Please stay away from those who keep consuming you! (good text in depth)

/August 2022

your kindness and true feelings should be left to those who are worthy of it.

writer Su Cen said: "you don't have to bring everyone into your life."

Life is like a journey, with all kinds of people you meet.

the right people can nourish each other and make each other better people.

the rest of your life is expensive, so whether you make friends or fall in love, stay away from the people who keep consuming you.


stay away from people full of negative energy

emotions between people are really contagious.

in life, when you are with cheerful friends, it is easy to get emotional. After getting along with optimistic people for a long time, they are willing to look on the bright side of everything.

people with negative thinking don't like anything. When they open their mouth, they always complain. Affected by them, people around them tend to become anxious and pessimistic.

Life is not long, there are a lot of wind and rain, stay away from people who are always full of negative emotions, spend more time with positive and optimistic, and make the mood more upward growth motivation.


stay away from those who take

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in this world, no one owes anyone.

in many cases, it is the duty of others to be willing to help, but it is their duty not to help.

people who are willing to give, even if they do not expect something in return, if the other person takes the help for granted, or even takes an inch, then the hot heart will gradually cool down.

in life, those who blindly take, refuse when they should, turn their faces when they should, and don't let goodness be consumed meaninglessly.

your kindness and true feelings should be left to those who are worthy of it.


stay away from people who have nothing to do

people say that a life that is too comfortable will sooner or later wear away one's enthusiasm for life.

as everyone knows, making a friend who has nothing to do will also dispel your expectations for a better life and make you willing to fall and not want to make progress.

after all, in this world, sinking is always more comfortable than fighting, and recreation is always easier than self-discipline.


stay away from people who make a mountain out of a molehill

there is always a group of people in the world who cling to other people's small mistakes and begin to dig up every contradiction in their relationship.

such people are not only idle, but also tired.

like to hold on to small problems and keep guessing and associating until there is a big contradiction on this small problem, causing unrest.

not only is you too tired to be with such a person, but over time, your level will be lowered and your mind will become smaller.

time is like a net, where it is scattered, there is harvest.

there is still a long way to go. Spend your time on more meaningful things, and you will have a broader mind and a richer life as a result.

improve yourself

A person's greatest maturity is not forgetting to improve himself all the time.

improve your skills

some people say that there are two ways to make yourself irreplaceable:

one is to do what others can't or don't want to do;

the other is to be at the top of what everyone can do.

in this day and age, there has never been a stable job, only stable skills.

when you have irreplaceable abilities, you have the right to take the initiative to choose.

improve thinking

Einstein said:

in short, if you want to solve a problem, you must first upgrade your thinking.

the difference of thinking level is the difference of height, and the difference of height brings about omni-directional difference.

raise awareness

know what to do at the right age.

when he was studying, he knew that the most important thing for him now was to work hard, acquire knowledge, and learn his major well.

after working, he understood that he had to work hard and use his time as much as possible to improve himself.

after starting a family, he understood the responsibility on his shoulders, worked hard to make money, and ensured a stable life for his family.

A conscious person can always choose the right thing at the right age.

and try to do these things to the extreme, such people will not be so bad.

where you spend your time, your achievements will be there.