can control yourself to do the right thing at the right time. Instead, you gain a sense of autonomy.

it's like getting up early to read. Although you have the pain of getting up for a moment, you are full of heart at the end of the day.

is like going to bed early at night, although you have a moment of hesitation to let go of happiness, but you feel refreshed when you get up in the morning.

it's like learning before playing, although you have a yearning for play, but playing after learning will make you happier.

self-discipline is a process of self-improvement, in which you are bound to experience pain, but as long as you begin to learn a little restraint from yourself, life will gradually become strong and powerful.

living a bohemian life is as easy as pushing a boat along the river, but living a life of restraint and self-discipline can master you.Sam's life.


the really good people

know how to hit themselves hard as soon as possible

what is the difference between high achiever and ordinary children? Is

a gift?

of course not. For those children with good academic performance, apart from having good study habits, the most important thing is that they are self-disciplined enough to be hard on themselves.

Weibo of Tsinghua University once showed off high achiever's secret weapons:

go to bed at 1: 00 in the morning,

get up at 6: 00 in the morning,

start studying at 6: 40, and

from 9: 00 p.m. to 1: 00 a.m., it's all packed.

if we did not see this schedule, we might only sigh that it was all high achiever who were admitted to Tsinghua University, but through this schedule, we really found that there was no inborn high achiever. Behind it is strict self-discipline and hard work.

CCTV News once published an article in which there was such a passage:

admit that

you have no shortage of dreams, what you lack is the running of dreams into reality.

you don't lack a plan, what you lack is the action to put it into practice.

you are not short of equipment, what is missing is to wear out the equipment and stick to the old ones.

you have no lack of determination, what you lack is the perseverance to carry it out.

son, there is no shortcut to success, but there is one that is bound to reach the end, and that is persistent self-discipline.

at the best age, don't let playing with your cell phone take up too much time, and don't let bed become the reason why you are one beat slower than others. Growth never depends on bold words, but down-to-earth efforts and down-to-earth self-discipline.